Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1103.3370 (B. Joachimi et al.)

Forecasts of non-Gaussian parameter spaces using Box-Cox transformations    [PDF]

B. Joachimi, A. N. Taylor

1305.6138 (Alexander Y. Kamenshchik et al.)

Inflation and Quantum Gravity in a Born-Oppenheimer Context    [PDF]

Alexander Y. Kamenshchik, Alessandro Tronconi, Giovanni Venturi

1305.6317 (Guilin Liu et al.)

The Paα Luminosity Function of HII Regions in Nearby Galaxies from HST/NICMOS    [PDF]

Guilin Liu, Daniela Calzetti, Robert C. Kennicutt Jr., Eva Schinnerer, Yoshiaki Sofue, Shinya Komugi, Fumi Egusa, Nicholas Z. Scoville

1305.6316 (Juan P. Madrid et al.)

Gemini Spectroscopy of Ultra-Compact Dwarfs in the Fossil Group NGC 1132    [PDF]

Juan P. Madrid, Carlos Donzelli

1305.6318 (Kyle Lawson et al.)

Quark (Anti) Nugget Dark Matter    [PDF]

Kyle Lawson, Ariel R. Zhitnitsky

1305.6346 (David Langlois et al.)

Bouncing cosmologies in massive gravity on de Sitter    [PDF]

David Langlois, Atsushi Naruko

1305.6351 (Chentao Yang et al.)

Water vapor in nearby infrared galaxies as probed by Herschel    [PDF]

Chentao Yang, Yu Gao, A. Omont, Daizhong Liu, K. G. Isaak, D. Downes, P. P. van der Werf, Nanyao Lu

1305.6391 (Paolo Ciafaloni et al.)

The Role of Electroweak Corrections for the Dark Matter Relic Abundance    [PDF]

Paolo Ciafaloni, Denis Comelli, Andrea De Simone, Enrico Morgante, Antonio Riotto, Alfredo Urbano

1305.6398 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

Low & High scale MSSM inflation, gravitational waves and constraints from Planck    [PDF]

Sayantan Choudhury, Anupam Mazumdar, Supratik Pal

1305.6401 (Simone Dresti et al.)

Renormalization of Composite Operators in time-dependent Backgrounds    [PDF]

Simone Dresti, Antonio Riotto

1305.6447 (Shruti Thakur et al.)

Can structure formation distinguish ΛCDM from non-minimal f(R) Gravity?    [PDF]

Shruti Thakur, Anjan A Sen

1305.6469 (Nissim Kanekar et al.)

A search for CII-158$μ$m line emission in HCM\,6A, a Lyman-$α$ emitter at $z=6.56$    [PDF]

Nissim Kanekar, Jeff Wagg, Ranga Ram Chary, Chris Carilli

1305.6470 (Jean-Pierre Luminet)

Editorial note to "A Homogeneous Universe of Constant Mass and Increasing Radius accounting for the Radial Velocity of Extra--Galactic Nebulae" by Georges Lemaître (1927)    [PDF]

Jean-Pierre Luminet

1305.6499 (Doron Chelouche et al.)

Quasar Cartography: from Black Hole to Broad Line Region Scales    [PDF]

Doron Chelouche, Shay Zucker

1305.6507 (Doron Chelouche)

The Case for Standard Irradiated Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei    [PDF]

Doron Chelouche

1305.6521 (Kwang Sik Jeong et al.)

Self-interacting Dark Radiation    [PDF]

Kwang Sik Jeong, Fuminobu Takahashi

1305.6595 (T. A. Nazaryan et al.)

Paired galaxies with different activity levels and their supernovae    [PDF]

T. A. Nazaryan, A. R. Petrosian, A. A. Hakobyan, V. Zh. Adibekyan, D. Kunth, G. A. Mamon, M. Turatto, L. S. Aramyan

1305.6603 (J. C. Runnoe et al.)

Rest-frame optical properties of luminous, radio-selected, broad absorption line quasars    [PDF]

J. C. Runnoe, R. Ganguly, M. S. Brotherton, M. A. DiPompeo