Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1109.4146 (Matthew Nichols et al.)

Episodic starbursts in dwarf spheroidal galaxies: a simple model    [PDF]

Matthew Nichols, Doug Lin, Joss Bland-Hawthorn

1110.1185 (D. D. Xu et al.)

On the Effects of Line-of-Sight Structures on Lensing Flux-ratio Anomalies in a LCDM Universe    [PDF]

D. D. Xu, Shude Mao, Andrew Cooper, Liang Gao, Carlos Frenk, Raul Angulo, John Helly

1110.3904 (Kohei Kamada et al.)

Phase transition and monopole production in supergravity inflation    [PDF]

Kohei Kamada, Kazunori Nakayama, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

1111.2916 (Andrzej Hryczuk et al.)

The one-loop and Sommerfeld electroweak corrections to the Wino dark matter annihilation    [PDF]

Andrzej Hryczuk, Roberto Iengo

1202.1279 (A. Marinucci et al.)

The X-ray reflector in NGC 4945: a time and space resolved portrait    [PDF]

A. Marinucci, G. Risaliti, Junfeng Wang, E. Nardini, M. Elvis, G. Fabbiano, S. Bianchi, G. Matt

1202.1281 (Miguel Zumalacarregui)

Modified Entropic Gravity and Cosmology    [PDF]

Miguel Zumalacarregui

1202.1282 (Andrea V. Maccio' et al.)

Cores in warm dark matter haloes: a Catch 22 problem    [PDF]

Andrea V. Maccio', Sinziana Paduroiu, Donnino Anderhalden, Aurel Schneider, Ben Moore

1202.1284 (Fangda Li et al.)

A new probe of the small-scale primordial power spectrum: astrometric microlensing by ultracompact minihalos    [PDF]

Fangda Li, Adrienne L. Erickcek, Nicholas M. Law

1202.1283 (Andres Escala et al.)

Gravitational Fragmentation in Galaxy Mergers: A Stability Criteria    [PDF]

Andres Escala, Fernando Becerra, Luciano del Valle, Esteban Castillo

1202.1285 (Yi-Fu Cai et al.)

Higgs Boson in RG running Inflationary Cosmology    [PDF]

Yi-Fu Cai, Damien A. Easson

1202.1288 (Denis Besak et al.)

Thermal production of ultrarelativistic right-handed neutrinos: Complete leading-order results    [PDF]

Denis Besak, Dietrich Bodeker

1202.1289 (Alexey S. Koshelev et al.)

On bouncing solutions in non-local gravity    [PDF]

Alexey S. Koshelev, Sergey Yu. Vernov

1202.1301 (Marco Drewes et al.)

Boltzmann Equations from First Principles without Gradient Expansion    [PDF]

Marco Drewes, Sebastian Mendizabal, Christoph Weniger

1202.1306 (Nuala McCullagh et al.)

Nonlinear Behavior of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from the Zel'dovich Approximation Using a Non-Fourier Perturbation Approach    [PDF]

Nuala McCullagh, Alexander S. Szalay

1202.1339 (Krishnan Mody et al.)

One Thousand and One Clusters: Measuring the Bulk Flow with the Planck ESZ and X-Ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Catalogs    [PDF]

Krishnan Mody, Amir Hajian

1202.1345 (Hiroyuki Hirashita)

Dust growth in the interstellar medium: How do accretion and coagulation interplay?    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Hirashita

1202.1346 (Benjamin Shlaer et al.)

Early structure formation from cosmic string loops    [PDF]

Benjamin Shlaer, Alexander Vilenkin, Abraham Loeb

1202.1356 (K. Y. Huang et al.)

The GRB 071112C: A Case Study of Different Mechanisms in X-ray and Optical Temporal Evolution    [PDF]

K. Y. Huang, Y. Urata, Y. H. Tung, H. M. Lin, L. P. Xin, M. Yoshida, W. Zheng, C. Akerlof, S. Y. Wang, W. H. Ip, M. J. Lehner, F. B. Bianco, N. Kawai, D. Kuroda, S. L. Marshall, M. E. Schwamb, Y. Qiu, J. H. Wang, C. Y. Wen, J. Wei, K. Yanagisawa, Z. W. Zhang

1202.1364 (M. B. Pandge et al.)

Systematic study of X-ray Cavities in the brightest galaxy of the Draco Constellation NGC 6338    [PDF]

M. B. Pandge, N. D. Vagshette, L. P. David, M. K. Patil

1202.1371 (Anne H. Bauer et al.)

The Mass-Richness Relation of MaxBCG Clusters from Quasar Lensing Magnification using Variability    [PDF]

Anne H. Bauer, Charles Baltay, Nancy Ellman, Jonathan Jerke, David Rabinowitz, Richard Scalzo

1202.1397 (Kaituo Zhang et al.)

Oscillating universe in the DGP braneworld    [PDF]

Kaituo Zhang, Puxun Wu, Hongwei Yu

1202.1404 (V. D. Rusov et al.)

Quantization in relativistic classical mechanics: the Stueckelberg equation, neutrino oscillation and large-scale structure of the Universe    [PDF]

V. D. Rusov, D. S. Vlasenko

1202.1426 (E. Cameron et al.)

Approximate Bayesian Computation for Astronomical Model Analysis: A Case Study in Galaxy Demographics and Morphological Transformation at High Redshift    [PDF]

E. Cameron, A. N. Pettitt

1202.1434 (A. Rossi et al.)

A deep search for the host galaxies of GRBs with no detected optical afterglow    [PDF]

A. Rossi, S. Klose, P. Ferrero, J. Greiner, L. A. Arnold, E. Gonsalves, D. H. Hartmann, A. C. Updike, D. A. Kann, T. Krühler, E. Palazzi, S. Savaglio, S. Schulze, P. M. J. Afonso, L. Amati, A. J. Castro-Tirado, C. Clemens, R. Filgas, J. Gorosabe, L. K. Hunt, A. Küpcü Yoldas, N. Masetti, M. Nardini, A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu, F. Olivares E., E. Pian, A. Rau, P. Schady, S. Schmid, A. Yoldas, A. de Ugarte Postigo

1202.1435 (Chris Sedgwick et al.)

Far Infrared Luminosity Function of Local Galaxies in the AKARI Deep Field South    [PDF]

Chris Sedgwick, Stephen Serjeant, Chris Pearson, Shuji Matsuura, Mai Shirahata, Shinki Oyabu, Tomotsugu Goto, Hideo Matsuhara, D. L. Clements, Mattia Negrello, Toshinobu Takagi, Glenn J White

1202.1450 (Moshe Elitzur et al.)

Rotating Disks and Non-Kinematic Double Peaks    [PDF]

Moshe Elitzur, Andres Asensio Ramos, Cecilia Ceccarelli

1202.1469 (Neil Barnaby et al.)

Observable non-gaussianity from gauge field production in slow roll inflation, and a challenging connection with magnetogenesis    [PDF]

Neil Barnaby, Ryo Namba, Marco Peloso

1202.1476 (Eloisa Menegoni et al.)

The Fine Structure Constant and the CMB Damping Scale    [PDF]

Eloisa Menegoni, Maria Archidiacono, Erminia Calabrese, Silvia Galli, C. J. A. P. Martins, Alessandro Melchiorri

1202.1478 (Simona Donzelli et al.)

On the linear term correction for needlets/wavelets non-Gaussianity estimators    [PDF]

Simona Donzelli, Frode K. Hansen, Michele Liguori, Domenico Marinucci, Sabino Matarrese

1202.1516 (Atsushi Naruko)

A general proof of the equivalence between the δN and covariant formalisms    [PDF]

Atsushi Naruko