Friday, June 22, 2012

1007.2647 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Analytic Model of Angular Momentum Transport by Gravitational Torques: From Galaxies to Massive Black Holes    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1011.3045 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Explanation for the Slopes of Stellar Cusps in Galaxy Spheroids    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1102.2251 (Chia-Hsun Chuang et al.)

Measurements of H(z) and D_A(z) from the Two-Dimensional Two-Point Correlation Function of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Luminous Red Galaxies    [PDF]

Chia-Hsun Chuang, Yun Wang

1110.4636 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

The Structure of the Interstellar Medium of Star Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1110.4638 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Stellar Feedback in Galaxies and the Origin of Galaxy-scale Winds    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1206.4693 (James E. Geach et al.)

Molecular and atomic line surveys of galaxies I: the dense, star-forming phase as a beacon    [PDF]

James E. Geach, Padelis P. Papadopoulos

1206.4692 (J. M. Simpson et al.)

The evolutionary connection between QSOs and SMGs: molecular gas in far-infrared luminous QSOs at z ~ 2.5    [PDF]

J. M. Simpson, Ian Smail, A. M. Swinbank, D. M. Alexander, R. Auld, M. Baes, D. G. Bonfield, D. L. Clements, A. Cooray, K. E. K. Coppin, A. L. R. Danielson, A. Dariush, L. Dunne, G. de Zotti, C. M. Harrison, R. Hopwood, C. Hoyos, E. Ibar, R. J. Ivison, M. J. Jarvis, A. Lapi, S. J. Maddox, M. J. Page, D. A. Riechers, E. Valiante, P. P. van der Werf

1206.4697 (Francisco Förster et al.)

Evidence for asymmetric distribution of circumstellar material around Type Ia Supernovae    [PDF]

Francisco Förster, Santiago González-Gaitán, Joseph Anderson, Sebastián Marchi, Claudia P. Gutiérrez, Mario Hamuy, Giuliano Pignata, Régis Cartier

1206.4699 (Padelis P. Papadopoulos et al.)

Molecular and atomic line surveys of galaxies II: unbiased estimates of their star formation mode    [PDF]

Padelis P. Papadopoulos, James E. Geach

1206.4702 (J. Bock et al.)

The Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment (CIBER): The Wide-Field Imagers    [PDF]

J. Bock, I. Sullivan, T. Arai, J. Battle, A. Cooray, V. Hristov, B. Keating, M. G. Kim, A. C. Lam, D. H. Lee, L. R. Levenson, P. Mason, T. Matsumoto, S. Matsuura, K. Mitchell-Wynne, U. W. Nam, T. Renbarger, J. Smidt, K. Suzuki, K. Tsumura, T. Wada, M. Zemcov

1206.4734 (J. Patrick Harding et al.)

Models of the Contribution of Blazars to the Anisotropy of the Extragalactic Diffuse Gamma-ray Background    [PDF]

J. Patrick Harding, Kevork N. Abazajian

1206.4735 (Claire Burke et al.)

Measurement of the intracluster light at z ~ 1    [PDF]

Claire Burke, Chris A. Collins, John P. Stott, Matt Hilton

1206.4758 (Lei Feng et al.)

Tentative wiggle in the cosmic ray electron/positron spectrum at $\sim$100 GeV: a dark matter annihilation signal in accordance with the 130 GeV $γ-$ray line?    [PDF]

Lei Feng, Qiang Yuan, Yi-Zhong Fan

1206.4794 (Andrea Zanzi)

Species, chameleonic strings and the concept of particle    [PDF]

Andrea Zanzi

1206.4796 (T. Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

On topological restrictions of the spacetime in cosmology    [PDF]

T. Asselmeyer-Maluga, J. Krol

1206.4842 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Hamiltonian dynamics and Noether symmetries in Extended Gravity Cosmology    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Sergei D. Odintsov

1206.4843 (Andrzej Marecki)

Activity restart - a key to explaining the morphology of J1211+743    [PDF]

Andrzej Marecki

1206.4858 (S. Aalto et al.)

Winds of change - a molecular outflow in NGC 1377? The anatomy of an extreme FIR-excess galaxy    [PDF]

S. Aalto, S. Muller, K. Sakamoto, J. S. Gallagher, S. Martin, F. Costagliola

1206.4887 (Giovanni Marozzi et al.)

Late time anisotropy as an imprint of cosmological backreaction    [PDF]

Giovanni Marozzi, Jean-Philippe Uzan

1206.4895 (Romain Teyssier et al.)

Cusp-core transformations in dwarf galaxies: observational predictions    [PDF]

Romain Teyssier, Andrew Pontzen, Yohan Dubois, Justin Read

1206.4916 (T. Padmanabhan)

Emergence and Expansion of Cosmic Space as due to the Quest for Holographic Equipartition    [PDF]

T. Padmanabhan

1206.4919 (Jo Short et al.)

Strong Gravitational Lens Statistics using the Herschel-ATLAS    [PDF]

Jo Short, Elizabeth Pearson, Peter Coles, Steve Eales

1206.4934 (Elizabeth R. Fernandez et al.)

A Novel Approach to Constrain the Escape Fraction and Dust Content at High Redshift Using the Cosmic Infrared Background Fractional Anisotropy    [PDF]

Elizabeth R. Fernandez, Herve Dole, Ilian T. Iliev

1206.4944 (Vedat Nefer Şenoğuz)

Mixed inflaton and curvaton scenario with sneutrinos    [PDF]

Vedat Nefer Şenoğuz

1206.4948 (Shuo Cao et al.)

Testing the dark energy with gravitational lensing statistics    [PDF]

Shuo Cao, Giovanni Covone, Zong-Hong Zhu

1206.4997 (William G. Mathews et al.)

Dynamics Inside the Radio and X-ray Cluster Cavities of Cygnus A and Similar FRII Sources    [PDF]

William G. Mathews, Fulai Guo