Monday, September 3, 2012

1105.6127 (Nikodem J. Poplawski)

Big bounce from spin and torsion    [PDF]

Nikodem J. Poplawski

1109.6793 (L. Amendola et al.)

Variation of fundamental parameters and dark energy. A principal component approach    [PDF]

L. Amendola, A. C. O. Leite, C. J. A. P. Martins, N. J. Nunes, P. O. J. Pedrosa, A. Seganti

1208.6304 (Kartik Sheth et al.)

Hot Disks And Delayed Bar Formation    [PDF]

Kartik Sheth, Jason Melbourne, Debra Meloy Elmegreen, Bruce G. Elmegreen, E. Athanassoula, Roberto G. Abraham, Ben Weiner

1208.6306 (M. T. Huynh et al.)

The ATLAS 5.5 GHz survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field South: Catalogue, Source Counts and Spectral Indices    [PDF]

M. T. Huynh, A. M. Hopkins, E. Lenc, M. Y. Mao, E. Middelberg, R. P. Norris, K. E. Randall

1208.6327 (C. E. M. Batista et al.)

Observational constraints on Rastall's cosmology    [PDF]

C. E. M. Batista, J. C. Fabris, O. F. Piattella, A. M. Velasquez-Toribio

1208.6334 (T. Yan et al.)

"Invisible AGN" I: Sample Selection and Optical/Near-IR Spectral Energy Distributions    [PDF]

T. Yan, J. T. Stocke, J. Darling, F. Hearty

1208.6373 (Morgan Le Delliou et al.)

Interacting dark energy collapse with matter components separation    [PDF]

Morgan Le Delliou, Tiago Barreiro

1208.6419 (Song Wang et al.)

Age and mass studies for young star clusters in M31 from SEDs-fit    [PDF]

Song Wang, Jun Ma, Zhou Fan, Zhenyu Wu, Tianmeng Zhang, Hu Zou, Xu Zhou

1208.6426 (David G. Cerdeno et al.)

Nuclear uncertainties in the spin-dependent structure functions for direct dark matter detection    [PDF]

David G. Cerdeno, Mattia Fornasa, Ji-Haeng Huh, Miguel Peiro

1208.6502 (Gaochao Liu et al.)

The Age-Redshift Relation For Luminous Red Galaxies Obtained From the Full Spectrum Fitting and Its Cosmological Implications    [PDF]

Gaochao Liu, Youjun Lu, Xuelei Chen, Yongheng Zhao, Wei Du, Xianmin Meng

1208.6505 (Victor H. Cardenas)

Dark energy, matter creation and curvature    [PDF]

Victor H. Cardenas

1208.6512 (Matthieu Béthermin et al.)

A unified empirical model for infrared galaxy counts based on observed physical evolution of distant galaxies    [PDF]

Matthieu Béthermin, Emanuele Daddi, Georgios Magdis, Mark T Sargent, Yashar Hezaveh, David Elbaz, Damien Le Borgne, James Mullaney, Maurilio Pannella, Véronique Buat, Vassilis Charmandaris, Guilaine Lagache, Douglas Scott

1208.6515 (B. Balmaverde et al.)

Extended soft X-ray emission in 3CR radio galaxies at z < 0.3: High Excitation and Broad Line Galaxies    [PDF]

B. Balmaverde, A. Capetti, P. Grandi, E. Torresi, M. Chiaberge, J. Rodriguez Zaurin, G. R. Tremblay, D. J. Axon, S. A. Baum, G. Giovannini, P. Kharb, F. D. Macchetto, C. P. O Dea, W. Sparks

1208.6544 (Yu Feng et al.)

Growth and anisotropy of ionization fronts near high redshift quasars in the MassiveBlack simulation    [PDF]

Yu Feng, Rupert A. C. Croft, Tiziana Di Matteo, Nishikanta Khandai

1208.6547 (Lukas Hollenstein et al.)

Cosmological Ohm's law and dynamics of non-minimal electromagnetism    [PDF]

Lukas Hollenstein, Rajeev Kumar Jain, Federico R. Urban

1208.6563 (Dong-il Hwang et al.)

Euclidean quantum gravity and stochastic inflation    [PDF]

Dong-il Hwang, Bum-Hoon Lee, Ewan D. Stewart, Dong-han Yeom, Heeseung Zoe

1208.6579 (Pao-Yu Wang et al.)

Confronting Phantom Dark Energy with Observations    [PDF]

Pao-Yu Wang, Chien-Wen Chen, Pisin Chen