Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1009.2093 (Leonardo Senatore et al.)

The Effective Field Theory of Multifield Inflation    [PDF]

Leonardo Senatore, Matias Zaldarriaga

1203.6651 (Guilherme L. Pimentel et al.)

On Loops in Inflation III: Time Independence of zeta in Single Clock Inflation    [PDF]

Guilherme L. Pimentel, Leonardo Senatore, Matias Zaldarriaga

1207.5493 (Kayll Lake)

Visualizing Spacetime Curvature via Gradient Flows I: Introduction    [PDF]

Kayll Lake

1207.5496 (Majd Abdelqader et al.)

Visualizing Spacetime Curvature via Gradient Flows II: An Example of the Construction of a Newtonian analogue    [PDF]

Majd Abdelqader, Kayll Lake

1207.5509 (H. Jabran Zahid et al.)

A Census Model Linking Metallicities, Star Formation Rates and Outflows in Star-Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

H. Jabran Zahid, Gabriel I. Dima, Lisa J. Kewley, Dawn K. Erb, Romeel Dave

1207.5508 (Surhud More)

Magnitude Gap Statistics and the Conditional Luminosity Function    [PDF]

Surhud More

1207.5512 (Freeke van de Voort et al.)

Soft X-ray and ultra-violet metal-line emission from the gas around galaxies    [PDF]

Freeke van de Voort, Joop Schaye

1207.5514 (Stefano Bolognesi)

Cosmology of a Trans-Planckian Theory and the Dark Energy    [PDF]

Stefano Bolognesi

1207.5515 (Smadar Naoz et al.)

Simulations of Early Baryonic Structure Formation with Stream Velocity: II. The Gas Fraction    [PDF]

Smadar Naoz, Naoki Yoshida, Nickolay Y. Gnedin

1207.5516 (Maruša Bradač et al.)

Spectroscopic Confirmation of a z=6.740 Galaxy behind the Bullet Cluster    [PDF]

Maruša Bradač, Eros Vanzella, Nicholas Hall, Tommaso Treu, Adriano Fontana, Anthony H. Gonzalez, Douglas Clowe, Dennis Zaritsky, Massimo Stiavelli, Benjamin Clément

1207.5537 (K. S. Alexander Hansson et al.)

Observed versus modelled u,g,r,i,z-band photometry of local galaxies - Evaluation of model performance    [PDF]

K. S. Alexander Hansson, Thorsten Lisker, Eva K. Grebel

1207.5543 (Jonathan Stern et al.)

Type 1 AGN at low z. II. The relative strength of narrow lines and the nature of intermediate type AGN    [PDF]

Jonathan Stern, Ari Laor

1207.5547 (Ryo Namba)

Curvature Perturbations from a Massive Vector Curvaton    [PDF]

Ryo Namba

1207.5564 (I. G. Roseboom et al.)

FMOS near-IR spectroscopy of Herschel selected galaxies: star formation rates, metallicity and dust attenuation at z~1    [PDF]

I. G. Roseboom, A. Bunker, M. Sumiyoshi, L. Wang, G. Dalton, M. Akiyama, J. Bock, D. Bonfield, V. Buat, C. Casey, E. Chapin, D. L. Clements, A. Conley, E. Curtis-Lake, A. Cooray, J. S. Dunlop, D. Farrah, S. J. Ham, E. Ibar, F. Iwamuro, M. Kimura, I. Lewis, E. Macaulay, G. Magdis, T. Maihara, G. Marsden, T. Mauch, Y. Moritani, K. Ohta, S. J. Oliver, M. J. Page, B. Schulz, Douglas Scott, M. Symeonidis, N. Takato, N. Tamura, T. Totani, K. Yabe, M. Zemcov

1207.5572 (Antonio Enea Romano et al.)

Analytical estimation of the corrections to the apparent value of the cosmological constant due to large scale structure    [PDF]

Antonio Enea Romano, Pisin Chen

1207.5582 (Suresh Kumar et al.)

Observational constraints on a cosmological model with variable equation of state parameters for matter and dark energy    [PDF]

Suresh Kumar, Lixin Xu

1207.5678 (M. M. Schmittfull et al.)

Fast Estimation of Gravitational and Primordial Bispectra in Large Scale Structures    [PDF]

M. M. Schmittfull, D. M. Regan, E. P. S. Shellard

1207.5681 (V. Lora et al.)

Dark Matter Subhalos in the Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy    [PDF]

V. Lora, A. Just, F. J. Sanchez-Salcedo, E. K. Grebel

1207.5776 (Janine Fohlmeister et al.)

A Two Year Time Delay for SDSS J1029+2623    [PDF]

Janine Fohlmeister, Christopher S. Kochanek, Emilio E. Falco, Joachim Wambsganss, Masamune Oguri, Xinyu Dai

1207.5788 (Adam Becker et al.)

First constraints on the running of non-Gaussianity    [PDF]

Adam Becker, Dragan Huterer