Thursday, January 26, 2012

1108.4376 (P. Naselsky et al.)

Is the CMB asymmetry due to the kinematic dipole?    [PDF]

P. Naselsky, W. Zhao, J. Kim, S. Chen

1109.0484 (Pierluigi Monaco et al.)

Schmidt-Kennicutt relations in SPH simulations of disc galaxies with effective thermal feedback from supernovae    [PDF]

Pierluigi Monaco, Giuseppe Murante, Stefano Borgani, Klaus Dolag

1109.6329 (Michael Kesden)

Tidal disruption rate of stars by spinning supermassive black holes    [PDF]

Michael Kesden

1110.1637 (Andrew B. Newman et al.)

Can Minor Merging Account for the Size Growth of Quiescent Galaxies? New Results from the CANDELS Survey    [PDF]

Andrew B. Newman, Richard S. Ellis, Kevin Bundy, Tommaso Treu

1111.5962 (Kyu Jung Bae et al.)

Cosmology of the DFSZ axino    [PDF]

Kyu Jung Bae, Eung Jin Chun, Sang Hui Im

1201.5114 (Tomer Tal et al.)

Observations of dark and luminous matter: the radial distribution of satellite galaxies around massive red galaxies    [PDF]

Tomer Tal, David A. Wake, Pieter G. van Dokkum

1201.5116 (Nickolay Y. Gnedin et al.)

Cooling and Heating Functions of Photoionized Gas    [PDF]

Nickolay Y. Gnedin, Nicholas Hollon

1201.5121 (F. Calura et al.)

The Lyman alpha forest flux probability distribution at z>3    [PDF]

F. Calura, E. Tescari, V. D'Odorico, M. Viel, S. Cristiani, T. -S. Kim, J. S. Bolton

1201.5127 (Eric V. Linder)

The Direction of Gravity    [PDF]

Eric V. Linder

1201.5138 (Sudhir Raskutti et al.)

Thermal constraints on the reionisation of hydrogen by population-II stellar sources    [PDF]

Sudhir Raskutti, James S. Bolton, J. Stuart B. Wyithe, George D. Becker

1201.5149 (G. Trancho et al.)

Gemini Spectroscopic Survey of Young Star Clusters in Merging/Interacting Galaxies. IV. Stephan's Quintet    [PDF]

G. Trancho, I. Konstantopoulos, N. Bastian, K. Fedotov, S. Gallagher, B. Mullan, J. Charlton

1201.5155 (Jessie C. Runnoe et al.)

Updating quasar bolometric luminosity corrections    [PDF]

Jessie C. Runnoe, Michael S. Brotherton, Zhaohui Shang

1201.5159 (Jay M. Blanchard et al.)

High Resolution Rapid Response observations of compact radio sources with the Ceduna Hobart Interferometer (CHI)    [PDF]

Jay M. Blanchard, James E. J. Lovell, Roopesh Ojha, Matthias Kadler, John M. Dickey, Philip G. Edwards

1201.5180 (Prabhakar Tiwari et al.)

Polarization Alignment in JVAS/CLASS flat spectrum radio surveys    [PDF]

Prabhakar Tiwari, Pankaj Jain

1201.5192 (Michael G. Richer)

Planetary Nebula Populations and Kinematics    [PDF]

Michael G. Richer

1201.5210 (Curtis J. Saxton et al.)

Long-term X-ray variability of Swift J1644+57    [PDF]

Curtis J. Saxton, Roberto Soria, Kinwah Wu, N. Paul M. Kuin

1201.5214 (E. Deriaz et al.)

Wavelet Helmholtz decomposition for weak lensing mass map reconstruction    [PDF]

E. Deriaz, J. -L. Starck, S. Pires

1201.5293 (Sergey Yu. Vernov)

Gravitational models with non-local scalar fields    [PDF]

Sergey Yu. Vernov

1201.5309 (Kei Yamamoto et al.)

Inflation with Multi-Vector-Hair: The Fate of Anisotropy    [PDF]

Kei Yamamoto, Masa-aki Watanabe, Jiro Soda

1201.5362 (George Kotsopoulos et al.)

A Domain Wall Solution by Perturbation of the Kasner Spacetime    [PDF]

George Kotsopoulos, Charles C. Dyer

1201.5371 (David L. Wiltshire et al.)

Hubble flow variance and the cosmic rest frame    [PDF]

David L. Wiltshire, Peter R. Smale, Teppo Mattsson, Richard Watkins