Thursday, August 23, 2012

1104.5483 (Tao Jiang et al.)

Galaxy growth by merging in the nearby universe    [PDF]

Tao Jiang, David W. Hogg, Michael R. Blanton

1109.3844 (Zachary Slepian et al.)

Ruling Out Bosonic Repulsive Dark Matter in Thermal Equilibrium    [PDF]

Zachary Slepian, Jeremy Goodman

1109.4640 (P. M. Sutter et al.)

Bayesian angular power spectrum analysis of interferometric data    [PDF]

P. M. Sutter, Benjamin D. Wandelt, Siddarth Malu

1111.5362 (F. Finelli et al.)

Searching for hidden mirror symmetries in CMB fluctuations from WMAP 7 year maps    [PDF]

F. Finelli, A. Gruppuso, F. Paci, A. A. Starobinsky

1208.4363 (Daniel Szomoru et al.)

The stellar mass structure of massive galaxies from z=0 to z=2.5; surface density profiles and half-mass radii    [PDF]

Daniel Szomoru, Marijn Franx, Pieter G. van Dokkum, Michele Trenti, Garth D. Illingworth, Ivo Labbe, Pascal Oesch

1208.4362 (Valentino Gonzalez et al.)

Slow Evolution of the Specific Star Formation Rate at z>2: The Impact of Dust, Emission Lines, and A Rising Star Formation History    [PDF]

Valentino Gonzalez, Rychard Bouwens, Garth llingworth, Ivo Labbe, Pascal Oesch, Marijn Franx, Dan Magee

1208.4364 (Kari Helgason et al.)

Reconstructing the γ-ray Photon Optical Depth of the Universe to z~4 from Multiwavelength Galaxy Survey Data    [PDF]

Kari Helgason, Alexander Kashlinsky

1208.4366 (Molly S. Peeples et al.)

An empirical prediction for stellar metallicity distributions in nearby galaxies    [PDF]

Molly S. Peeples, Rachel Somerville

1208.4367 (Kari Helgason et al.)

Can the Near-IR Fluctuations Arise from Known Galaxy Populations?    [PDF]

Kari Helgason, Massimo Ricotti, Alexander Kashlinsky

1208.4376 (Kimberly K. Boddy et al.)

Dark Matter with Density-Dependent Interactions    [PDF]

Kimberly K. Boddy, Sean M. Carroll, Mark Trodden

1208.4399 (B. G. Piner et al.)

Relativistic Jets in the Radio Reference Frame Image Database II: Blazar Jet Accelerations from the First 10 Years of Data (1994 - 2003)    [PDF]

B. G. Piner, A. B. Pushkarev, Y. Y. Kovalev, C. J. Marvin, J. G. Arenson, P. Charlot, A. L. Fey, A. Collioud, P. A. Voitsik

1208.4417 (James S. Bolton et al.)

On the rapid demise of Lyman-alpha emitters at z>7 due to the increasing incidence of optically thick absorption systems    [PDF]

James S. Bolton, Martin G. Haehnelt

1208.4433 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

DBI Galileon inflation in background SUGRA    [PDF]

Sayantan Choudhury, Supratik Pal

1208.4471 (David L. Clements)

The AKARI Deep Field South: A New Home for Multiwavelength Extagalactic Astronomy    [PDF]

David L. Clements

1208.4502 (P. G. Jonker et al.)

The nature of the bright ULX X-2 in NGC3921: a Chandra position and HST candidate counterpart    [PDF]

P. G. Jonker, M. Heida, M. A. P. Torres, J. C. A. Miller-Jones, A. C. Fabian, E. M. Ratti, G. Miniutti, D. J. Walton, T. P. Roberts

1208.4534 (Roland de Putter et al.)

Testing LTB Void Models Without the Cosmic Microwave Background or Large Scale Structure: New Constraints from Galaxy Ages    [PDF]

Roland de Putter, Licia Verde, Raul Jimenez

1208.4564 (Ann E. Wehrle et al.)

Multiwavelength Variations of 3C 454.3 during the November 2010 to January 2011 Outburst    [PDF]

Ann E. Wehrle, Alan P. Marscher, Svetlana G. Jorstad, Mark A. Gurwell, Manasvita Joshi, Nicholas R. MacDonald, Karen E. Williamson, Ivan Agudo, Dirk Grupe

1208.4577 (BingKan Xue)

The four fixed points of scale invariant single field cosmological models    [PDF]

BingKan Xue

1208.4581 (M. A. Sobolewska et al.)

Nuclear X-ray properties of the peculiar radio-loud hidden AGN 4C+29.30    [PDF]

M. A. Sobolewska, Aneta Siemiginowska, G. Migliori, L. Stawarz, M. Jamrozy, D. Evans, C. C. Cheung, .

1208.4585 (Tanya Urrutia et al.)

Spitzer Observations of Young Red Quasars    [PDF]

Tanya Urrutia, Mark Lacy, Henrik Spoon, Eilat Glikman, Andreea Petric, Bernhard Schulz