Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6899 (Luka C . Popović et al.)

Spectro-photometric variability of quasars caused by lensing of diffuse massive substructure: Consequences on flux anomaly and precise astrometric measurements    [PDF]

Luka C . Popović, Sasa Simić

1303.6628 (Noemi Frusciante et al.)

Gradient expansion of superhorizon perturbations in Galileon inflation    [PDF]

Noemi Frusciante, Shuang-Yong Zhou, Thomas P. Sotiriou

1303.6631 (Jacopo Chevallard et al.)

Insights into the content and spatial distribution of dust from the integrated spectral properties of galaxies    [PDF]

Jacopo Chevallard, Stephane Charlot, Benjamin Wandelt, Vivienne Wild

1303.6630 (Mark Wyman et al.)

Simulations of Galileon modified gravity: Clustering statistics in real and redshift space    [PDF]

Mark Wyman, Elise Jennings, Marcos Lima

1303.6629 (Charlie Conroy et al.)

Early-Type Galaxy Archeology: Ages, Abundance Ratios, and Effective Temperatures from Full-Spectrum Fitting    [PDF]

Charlie Conroy, Genevieve Graves, Pieter van Dokkum

1303.6635 (Claudia Lagos et al.)

A dynamical model of supernova feedback: gas outflows from the interstellar medium    [PDF]

Claudia Lagos, C. G. Lacey, C. M. Baugh

1303.6634 (Ho Seong Hwang et al.)

Dust-Obscured Galaxies in the Local Universe    [PDF]

Ho Seong Hwang, Margaret J. Geller

1303.6644 (Felipe Marin et al.)

The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: constraining galaxy bias and cosmic growth with 3-point correlation functions    [PDF]

Felipe Marin, Chris Blake, Gregory Poole, Cameron McBride, Sarah Brough, Matthew Colless, Warrick Couch, Scott Croom, Darren Croton, Tamara M. Davis, Michael J. Drinkwater, Karl Forster, David Gilbank, Mike Gladders, Karl Glazebrook, Ben Jelliffe, Russell J. Jurek, I-hui Li, Barry Madore, D. Christopher Martin, Kevin Pimbblet, Michael Pracy, Rob Sharp, Emily Wisnioski, David Woods, Ted K. Wyder, H. K. C. Yee

1303.6648 (Ronald Kantowski et al.)

The Embedded Transparent Lens and Fermat's Least-Time Principle    [PDF]

Ronald Kantowski, Bin Chen, Xinyu Dai

1303.6664 (R. A. Laing et al.)

The spectra of jet bases in FR I radio galaxies: implications for particle acceleration    [PDF]

R. A. Laing, A. H. Bridle

1303.6689 (N. Scoville et al.)

Evolution of Galaxies and their Environments at z = 0.1 to 3 in COSMOS    [PDF]

N. Scoville, S. Arnouts, H. Aussel, A. Benson, A. Bongiorno, K. Bundy, M. A. A. Calvo, P. Capak, M. Carollo, F. Civano, J. Dunlop, M. Elvis, A. Faisst, A. Finoguenov, Hai Fu, M. Giavalisco, Q. Guo, O. Ilbert, A. Iovino, M. Kajisawa, J. Kartaltepe, A. Leauthaud, O. Le Fe`vre, E. LeFloch, S. J. Lilly, C. T-C. Liu, S. Manohar, R. Massey, D. Masters, H. J. McCracken, B. Mobasher, Y-J. Peng, A. Renzini, J. Rhodes, M. Salvato, D. B. Sanders, B. D. Sarvestani, C. Scarlata, E. Schinnerer, K. Sheth, P. L. Shopbell, V. Smol'cic, Y. Taniguchi, J. E. Taylor, S. D. M. White, L. Yan

1303.6718 (Wen Zhao et al.)

Constraints of relic gravitational waves by Pulsar Timing Array: Forecasts for the FAST and SKA projects    [PDF]

Wen Zhao, Yang Zhang, Xiao-Peng You, Zong-Hong Zhu

1303.6725 (M. Zemcov et al.)

HerMES: A Deficit in the Surface Brightness of the Cosmic Infrared Background Due to Galaxy Cluster Gravitational Lensing    [PDF]

M. Zemcov, A. Blain, A. Cooray, M. Bethermin, J. Bock, D. L. Clements, A. Conley, L. Conversi, C. D. Dowell, D. Farrah, J. Glenn, M. Griffin, M. Halpern, E. Jullo, J. -P. Kneib, G. Marsden, H. T. Nguyen, S. J. Oliver J. Richard, I. G. Roseboom, B. Schulz, Douglas Scott, D. L. Shupe, A. J. Smith, I. Valtchanov, M. Viero, L. Wang, J. Wardlow

1303.6763 (G. Orosz et al.)

Optical-radio positional offsets for active galactic nuclei    [PDF]

G. Orosz, S. Frey

1303.6828 (Jiro Matsumoto)

Cosmological perturbations in $F(R)$ gravity    [PDF]

Jiro Matsumoto

1303.6866 (David S. N. Rupke et al.)

The Multiphase Structure and Power Sources of Galactic Winds in Major Mergers    [PDF]

David S. N. Rupke, Sylvain Veilleux

1303.6868 (Bradley J. Kavanagh et al.)

Model independent determination of the dark matter mass from direct detection experiments    [PDF]

Bradley J. Kavanagh, Anne M. Green

1303.6878 (C. Wetterich)

A Universe without expansion    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1303.6886 (M. Jordan Raddick et al.)

Galaxy Zoo: Motivations of Citizen Scientists    [PDF]

M. Jordan Raddick, Georgia Bracey, Pamela L. Gay, Chris J. Lintott, Carie Cardamone, Phil Murray, Kevin Schawinski, Alexander S. Szalay, Jan Vandenberg

1303.6896 (Pierre Magain et al.)

Gravitational lensing evidence against extended dark matter halos    [PDF]

Pierre Magain, Virginie Chantry

1303.6912 (Marco Drewes)

News on Right Handed Neutrinos    [PDF]

Marco Drewes