Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1209.0008 (Or Graur et al.)

Discovery of 90 Type Ia supernovae among 700,000 Sloan spectra: the Type-Ia supernova rate versus galaxy mass and star-formation rate at redshift ~0.1    [PDF]

Or Graur, Dan Maoz

1212.6399 (Mark Trodden)

Dark Energy and Cosmology    [PDF]

Mark Trodden

1212.6408 (Orest Hrycyna et al.)

Dynamics of the Bianchi I model with non-minimally coupled scalar field near the singularity    [PDF]

Orest Hrycyna, Marek Szydlowski

1212.6423 (Koichi Hirano)

Determination of neutrino masses from future observations of CMB B-mode polarization and the growth of structure    [PDF]

Koichi Hirano

1212.6433 (Y. Jack Ng)

MoNDian Dark Matter, Entropic Gravity, and Infinite Statistics    [PDF]

Y. Jack Ng

1212.6446 (Jesús López-Hernández et al.)

Integral field spectroscopy of HII regions in M33    [PDF]

Jesús López-Hernández, Elena Terlevich, Roberto Terlevich, Daniel Rosa-González, Ángeles Díaz, Rubén García Benito, José Vílchez, Guillermo Hägele

1212.6488 (Murli Manohar Verma)

A new mechanism for dark matter generation from an interacting cosmological constant    [PDF]

Murli Manohar Verma

1212.6490 (Murli Manohar Verma et al.)

Evolution of the equation of state parameters of cosmological tachyonic field components through mutual interaction    [PDF]

Murli Manohar Verma, Shankar Dayal Pathak

1212.6491 (Simon P. Driver)

The GAMA Panchromatic Survey    [PDF]

Simon P. Driver

1212.6529 (Edgar Bugaev et al.)

Cosmological constraints on the curvaton web parameters    [PDF]

Edgar Bugaev, Peter Klimai

1212.6565 (A. N. Alexandrov et al.)

Gravitational lens equation. Critical solutions and magnification near folds and cusps    [PDF]

A. N. Alexandrov, S. M. Koval, V. I. Zhdanov

1212.6566 (Ian Steer)

Lemaitre's limit    [PDF]

Ian Steer

1212.6612 (Kai Liao et al.)

Testing cosmic opacity from SNe Ia and Hubble parameter through three cosmological-model-independent methods    [PDF]

Kai Liao, Zhengxiang Li, Jing Ming, Zong-Hong Zhu

1212.6644 (Remya Nair et al.)

Is dark energy evolving?    [PDF]

Remya Nair, Sanjay Jhingan

1212.6651 (Kenza S. Arraki et al.)

Effects of baryon removal on the structure of dwarf spheroidal galaxies    [PDF]

Kenza S. Arraki, Anatoly Klypin, Surhud More, Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez

1212.6658 (C. Sofia Carvalho et al.)

CMB lensing reconstruction from the WMAP 7--year data    [PDF]

C. Sofia Carvalho, Ismael Tereno, Spyros Basilakos

1212.6687 (Koichi Miyamoto et al.)

Cosmological and astrophysical constraints on superconducting cosmic strings    [PDF]

Koichi Miyamoto, Kazunori Nakayama

1212.6689 (Toru Misawa et al.)

Spectroscopy along Multiple, Lensed Sightlines through Outflowing Winds in the Quasar SDSS J1029+2623    [PDF]

Toru Misawa, Naohisa Inada, Ken Ohsuga, Poshak Gandhi, Rohta Takahashi, Masamune Oguri

1212.6700 (Lulu Fan et al.)

Large Size Scatter of Passively Evolving Lensed Galaxies at z~2 in CLASH    [PDF]

Lulu Fan, Yang Chen, Xinzhong Er, Jinrong Li, Lin Lin, Xu Kong

1212.6721 (Jeong-Sun Hwang et al.)

The initial conditions and evolution of isolated galaxy models: effects of the hot gas halo    [PDF]

Jeong-Sun Hwang, Changbom Park, Jun-Hwan Choi

1212.6737 (Spiros Cotsakis)

Structure of infinity in cosmology    [PDF]

Spiros Cotsakis

1212.6797 (A. Del Popolo et al.)

Surface Density of dark matter haloes on galactic and cluster scales    [PDF]

A. Del Popolo, V. Cardone, G. Belvedere

1212.6815 (Qing Gao et al.)

Constraints on slow-roll thawing models from fundamental constants    [PDF]

Qing Gao, Yungui Gong

1212.6828 (Masato Arai et al.)

Higgs-lepton inflation in the supersymmetric minimal seesaw model    [PDF]

Masato Arai, Shinsuke Kawai, Nobuchika Okada

1212.6838 (L. Zaninetti)

Revisiting the Cosmological Principle in a Cellular Framework    [PDF]

L. Zaninetti

1212.6854 (L. Fauvet et al.)

A characterization of the diffuse Galactic emissions in the anti-center of the Galaxy    [PDF]

L. Fauvet, J. F. Macias-Perez, S. R. Hildebrandt, F. -X. Desert

1212.6868 (E. Bernieri et al.)

A new flaring high energy gamma-ray source    [PDF]

E. Bernieri, R. Campana, E. Massaro, A. Paggi, A. Tramacere

1212.6893 (M. Potashov et al.)

Direct Distance Measurements to SN2009ip    [PDF]

M. Potashov, S. Blinnikov, P. Baklanov, A. Dolgov

1212.6943 (Jeremiah Birrell et al.)

Massive Free-Streaming Neutrinos and Rise of $N_ν$ at Recombination    [PDF]

Jeremiah Birrell, Cheng-Tao Yang, Pisin Chen, Johann Rafelski

1212.6945 (H. F. Gruetjen et al.)

Towards efficient and optimal analysis of CMB anisotropies on a masked sky    [PDF]

H. F. Gruetjen, E. P. S. Shellard

1212.6954 (Gabriel F. Silva et al.)

Bouncing solutions in Rastall's theory with a barotropic flui    [PDF]

Gabriel F. Silva, Oliver F. Piattella, Julio C. Fabris, Luciano Casarini, Taislane O. Barbosa

1212.6960 (Varadarajan Parthasarathy)

An Analysis On Ward Identity For Multi-Field Inflation    [PDF]

Varadarajan Parthasarathy

1212.6968 (S. -C. Su et al.)

CMB Bispectrum from Non-linear Effects during Recombination    [PDF]

S. -C. Su, Eugene A. Lim, E. P. S. Shellard