Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5115 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

From Black Hole quantization to universal scaling laws    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Gerardo Cristofano, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Orlando Luongo

1210.5149 (Alejandro Aviles et al.)

Updated constraints on $f(\mathcal{R})$ from cosmography    [PDF]

Alejandro Aviles, Alessandro Bravetti, Salvatore Capozziello, Orlando Luongo

1210.5246 (Nigel L. Mitchell et al.)

Collisionless Stellar Hydrodynamics as an Efficient Alternative to N-body Methods    [PDF]

Nigel L. Mitchell, Eduard I. Vorobyov, Gerhard Hensler

1210.5259 (L. García et al.)

K-essence scalar field as dynamical dark energy    [PDF]

L. García, J. Tejeiro, L. Castañeda

1210.5273 (Antonella Cid et al.)

Intermediate Inflation in the Jordan-Brans-Dicke Theory    [PDF]

Antonella Cid, Sergio del Campo

1210.5274 (Justin Ellis et al.)

Results of the First IPTA Closed Mock Data Challenge    [PDF]

Justin Ellis, Xavier Siemens, Sydney Chamberlin

1210.5282 (L. A. Koens et al.)

The WARPS Survey. VIII. Evolution of the Galaxy Cluster X-ray Luminosity Function    [PDF]

L. A. Koens, B. J. Maughan, L. R. Jones, H. Ebeling, D. J. Horner, E. S. Perlman, S. Phillipps, C. A. Scharf

1210.5302 (N. Cappelluti et al.)

Cross-correlating cosmic IR and X-ray background fluctuations: evidence of significant black hole populations among the CIB sources    [PDF]

N. Cappelluti, A. Kashlinsky, R. G. Arendt, A. Comastri, G. G. Fazio, A. Finoguenov, G. Hasinger, J. C. Mather, T. Miyaji, S. H. Moseley

1210.5327 (Lixin Xu)

A New Unified Dark Fluid Model and Its Cosmic Constraint    [PDF]

Lixin Xu

1210.5336 (R. Kipper et al.)

Modeling the Kinematics of Distant Galaxies    [PDF]

R. Kipper, E. Tempel, A. Tamm

1210.5354 (Miguel A. Perez-Torres)

Digging deep into the ULIRG phenomenon: When radio beats dust    [PDF]

Miguel A. Perez-Torres

1210.5368 (Torsten Boeker)

Formation, Growth, and Destruction of Nuclear Star Clusters    [PDF]

Torsten Boeker

1210.5373 (Hideki Perrier et al.)

Explosive particle production in non-commutative inflation    [PDF]

Hideki Perrier, Ruth Durrer, Massimiliano Rinaldi

1210.5396 (Yungui Gong)

Observational constraints on massive gravity    [PDF]

Yungui Gong

1210.5446 (Cornelius Rampf et al.)

Zel'dovich approximation and General Relativity    [PDF]

Cornelius Rampf, Gerasimos Rigopoulos

1210.5507 (Vera Gluscevic et al.)

Patchy Screening of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Inhomogeneous Reionization    [PDF]

Vera Gluscevic, Marc Kamionkowski, Duncan Hanson