Sunday, August 4, 2013

1103.3439 (Daniel Müller et al.)

Isotropisation of Quadratic Gravity: Scalar and Tensor Components    [PDF]

Daniel Müller, Márcio E. S. Alves, José C. N. de Araujo

1308.0012 (Hagai Netzer et al.)

Star formation and black hole growth at z=4.8    [PDF]

Hagai Netzer, Rivay Mor, Benny Trakhtenbrot, Ohad Shemmer, Paulina Lira

1308.0015 (Avery E. Broderick et al.)

Lower Limits upon the Anisotropy of the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background implied by the 2FGL and 1FHL Catalogs    [PDF]

Avery E. Broderick, Christoph Pfrommer, Ewald Puchwein, Philip Chang

1308.0021 (Oleg Y. Gnedin et al.)

Co-Evolution of Galactic Nuclei and Globular Cluster Systems    [PDF]

Oleg Y. Gnedin, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Scott Tremaine

1308.0024 (Tirthabir Biswas)

Before the Bang    [PDF]

Tirthabir Biswas

1308.0044 (Nader Mirabolfathi)

Dark Matter Direct Detection With Low Temperature Detectors    [PDF]

Nader Mirabolfathi

1308.0054 (Daniel H. McIntosh et al.)

Massive blue early-type galaxies in the SDSS. I. A new population of recently quenched elliptical galaxies    [PDF]

Daniel H. McIntosh, Cory Wagner, Andrew Cooper, Eric F. Bell, Dusan Keres, Frank C. van den Bosch, Anna Gallazzi, Tim Haines, Justin Mann, Anna Pasquali, Allison M. Christian

1308.0057 (Gerasimos Rigopoulos et al.)

On the accuracy of N-body simulations at very large scales    [PDF]

Gerasimos Rigopoulos, Wessel Valkenburg

1308.0063 (S. Jouvel et al.)

CLASH: Photometric redshifts with 16 HST bands in galaxy cluster fields    [PDF]

S. Jouvel, O. Host, O. Lahav, S. Seitz, A. Molino, D. Coe, M. Postman, L. Moustakas, N. Benìtez, P. Rosati, I. Balestra, C. Grillo, L. Bradley, A. Fritz, D. Kelson, A. M. Koekemoer, D. Lemze, E. Medezinski, A. Mercurio, J. Moustakas, M. Nonino, M. Scodeggio, W. Zheng, A. Zitrin, M. Bartelmann, R. Bouwens, T. Broadhurst, M. Donahue, H. Ford, G. Graves, L. Infante, Y. Jimenez-Teja, R. Lazkoz, P. Melchior, M. Meneghetti, J. Merten, S. Ogaz, K. Umetsu

1308.0070 (XueGuang Zhang)

Optical spectral index - luminosity relation for the 17 mapped Palomar-Green quasars    [PDF]

XueGuang Zhang

1308.0137 (I. Bonaparte et al.)

Galactic and Cosmic Type Ia SN rates: is it possible to impose constraints on SNIa progenitors?    [PDF]

I. Bonaparte, F. Matteucci, S. Recchi, E. Spitoni, A. Pipino, V. Grieco

1308.0142 (Mariano Mendez et al.)

The phase lags of high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in four black-hole candidates    [PDF]

Mariano Mendez, Diego Altamirano, Tomaso Belloni, Andrea Sanna

1308.0188 (Jun-Qing Xia et al.)

Dark Energy Constraints after Planck    [PDF]

Jun-Qing Xia, Hong Li, Xinmin Zhang

1308.0201 (M. L. N. Ashby et al.)

The Spitzer-South Pole Telescope Deep Field: Survey Design and IRAC Catalogs    [PDF]

M. L. N. Ashby, S. A. Stanford, M. Brodwin, A. H. Gonzalez, J. Martinez, J. G. Bartlett, B. A. Benson, L. E. Bleem, T. M. Crawford, A. Dey, A. Dressler, P. R. M. Eisenhardt, A. Galametz, B. T. Jannuzi, D. P. Marrone, S. Mei, A. Muzzin, F. Pacaud, M. Pierre, D. Stern, J. D. Vieira

1308.0235 (B. R. Johnson et al.)

The Detector System for the Stratospheric Kinetic Inductance Polarimeter (SKIP)    [PDF]

B. R. Johnson, P. A. R. Ade, D. Araujo, K. J. Bradford, D. Chapman, J. Didier, S. Doyle, H. K. Eriksen, D. Flanigan, C. Groppi, S. Hillbrand, G. Jones, M. Limon, P. Mauskopf, H. McCarrick, A. Miller, T. Mroczkowski, B. Reichborn-Kjennerud, B. Smiley, J. Sobrin, I. K. Wehus, J. Zmuidzinas

1308.0276 (S. Bellucci et al.)

Electromagnetic two-point functions and the Casimir effect in Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmologies    [PDF]

S. Bellucci, A. A. Saharian

1308.0283 (Yuanyuan Su et al.)

Suzaku Observations of the X-ray Brightest Fossil Group ESO 3060170    [PDF]

Yuanyuan Su, Raymond E. White, Eric D. Miller

1308.0286 (Marcel M. Schmittfull et al.)

On the joint analysis of CMB temperature and lensing-reconstruction power spectra    [PDF]

Marcel M. Schmittfull, Anthony Challinor, Duncan Hanson, Antony Lewis

1308.0306 (Bruce G. Elmegreen et al.)

Massive Clumps in Local Galaxies: Comparisons with High-Redshift Clumps    [PDF]

Bruce G. Elmegreen, Debra Meloy Elmegreen, Jorge Sanchez Almeida, Casiana Munoz-Tunon, Janosz Dewberry, Joseph Putko, Yaron Teich, Mark Popinchalk

1308.0314 (Hiroyuki Tashiro et al.)

Constraints on primordial magnetic fields from CMB distortions in the axiverse    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Tashiro, Joseph Silk, David J. E. Marsh