Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1107.3887 (M. J. S. Houndjo)

Reconstruction of f(R, T) gravity describing matter dominated and accelerated phases    [PDF]

M. J. S. Houndjo

1108.4653 (John McDonald)

Simultaneous Generation of WIMP Miracle-like Densities of Baryons and Dark Matter    [PDF]

John McDonald

1109.3189 (R. Ali Vanderveld et al.)

Second-order weak lensing from modified gravity    [PDF]

R. Ali Vanderveld, Robert R. Caldwell, Jason Rhodes

1109.6653 (Kasper B. Schmidt et al.)

The Color Variability of Quasars    [PDF]

Kasper B. Schmidt, Hans-Walter Rix, Joseph C. Shields, Matthias Knecht, David W. Hogg, Dan Maoz, Jo Bovy

1111.0092 (Takeshi Chiba)

The Constancy of the Constants of Nature: Updates    [PDF]

Takeshi Chiba

1111.0987 (Frederic Bournaud et al.)

An Observed Link between Active Galactic Nuclei and Violent Disk Instabilities in High-Redshift Galaxies    [PDF]

Frederic Bournaud, Stephanie Juneau, Emeric Le Floc'h, James Mullaney, Emanuele Daddi, Avishai Dekel, Pierre-Alain Duc, David Elbaz, Fadia Salmi, Mark Dickinson

1111.1436 (Yvonne Y. Y. Wong)

Neutrino mass in cosmology: status and prospects    [PDF]

Yvonne Y. Y. Wong

1111.1437 (Yu. F. Pirogov)

Unimodular bimode gravity and the coherent scalar-graviton field as galaxy dark matter    [PDF]

Yu. F. Pirogov

1111.1465 (Andrei Linde et al.)

Supersymmetry Breaking due to Moduli Stabilization in String Theory    [PDF]

Andrei Linde, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive

1111.1527 (Athena Stacy et al.)

Effect of Population III Multiplicity on Dark Star Formation    [PDF]

Athena Stacy, Andreas H. Pawlik, Volker Bromm, Abraham Loeb

1111.1532 (Lea Giordano et al.)

Multi-Wavelength Properties of Barred Galaxies in the Local Universe: Environment and evolution across the Hubble sequence    [PDF]

Lea Giordano, Kim-Vy H. Tran, Ben Moore, Amelie Saintonge

1111.1536 (L. Acedo)

A WDM model for the evolution of galactic halos    [PDF]

L. Acedo

1111.1556 (F. Pace et al.)

Structure formation in cosmologies with oscillating dark energy    [PDF]

F. Pace, C. Fedeli, L. Moscardini, M. Bartelmann

1111.1566 (D. Santos et al.)

MIMAC: A micro-tpc matrix project for directional detection of dark matter    [PDF]

D. Santos, J. Billard, G. Bosson, J. L. Bouly, O. Bourrion, Ch. Fourel, O. Guillaudin, F. Mayet, J. P. Richer, A. Delbart, E. Ferrer, I. Giomataris, F. J. Iguaz, J. P. Mols, C. Golabek, L. Lebreton

1111.1581 (R. Salinas et al.)

Kinematic properties of the field elliptical NGC 7507    [PDF]

R. Salinas, T. Richtler, L. P. Bassino, A. J. Romanowsky, Y. Schuberth

1111.1611 (Mordehai Milgrom)

MOND--particularly as modified inertia    [PDF]

Mordehai Milgrom

1111.1655 (Mikael von Strauss et al.)

Cosmological Solutions in Bimetric Gravity and their Observational Tests    [PDF]

Mikael von Strauss, Angnis Schmidt-May, Jonas Enander, Edvard Mortsell, S. F. Hassan

1111.1663 (P. Ocvirk et al.)

Constraining local UV field geometry at reionization using Milky Way satellites    [PDF]

P. Ocvirk, D. Aubert

1111.1692 (M. T. Botticella et al.)

A comparison between star formation rate diagnostics and rate of core collapse supernovae within 11 Mpc    [PDF]

M. T. Botticella, S. J. Smartt, R. C. Kennicutt Jr., E. Cappellaro, M. Sereno, J. C. Lee

1111.1693 (S. Ettori et al.)

Pointing to the minimum scatter: the generalized scaling relations for galaxy clusters    [PDF]

S. Ettori, E. Rasia, D. Fabjan, S. Borgani, K. Dolag

1111.1697 (B. Savage et al.)

Cos observations of metal line and broad lyman alpha absorption in the multi-phase o vi and ne viii system toward he 02226-4110    [PDF]

B. Savage, N. Lehner, A. Narayanan

1111.1701 (Joan Centrella et al.)

Gravitational Waves and Time Domain Astronomy    [PDF]

Joan Centrella, Samaya Nissanke, Roy Williams