Friday, June 29, 2012

1105.1075 (Elisabetta Semboloni et al.)

Quantifying the effect of baryon physics on weak lensing tomography    [PDF]

Elisabetta Semboloni, Henk Hoekstra, Joop Schaye, Marcel P. van Daalen, Ian G. McCarthy

1206.6297 (Jai-chan Hwang)

Modern Cosmology: Assumptions and Limits    [PDF]

Jai-chan Hwang

1206.6755 (Santanu Das)

Machian gravity and the giant galactic forces    [PDF]

Santanu Das

1206.6496 (A. Cibinel et al.)

The Zurich Environmental Study (ZENS) of Galaxies in Groups along the Cosmic Web. III. Galaxy Photometric Measurements and the Spatially-Resolved Color Properties of Early- and Late-Type Satellites in Diverse Environments    [PDF]

A. Cibinel, C. M. Carollo, S. J. Lilly, S. Bonoli, F. Miniati, A. Pipino, J. D. Silverman, J. H. van Gorkom, E. Cameron, A. Finoguenov, P. Norberg, C. S. Rudick, T. Lu, Y. Peng

1206.6495 (Till Sawala et al.)

The abundance of (not just) dark matter haloes    [PDF]

Till Sawala, Carlos S. Frenk, Robert A. Crain, Adrian Jenkins, Joop Schaye, Tom Theuns, Jesus Zavala

1206.6493 (Sherry C. C. Yeh et al.)

Ionization Parameter as a Diagnostic of Radiation and Wind Pressures in H II Regions and Starburst Galaxies    [PDF]

Sherry C. C. Yeh, Christopher D. Matzner

1206.6492 (S. Walch et al.)

Dispersal of molecular clouds by ionising radiation    [PDF]

S. Walch, A. P. Whitworth, T. Bisbas, R. Wunsch, D. Hubber

1206.6501 (Ronaldo S. S. Vieira et al.)

On the stability criteria for equatorial circular orbits in Galactic Dynamics: I.Newtonian Thin Disks    [PDF]

Ronaldo S. S. Vieira, Javier Ramos-Caro

1206.6523 (C. J. Grier et al.)

Reverberation Mapping Results for Five Seyfert 1 Galaxies    [PDF]

C. J. Grier, B. M. Peterson, R. W. Pogge, K. D. Denney, M. C. Bentz, Paul Martini, S. G. Sergeev, S. Kaspi, T. Minezaki, Y. Zu, C. S. Kochanek, R. Siverd, B. Shappee, K. Z. Stanek, C. Araya Salvo, T. G. Beatty, J. C. Bird, D. J. Bord, G. A. Borman, X. Che, C. Chen, S. A. Cohen, M. Dietrich, V. T. Doroshenko, T. Drake, Yu. S. Efimov, N. Free, I. Ginsburg, C. B. Henderson, A. L. King, S. Koshida, K. Mogren, M. Molina, A. M. Mosquera, S. V. Nazarov, D. N. Okhmat, O. Pejcha, S. Rafter, J. C. Shields, J. Skowron, D. M. Szczygiel, M. Valluri, J. L. van Saders

1206.6527 (Fulvio Melia)

The R_h=ct Universe Without Inflation    [PDF]

Fulvio Melia

1206.6548 (C. Alard)

Universal properties of dark matter halo's and self similarity    [PDF]

C. Alard

1206.6569 (George Heald)

Magnetic field transport from disk to halo via the galactic chimney process in NGC 6946    [PDF]

George Heald

1206.6594 (Aiichi Iwazaki)

A Model of Vanishing Cosmological Constant    [PDF]

Aiichi Iwazaki

1206.6595 (Peter-Christian Zinn et al.)

The Australia Telescope Large Area Survey: 2.3 GHz observations of ELAIS-S1 and CDF-S    [PDF]

Peter-Christian Zinn, Enno Middelberg, Ray P. Norris, Christopher A. Hales, Minnie Y. Mao, Kate E. Randall

1206.6603 (Alessandro Baldi et al.)

Self-similarity of temperature profiles in distant galaxy clusters: the quest for a Universal law    [PDF]

Alessandro Baldi, Stefano Ettori, Silvano Molendi, Fabio Gastaldello

1206.6652 (A. D. Dolgov et al.)

Charmed penguin versus BAU    [PDF]

A. D. Dolgov, S. I. Godunov, A. N. Rozanov, M. I. Vysotsky

1206.6691 (N. C. Amorisco et al.)

A Troublesome Past: Chemodynamics of the Fornax dwarf spheroidal    [PDF]

N. C. Amorisco, N. W. Evans

1206.6732 (Xiaoying Xu et al.)

Measuring D_A and H at z=0.35 from the SDSS DR7 LRGs using baryon acoustic oscillations    [PDF]

Xiaoying Xu, Antonio J. Cuesta, Nikhil Padmanabhan, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Cameron K. McBride

1206.6759 (Jonathan Higgins et al.)

The scattering of LyA radiation in the intergalactic medium: numerical methods and solutions    [PDF]

Jonathan Higgins, Avery Meiksin

1206.6770 (R. Hascoët et al.)

Accounting for the XRT early steep decay in models of the prompt GRB emission    [PDF]

R. Hascoët, F. Daigne, R. Mochkovitch

1206.6777 (Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra et al.)

Nuclear Activity In Isolated Galaxies    [PDF]

Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra, Deborah Dultzin, Yair Krongold, Ascencion Del Olmo, Jaime Perea, Jesus Gonzalez

1206.6788 (Cesar Alvarez et al.)

On the galactic rotation curves problem within an axisymmetric approach    [PDF]

Cesar Alvarez, Olindo Corradini, Alfredo Herrera-Aguilar, Ulises Nucamendi, Eli Santos

1206.6809 (Andrzej Drukier et al.)

New Dark Matter Detectors using DNA for Nanometer Tracking    [PDF]

Andrzej Drukier, Katherine Freese, David Spergel, Charles Cantor, George Church, Takeshi Sano

Thursday, June 28, 2012

1011.6233 (Francisco-Shu Kitaura et al.)

Multiscale Inference of Matter Fields and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from the Ly-alpha Forest    [PDF]

Francisco-Shu Kitaura, Simona Gallerani, Andrea Ferrara

1012.3168 (F. S. Kitaura)

Non-Gaussian gravitational clustering field statistics    [PDF]

F. S. Kitaura

1206.6282 (M. Lopez-Corredoira et al.)

Kinetic power of quasars and statistical excess of MOJAVE superluminal motions    [PDF]

M. Lopez-Corredoira, M. Perucho

1206.6289 (Fulvio Melia)

Fitting the Union2.1 SN Sample with the R_h=ct Universe    [PDF]

Fulvio Melia

1206.6102 (A. Bonafede et al.)

Discovery of radio halos and double-relics in distant MACS galaxy clusters: clues to the efficiency of particle acceleration    [PDF]

A. Bonafede, M Brueggen, R. van Weeren, F. Vazza, G. Giovannini, H. Ebeling, A. C. Edge, M. Hoeft, U. Klein

1206.6107 (Dovi Poznanski et al.)

An Empirical Relation between Sodium Absorption and Dust Extinction    [PDF]

Dovi Poznanski, J. Xavier Prochaska, Joshua S. Bloom

1206.6108 (A. Cibinel et al.)

The Zurich Environmental Study (ZENS) of Galaxies in Groups along the Cosmic Web. II. Galaxy Structural Measurements and the Concentration of Morphologically-Classified Satellites in Diverse Environments    [PDF]

A. Cibinel, C. M. Carollo, S. J. Lilly, F. Miniati, J. D. Silverman, J. H. van Gorkom, E. Cameron, A. Finoguenov, P. Norberg, A. Pipino, C. S. Rudick, T. Lu, Y. Peng

1206.6112 (Michaela Hirschmann et al.)

Origin of the anti-hierarchical growth of black holes    [PDF]

Michaela Hirschmann, Rachel S. Somerville, Thorsten Naab, Andreas Burkert

1206.6116 (N. P. Hathi et al.)

Stellar Populations of Lyman Break Galaxies at z=1-3 in the HST/WFC3 Early Release Science Observations    [PDF]

N. P. Hathi, S. H. Cohen, R. E. Ryan Jr., S. L. Finkelstein, P. J. McCarthy, R. A. Windhorst, H. Yan, A. M. Koekemoer, M. J. Rutkowski, R. W. O'Connell, A. N. Straughn, B. Balick, H. E. Bond, D. Calzetti, M. J. Disney, M. A. Dopita, J. A. Frogel, D. N. B. Hall, J. A. Holtzman, R. A. Kimble, F. Paresce, A. Saha, J. I. Silk, J. T. Trauger, A. R. Walker, B. C. Whitmore, E. T. Young

1206.6117 (Neil Barnaby et al.)

Gravity waves and non-Gaussian features from particle production in a sector gravitationally coupled to the inflaton    [PDF]

Neil Barnaby, Jordan Moxon, Ryo Namba, Marco Peloso, Gary Shiu, Peng Zhou

1206.6118 (M. Bruggen et al.)

Simulating the Toothbrush: Evidence for a triple merger of galaxy clusters    [PDF]

M. Bruggen, R. J. van Weeren, H. J. A. Rottgering

1206.6130 (Kent Yagi et al.)

Slowly Rotating Black Holes in Dynamical Chern-Simons Gravity: Deformation Quadratic in the Spin    [PDF]

Kent Yagi, Nicolas Yunes, Takahiro Tanaka

1206.6152 (Kohji Yoshikawa et al.)

Direct Integration of the Collisionless Boltzmann Equation in Six-dimensional Phase Space: Self-gravitating Systems    [PDF]

Kohji Yoshikawa, Naoki Yoshida, Masayuki Umemura

1206.6164 (Antonio Enea Romano)

Effect of inhomogeneities on apparent cosmological acceleration    [PDF]

Antonio Enea Romano

1206.6165 (Adam Becker et al.)

Constraining Scale-Dependent Non-Gaussianity with Future Large-Scale Structure and the CMB    [PDF]

Adam Becker, Dragan Huterer, Kenji Kadota

1206.6167 (M. Coleman Miller et al.)

An upper limit to the velocity dispersion of relaxed stellar systems without massive black holes    [PDF]

M. Coleman Miller, Melvyn B. Davies

1206.6192 (Fulvio Melia)

The Gravitational Horizon for a Universe with Phantom Energy    [PDF]

Fulvio Melia

1206.6231 (Antonaldo Diaferio et al.)

The Acceleration Scale, Modified Newtonian Dynamics, and Sterile Neutrinos    [PDF]

Antonaldo Diaferio, Garry W. Angus

1206.6296 (Stephon Alexander et al.)

Horava-Lifshitz theory as a Fermionic Aether in Ashtekar gravity    [PDF]

Stephon Alexander, Joao Magueijo, Antonino Marciano

1206.6300 (L. Morelli et al.)

Gas-phase metallicity of 27 galaxies at intermediate redshift    [PDF]

L. Morelli, V. Calvi, A. Cardullo, A. Pizzella, E. M. Corsini, E. Dalla Bontà

1206.6336 (R. M. Johnstone et al.)

Hydrogen Two-Photon Continuum Emission from the Horseshoe Filament in NGC 1275    [PDF]

R. M. Johnstone, R. E. A. Canning, A. C. Fabian, G. J. Ferland, M. Lykins, R. L. Porter, P. A. M. van Hoof, R. J. R. Williams

1206.6374 (Tirthabir Biswas et al.)

Stable bounce and inflation in non-local higher derivative cosmology    [PDF]

Tirthabir Biswas, Alexey S. Koshelev, Anupam Mazumdar, Sergey Yu. Vernov

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1108.4614 (Graeme E. Addison et al.)

Power-Law Template for IR Point Source Clustering    [PDF]

Graeme E. Addison, Joanna Dunkley, Amir Hajian, Marco Viero, J. Richard Bond, Sudeep Das, Mark Devlin, Mark Halpern, Adam Hincks, Renée Hlozek, Tobias A. Marriage, Kavilan Moodley, Lyman A. Page, Erik D. Reese, Douglas Scott, David N. Spergel, Suzanne T. Staggs, Edward Wollack

1109.1281 (Mark Vogelsberger et al.)

Moving mesh cosmology: numerical techniques and global statistics    [PDF]

Mark Vogelsberger, Debora Sijacki, Dusan Keres, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist

1206.5801 (Irène Balmès et al.)

Bayesian approach to gravitational lens model selection: constraining H_0 with a selected sample of strong lenses    [PDF]

Irène Balmès, Pier-Stefano Corasaniti

1206.5805 (Samir Salim et al.)

Galaxy-scale Star Formation on the Red Sequence: the Continued Growth of S0s and the Quiescence of Ellipticals    [PDF]

Samir Salim, Jerome J. Fang, R. Michael Rich, S. M. Faber, David A. Thilker

1206.5806 (E. Zackrisson)

Detecting population III galaxies with HST and JWST    [PDF]

E. Zackrisson

1206.5807 (C. M. Carollo et al.)

The Zurich Environmental Study (ZENS) of Galaxies in Groups along the Cosmic Web. I. Which Environment Affects Galaxy Evolution?    [PDF]

C. M. Carollo, A. Cibinel, S. J. Lilly, F. Miniati, P. Norberg, J. D. Silverman, J. van Gorkom, E. Cameron, A. Finoguenov, A. Pipino, C. S. Rudick, T. Lu, Y. Peng

1206.5809 (Jaiyul Yoo et al.)

Going beyond the Kaiser redshift-space distortion formula: a full general relativistic account of the effects and their detectability in galaxy clustering    [PDF]

Jaiyul Yoo, Nico Hamaus, Uros Seljak, Matias Zaldarriaga

1206.5810 (Fabio Fontanot et al.)

On the relative Contribution of high-redshift Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei to Reionization    [PDF]

Fabio Fontanot, Stefano Cristiani, Eros Vanzella

1206.5813 (Davide Fiacconi et al.)

Adaptive mesh refinement simulations of collisional ring galaxies: effects of the interaction geometry    [PDF]

Davide Fiacconi, Michela Mapelli, Emanuele Ripamonti, Monica Colpi

1206.5821 (N. Seymour et al.)

Rapid Coeval Black Hole and Host Galaxy Growth in MRC 1138-262: The Hungry Spider    [PDF]

N. Seymour, B. Altieri, C. De Breuck, P. Barthel, D. Coia, L. Conversi, H. Dannerbauer, A. Dey, M. Dickinson, G. Drouart, A. Galametz, T. R. Greve, M. Haas, N. Hatch, E. Ibar, R. Ivison, M. Jarvis, A. Kovacs, J. Kurk, M. Lehnert, G. Miley, N. Nesvadba, J. I. Rawlings, A. Rettura, H. Rottgering, B. Rocca-Volmerange, M. Sanchez-Portal, J. S. Santos, D. Stern, J. Stevens, I. Valtchanov, J. Vernet, D. Wylezalek

1206.5824 (Jarrett L. Johnson et al.)

The First Billion Years project - III: The impact of stellar radiation on the coevolution of Populations II and III    [PDF]

Jarrett L. Johnson, Claudio Dalla Vecchia, Sadegh Khochfar

1206.5825 (Jarrett L. Johnson et al.)

The Growth of the Stellar Seeds of Supermassive Black Holes    [PDF]

Jarrett L. Johnson, Bhaskar Agarwal, Daniel J. Whalen, Claudio Dalla Vecchia, Christopher L. Fryer, Sadegh Khochfar, Hui Li, Mario Livio

1206.5830 (Stephanie M. LaMassa et al.)

Exploring the Connection Between Star Formation and AGN Activity in the Local Universe    [PDF]

Stephanie M. LaMassa, T. M. Heckman, A. Ptak, D. Schiminovich, M. O'Dowd, B. Bertincourt

1206.5838 (Yohan Dubois et al.)

Blowing cold flows away: the impact of early AGN activity on the formation of a brightest cluster galaxy progenitor    [PDF]

Yohan Dubois, Christophe Pichon, Julien Devriendt, Joseph Silk, Martin Haehnelt, Taysun Kimm, Adrianne Slyz

1206.5852 (Eli Visbal et al.)

A Simple Model for the Density Profiles of Isolated Dark Matter Halos    [PDF]

Eli Visbal, Abraham Loeb, Lars Hernquist

1206.5942 (Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez et al.)

Scalar perturbations from brane-world inflation with curvature effects    [PDF]

Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez, Pisin Chen, Yen-Wei Liu

1206.5950 (Tsutomu T. Takeuchi et al.)

Far-Ultraviolet and Far-Infrared Bivariate Luminosity Function of Galaxies: Complex Relation between Stellar and Dust Emission    [PDF]

Tsutomu T. Takeuchi, Akane Sakurai, Fang-Ting Yuan, Veronique Buat, Denis Burgarella

1206.6026 (Priti Mishra et al.)

Redshift drift as a test for discriminating between different cosmological models    [PDF]

Priti Mishra, Marie-Noëlle Célérier, Tejinder P. Singh

1206.6029 (Shlomi Hillel et al.)

Suppressing hot gas accretion to supermassive black holes by stellar winds    [PDF]

Shlomi Hillel, Noam Soker

1206.6067 (M. Bonamente et al.)

Chandra X-ray observations of Abell 1835 to the virial radius    [PDF]

M. Bonamente, D. Landry, B. Maughan, P. Giles, M. Joy, J. Nevalainen

1206.6079 (Sukanya Chakrabarti et al.)

Photometric Redshifts of Submillimeter Galaxies    [PDF]

Sukanya Chakrabarti, Benjamin Magnelli, Christopher F. McKee, Dieter Lutz, Stefano Berta, Paola Popesso, Francesca Pozzi

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1011.3044 (Keiichi Umetsu et al.)

Cluster Mass Profiles from a Bayesian Analysis of Weak Lensing Distortion and Magnification Measurements: Applications to Subaru Data    [PDF]

Keiichi Umetsu, Tom Broadhurst, Adi Zitrin, Elinor Medezinski, Li-Yen Hsu

1109.2627 (Evan McDonough et al.)

Searching for Signatures of Cosmic String Wakes in 21cm Redshift Surveys using Minkowski Functionals    [PDF]

Evan McDonough, Robert H. Brandenberger

1110.0407 (R. Ruffini et al.)

Theory of photospheric emission from relativistic outflows    [PDF]

R. Ruffini, I. A. Siutsou, G. V. Vereshchagin

1111.2863 (Philip F. Hopkins)

An Excursion-Set Model for the Structure of GMCs and the ISM    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1206.4051 (Jorge L. Pineda et al.)

Submillimeter Line Emission from LMC 30Dor: The Impact of a Starburst on a Low Metallicity Environment    [PDF]

Jorge L. Pineda, Norikazu Mizuno, Markus Roellig, Juergen Stutzki, Carsten Kramer, Ulrich Klein, Monica Rubio

1206.5296 (M. T. Penny et al.)

ExELS: an exoplanet legacy science proposal for the ESA Euclid mission I. Cold exoplanets    [PDF]

M. T. Penny, E. Kerins, N. Rattenbury, J. -P. Beaulieu, A. C. Robin, S. Mao, V. Batista, S. Calchi Novati, A. Cassan, P. Fouque, I. McDonald, J. B. Marquette, P. Tisserand, M. R. Zapatero Osorio

1206.5302 (Darren S. Reed et al.)

Toward an accurate mass function for precision cosmology    [PDF]

Darren S. Reed, Robert E. Smith, Doug Potter, Aurel Schneider, Joachim Stadel, Ben Moore

1206.5306 (Steen H. Hansen et al.)

A derivation of (half) the dark matter distribution function    [PDF]

Steen H. Hansen, Martin Sparre

1206.5304 (N. J. Brassington et al.)

The Spectral and Temporal Properties of Transient Sources in Early-Type Galaxies    [PDF]

N. J. Brassington, G. Fabbiano, A. Zezas, A. Kundu, D. -W. Kim, T. Fragos, A. R. King, S. Pellegrini, G. Trinchieri, S. Zepf, N. J. Wright

1206.5308 (Cecilia Scannapieco et al.)

Bars in hydrodynamical cosmological simulations    [PDF]

Cecilia Scannapieco, Evangelia Athanassoula

1206.5309 (Lado Samushia et al.)

The Clustering of Galaxies in the SDSS-III DR9 Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Testing Deviations from $Λ$ and General Relativity using anisotropic clustering of galaxies    [PDF]

Lado Samushia, Beth A. Reid, Martin White, Will J. Percival, Antonio J. Cuesta, Lucas Lombriser, Marc Manera, Robert C. Nichol, Donald P. Schneider, Dmitry Bizyaev, Howard Brewington, Elena Malanushenko, Viktor Malanushenko, Daniel Oravetz, Kaike Pan, Audrey Simmons, Alaina Shelden, Stephanie Snedden, Jeremy L. Tinker, Benjamin A. Weaver, Donald G. York, Gong-Bo Zhao

1206.5320 (Michelle L. Antonik et al.)

The impact of camera optical alignments on weak lensing measures for the Dark Energy Survey    [PDF]

Michelle L. Antonik, David J. Bacon, Sarah Bridle, Peter Doel, David Brooks, Sue Worswick, Gary Bernstein, Rebecca Bernstein, Darren DePoy, Brenna Flaugher, Joshua A. Frieman, Michael Gladders, Gaston Gutierrez, Bhuvnesh Jain, Michael Jarvis, Stephen M. Kent, Ofer Lahav, Aaron Roodman, Alistair R. Walker

1206.5331 (Naoki Seto et al.)

Geometrical Aspects on Parameter estimation of stochastic gravitational wave background: beyond the Fisher analysis    [PDF]

Naoki Seto, Koutarou Kyutoku

1206.5351 (Seunghwan Lim et al.)

An Extended Zel'dovich Model for the Halo Mass Function    [PDF]

Seunghwan Lim, Jounghun Lee

1206.5353 (Wei-Min Yang)

An Unification Model of Fermion Flavor and Baryon asymmetry and Dark Matter with The TeV Scale $U(1)_{B-L}$    [PDF]

Wei-Min Yang

1206.5412 (Go Ogiya et al.)

The core-cusp problem in cold dark matter halos and supernova feedback: Effects of Oscillation    [PDF]

Go Ogiya, Masao Mori

1206.5435 (L. Sargsyan et al.)

[CII] 158 micron Luminosities and Star Formation Rate in Dusty Starbursts and AGN    [PDF]

L. Sargsyan, V. Lebouteiller, D. Weedman, H. Spoon, J. Bernard-Salas, D. Engels, G. Stacey, J. Houck, D. Barry, J. Miles, A. Samsonyan

1206.5438 (Ikjyot Singh Kohli)

A Bianchi Type IV Viscous Fluid Model of The Early Universe    [PDF]

Ikjyot Singh Kohli

1206.5507 (Takashi Okamoto)

Cosmological pseudobulge formation    [PDF]

Takashi Okamoto

1206.5532 (A. Melandri et al.)

The Optical SN 2012bz Associated with the Long GRB 120422A    [PDF]

A. Melandri, E. Pian, P. Ferrero, P. D'Avanzo, E. S. Walker, G. Ghirlanda, S. Covino, L. Amati, V. D'Elia, P. A. Mazzali, M. Della Valle, C. Guidorzi, L. A. Antonelli, M. G. Bernardini, F. Bufano, S. Campana, A. J. Castro-Tirado, G. Chincarini, J. Deng, A. V. Filippenko, D. Fugazza, G. Ghisellini, C. Kouveliotou, K. Maeda, G. Marconi, N. Masetti, K. Nomoto, E. Palazzi, F. Patat, S. Piranomonte, R. Salvaterra, I. Saviane, R. L. C. Starling, G. Tagliaferri, M. Tanaka, S. D. Vergani

1206.5537 (Marco Drewes et al.)

Leptogenesis from a GeV Seesaw without Mass Degeneracy    [PDF]

Marco Drewes, Bjorn Garbrecht

1206.5545 (Dmitry Makarov et al.)

A unique isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxy at D=1.9 Mpc    [PDF]

Dmitry Makarov, Lidia Makarova, Margarita Sharina, Roman Uklein, Anton Tikhonov, Puragra Guhathakurta, Evan Kirby, Natalya Terekhova

1206.5546 (Vera Gluscevic et al.)

First CMB Constraints on Direction-Dependent Cosmological Birefringence from WMAP-7    [PDF]

Vera Gluscevic, Duncan Hanson, Marc Kamionkowski, Christopher M. Hirata

1206.5549 (Hiroyuki Tashiro et al.)

Chiral Effects and Cosmic Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Tashiro, Tanmay Vachaspati, Alexander Vilenkin

1206.5552 (Crystal L. Martin et al.)

Demographics and Physical Properties of Gas Out/Inflows at 0.4 < z < 1.4    [PDF]

Crystal L. Martin, Alice E. Shapley, Alison L. Coil, Katherine A. Kornei, Kevin Bundy, Benjamin J. Weiner, Kai G. Noeske, David Schiminovich

1206.5558 (David Coward et al.)

The mystery of the missing GRB redshifts    [PDF]

David Coward, Eric Howell, Marica Branchesi, Dafne Guetta, Chadia Kanaan

1206.5570 (O. N. Snaith et al.)

The Halo Shape and Evolution of Polar Disc Galaxies    [PDF]

O. N. Snaith, B. K. Gibson, C. B. Brook, A. Knebe, R. J. Thacker, T. R. Quinn, F. Governato, P. B. Tissera

1206.5575 (Maximilian Stritzinger et al.)

Multi-wavelength Observations of the Enduring Type IIn Supernovae 2005ip and 2006jd    [PDF]

Maximilian Stritzinger, Francesco Taddia, Claes Fransson, Ori D. Fox, Nidia Morrell, M. M. Phillips, Jesper Sollerman, J. P. Anderson, Luis Boldt, Peter J. Brown, Abdo Campillay, Sergio Castellon, Carlos Contreras, Gaston Folatelli, S. M. Habergham, Mario Hamuy, Jens Hjorth, Phil A. James, Wojtek Krzeminski, Seppo Mattila, Sven E. Persson, Miguel Roth

1206.5585 (S. S. Kaisin et al.)

H-alpha survey of nearby dwarf galaxies    [PDF]

S. S. Kaisin, I. D. Karachentsev, S. Ravindranath

1206.5588 (Zong-Kuan Guo et al.)

Cosmological constraints on Lorentz invariance violation in the neutrino sector    [PDF]

Zong-Kuan Guo, Qing-Guo Huang, Rong-Gen Cai, Yuan-Zhong Zhang

1206.5605 (Barbara Patricelli et al.)

Analysis of GRB 080319B and GRB 050904 within the fireshell model: evidence for a broader spectral energy distribution    [PDF]

Barbara Patricelli, Maria Grazia Bernardini, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Letizia Caito, Gustavo de Barros, Luca Izzo, Remo Ruffini, Gregory Vereshchagin

1206.5632 (Wei-Wei Tan et al.)

Implications of the cosmic infrared background excess for the cosmic star formation    [PDF]

Wei-Wei Tan, Yun-Wei Yu

1206.5678 (Qing-Guo Huang et al.)

Mass-Varying Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang, Yun-Song Piao, Shuang-Yong Zhou

1206.5733 (Stéphane Fay)

Low redshift constraints on scalar-tensor theories    [PDF]

Stéphane Fay

1206.5751 (Simona Giacintucci et al.)

Recurrent radio outbursts at the center of the NGC1407 galaxy group    [PDF]

Simona Giacintucci, Ewan O'Sullivan, Tracy E. Clarke, Matteo Murgia, Jan M. Vrtilek, Tiziana Venturi, Laurence P. David, Somak Raychaudhury, Ramana M. Athreya

1206.5765 (Martin Bojowald et al.)

A no-singularity scenario in loop quantum gravity    [PDF]

Martin Bojowald, George M. Paily

1206.5768 (G. A. Wegner et al.)

Further evidence for large central mass-to-light ratios in early-type galaxies: the case of ellipticals and lenticulars in the Abell~262 cluster    [PDF]

G. A. Wegner, E. M. Corsini, J. Thomas, R. P. Saglia, R. Bender, S. B. Pu

Monday, June 25, 2012

1105.2388 (Lu-Yun Lee et al.)

Non-Gaussianity from two right-handed sneutrino curvaton decays    [PDF]

Lu-Yun Lee, Chia-Min Lin

1108.4247 (Benjamin L'Huillier et al.)

Mass assembly of galaxies: Smooth accretion versus mergers    [PDF]

Benjamin L'Huillier, Francoise Combes, Benoit Semelin

1206.5000 (Guillermo Barro et al.)

CANDELS: The progenitors of compact quiescent galaxies at z~2    [PDF]

Guillermo Barro, S. M. Faber, Pablo G. Perez-Gonzalez, David C. Koo, Christina C. Williams, Dale D. Kocevski, Jonathan R. Trump, Mark Mozena, Elizabeth McGrath, Arjen van der Wel, Stijn Wuyts, Eric F. Bell, Darren J. Croton, Avishai Dekel, M. L. N. Ashby, Henry C. Ferguson, Adriano Fontana, Mauro Giavalisco, Norman A. Grogin, Yicheng Guo, Nimish P. Hathi, Philip F. Hopkins, Kuang-Han Huang, Anton M. Koekemoer, Jeyhan S. Kartaltepe, Kyoung-Soo Lee, Jeffrey A. Newman, Lauren A. Porter, Joel R. Primack, Russell E. Ryan, David Rosario, Rachel S. Somerville

1206.5004 (Michael Hilz et al.)

How do minor mergers promote inside-out growth of ellipticals, transforming the size, density profile and dark matter fraction?    [PDF]

Michael Hilz, Thorsten Naab, Jeremiah P. Ostriker

1206.5006 (Philip F. Hopkins)

A General Class of Lagrangian Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Methods and Implications for Fluid Mixing Problems    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1206.5007 (Kyungjin Ahn et al.)

Detecting the Rise and Fall of the First Stars by Their Impact on Cosmic Reionization    [PDF]

Kyungjin Ahn, Ilian T. Iliev, Paul R. Shapiro, Garrelt Mellema, Jun Koda, Yi Mao

1206.5016 (A. A. Hakobyan et al.)

Supernovae and their host galaxies. I. The SDSS DR8 database and statistics    [PDF]

A. A. Hakobyan, V. Zh. Adibekyan, L. S. Aramyan, A. R. Petrosian, J. M. Gomes, G. A. Mamon, D. Kunth, M. Turatto

1206.5022 (Demosthenes Kazanas et al.)

Toward a Unified AGN Structure    [PDF]

Demosthenes Kazanas, Keigo Fukumura, Ehud Behar, Ioannis Contopoulos, Chris Shrader

1206.5032 (Hongsheng Zhao et al.)

Gravity theories, Transverse Doppler and Gravitational Redshifts in Galaxy Clusters    [PDF]

Hongsheng Zhao, John Peacock, Baojiu Li

1206.5034 (Hyerim Noh et al.)

Cosmological post-Newtonian approximation compared with perturbation theory    [PDF]

Hyerim Noh, Jai-chan Hwang

1206.5035 (J. D. McEwen et al.)

Detecting candidate cosmic bubble collisions with optimal filters    [PDF]

J. D. McEwen, S. M. Feeney, M. C. Johnson, H. V. Peiris

1206.5038 (Jonathan Kozaczuk et al.)

Multiple Cosmic Collisions and the Microwave Background Power Spectrum    [PDF]

Jonathan Kozaczuk, Anthony Aguirre

1206.5053 (J. Y. Koay et al.)

Why Do Compact Active Galactic Nuclei at High Redshift Scintillate Less?    [PDF]

J. Y. Koay, J. -P. Macquart, B. J. Rickett, H. E. Bignall, D. L. Jauncey, T. Pursimo, C. Reynolds, J. E. J. Lovell, L. Kedziora-Chudczer, R. Ojha

1206.5056 (Brett Bochner)

Cosmic Acceleration from Causal Backreaction with Recursive Nonlinearities    [PDF]

Brett Bochner

1206.5078 (Tian Ma et al.)

Gravitational Field Equations and Theory of Dark Matter and Dark Energy    [PDF]

Tian Ma, Shouhong Wang

1206.5091 (P. Parisi et al.)

Accurate classification of 29 objects detected in the 39 months Palermo Swift/BAT hard X-ray catalogue    [PDF]

P. Parisi, N. Masetti, E. Jiménez-Bailón, V. Chavushyan, E. Palazzi, R. Landi, A. Malizia, L. Bassani, A. Bazzano, A. J. Bird, P. A. Charles, G. Galaz, E. Mason, V. A. McBride, D. Minniti, L. Morelli, F. Schiavone, P. Ubertini

1206.5097 (Detlef Elstner et al.)

The role of star formation for the galactic dynamo    [PDF]

Detlef Elstner, Oliver Gressel

1206.5130 (Maciej Bilicki et al.)

We do not live in the R_h = c t universe    [PDF]

Maciej Bilicki, Marina Seikel

1206.5148 (M. Mezcua et al.)

Starbursts and black hole masses in X-shaped radio galaxies: Signatures of a merger event?    [PDF]

M. Mezcua, V. H. Chavushyan, A. P. Lobanov, J. León-Tavares

1206.5194 (Bohdan Novosyadlyj et al.)

Do the cosmological observational data prefer phantom dark energy?    [PDF]

Bohdan Novosyadlyj, Olga Sergijenko, Ruth Durrer, Volodymyr Pelykh

1206.5196 (Godfrey Leung et al.)

Reheating, Multifield Inflation and the Fate of the Primordial Observables    [PDF]

Godfrey Leung, Ewan R. M. Tarrant, Christian T. Byrnes, Edmund J. Copeland

1206.5199 (Massimiliano De Pasquale et al.)

GRB100814A as a member of the growing set of bursts with sudden optical rebrightening    [PDF]

Massimiliano De Pasquale, N. P. Kuin, S. Oates, M. Page, S. Zane, C. Saxton, S. Schulze, Z. Cano, C. Guidorzi, P. Chandra, D. Frail, P. Evans, A. Beardmore, A. Castro-Tirado, J. Gorosabel, T. Fatkhullin, C. Akerlof, S. B. Pandey, M. Im, Z. L. Uhm, Y. Urata, L. Huang, S. Pak, Y. Jeon, B. Zhang

Friday, June 22, 2012

1007.2647 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Analytic Model of Angular Momentum Transport by Gravitational Torques: From Galaxies to Massive Black Holes    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1011.3045 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Explanation for the Slopes of Stellar Cusps in Galaxy Spheroids    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1102.2251 (Chia-Hsun Chuang et al.)

Measurements of H(z) and D_A(z) from the Two-Dimensional Two-Point Correlation Function of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Luminous Red Galaxies    [PDF]

Chia-Hsun Chuang, Yun Wang

1110.4636 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

The Structure of the Interstellar Medium of Star Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1110.4638 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Stellar Feedback in Galaxies and the Origin of Galaxy-scale Winds    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1206.4693 (James E. Geach et al.)

Molecular and atomic line surveys of galaxies I: the dense, star-forming phase as a beacon    [PDF]

James E. Geach, Padelis P. Papadopoulos

1206.4692 (J. M. Simpson et al.)

The evolutionary connection between QSOs and SMGs: molecular gas in far-infrared luminous QSOs at z ~ 2.5    [PDF]

J. M. Simpson, Ian Smail, A. M. Swinbank, D. M. Alexander, R. Auld, M. Baes, D. G. Bonfield, D. L. Clements, A. Cooray, K. E. K. Coppin, A. L. R. Danielson, A. Dariush, L. Dunne, G. de Zotti, C. M. Harrison, R. Hopwood, C. Hoyos, E. Ibar, R. J. Ivison, M. J. Jarvis, A. Lapi, S. J. Maddox, M. J. Page, D. A. Riechers, E. Valiante, P. P. van der Werf

1206.4697 (Francisco Förster et al.)

Evidence for asymmetric distribution of circumstellar material around Type Ia Supernovae    [PDF]

Francisco Förster, Santiago González-Gaitán, Joseph Anderson, Sebastián Marchi, Claudia P. Gutiérrez, Mario Hamuy, Giuliano Pignata, Régis Cartier

1206.4699 (Padelis P. Papadopoulos et al.)

Molecular and atomic line surveys of galaxies II: unbiased estimates of their star formation mode    [PDF]

Padelis P. Papadopoulos, James E. Geach

1206.4702 (J. Bock et al.)

The Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment (CIBER): The Wide-Field Imagers    [PDF]

J. Bock, I. Sullivan, T. Arai, J. Battle, A. Cooray, V. Hristov, B. Keating, M. G. Kim, A. C. Lam, D. H. Lee, L. R. Levenson, P. Mason, T. Matsumoto, S. Matsuura, K. Mitchell-Wynne, U. W. Nam, T. Renbarger, J. Smidt, K. Suzuki, K. Tsumura, T. Wada, M. Zemcov

1206.4734 (J. Patrick Harding et al.)

Models of the Contribution of Blazars to the Anisotropy of the Extragalactic Diffuse Gamma-ray Background    [PDF]

J. Patrick Harding, Kevork N. Abazajian

1206.4735 (Claire Burke et al.)

Measurement of the intracluster light at z ~ 1    [PDF]

Claire Burke, Chris A. Collins, John P. Stott, Matt Hilton

1206.4758 (Lei Feng et al.)

Tentative wiggle in the cosmic ray electron/positron spectrum at $\sim$100 GeV: a dark matter annihilation signal in accordance with the 130 GeV $γ-$ray line?    [PDF]

Lei Feng, Qiang Yuan, Yi-Zhong Fan

1206.4794 (Andrea Zanzi)

Species, chameleonic strings and the concept of particle    [PDF]

Andrea Zanzi

1206.4796 (T. Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

On topological restrictions of the spacetime in cosmology    [PDF]

T. Asselmeyer-Maluga, J. Krol

1206.4842 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Hamiltonian dynamics and Noether symmetries in Extended Gravity Cosmology    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Sergei D. Odintsov

1206.4843 (Andrzej Marecki)

Activity restart - a key to explaining the morphology of J1211+743    [PDF]

Andrzej Marecki

1206.4858 (S. Aalto et al.)

Winds of change - a molecular outflow in NGC 1377? The anatomy of an extreme FIR-excess galaxy    [PDF]

S. Aalto, S. Muller, K. Sakamoto, J. S. Gallagher, S. Martin, F. Costagliola

1206.4887 (Giovanni Marozzi et al.)

Late time anisotropy as an imprint of cosmological backreaction    [PDF]

Giovanni Marozzi, Jean-Philippe Uzan

1206.4895 (Romain Teyssier et al.)

Cusp-core transformations in dwarf galaxies: observational predictions    [PDF]

Romain Teyssier, Andrew Pontzen, Yohan Dubois, Justin Read

1206.4916 (T. Padmanabhan)

Emergence and Expansion of Cosmic Space as due to the Quest for Holographic Equipartition    [PDF]

T. Padmanabhan

1206.4919 (Jo Short et al.)

Strong Gravitational Lens Statistics using the Herschel-ATLAS    [PDF]

Jo Short, Elizabeth Pearson, Peter Coles, Steve Eales

1206.4934 (Elizabeth R. Fernandez et al.)

A Novel Approach to Constrain the Escape Fraction and Dust Content at High Redshift Using the Cosmic Infrared Background Fractional Anisotropy    [PDF]

Elizabeth R. Fernandez, Herve Dole, Ilian T. Iliev

1206.4944 (Vedat Nefer Şenoğuz)

Mixed inflaton and curvaton scenario with sneutrinos    [PDF]

Vedat Nefer Şenoğuz

1206.4948 (Shuo Cao et al.)

Testing the dark energy with gravitational lensing statistics    [PDF]

Shuo Cao, Giovanni Covone, Zong-Hong Zhu

1206.4997 (William G. Mathews et al.)

Dynamics Inside the Radio and X-ray Cluster Cavities of Cygnus A and Similar FRII Sources    [PDF]

William G. Mathews, Fulai Guo

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1006.5181 (A. A. Kirillov et al.)

Dark energy from the gas of wormholes    [PDF]

A. A. Kirillov, E. P. Savelova

1206.4100 (Jonathan Kozaczuk et al.)

Supersymmetric Electroweak Baryogenesis Via Resonant Sfermion Sources    [PDF]

Jonathan Kozaczuk, Stefano Profumo, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, Carroll L. Wainwright

1206.4309 (Yi Wang et al.)

Scale-Invariant Fluctuations from Galilean Genesis    [PDF]

Yi Wang, Robert Brandenberger

1206.4307 (Sebastian F. Hoenig et al.)

Parsec-scale dust emission from the polar region in the type 2 nucleus of NGC 424    [PDF]

Sebastian F. Hoenig, Makoto Kishimoto, Robert Antonucci, Alessandro Marconi, M. Almudena Prieto, Konrad Tristram, Gerd Weigelt

1206.4306 (Ross Fadely et al.)

Star-Galaxy Classification in Multi-Band Optical Imaging    [PDF]

Ross Fadely, David W. Hogg, Beth Willman

1206.4304 (Edo van Uitert et al.)

Constraints on the shapes of galaxy dark matter haloes from weak gravitational lensing    [PDF]

Edo van Uitert, Henk Hoekstra, Tim Schrabback, David G. Gilbank, Michael D. Gladders, H. K. C. Yee

1206.4303 (Chun Ly et al.)

The Stellar Population and Star Formation Rates of z~1.5-1.6 [O II] Emitting Galaxies Selected from Narrow-Band Emission-Line Surveys    [PDF]

Chun Ly, Matthew A. Malkan, Nobunari Kashikawa, Masao Hayashi, Tohru Nagao, Kazuhiro Shimasaku, Kazuaki Ota, Nathaniel R. Ross

1206.4310 (A. A. Dutton et al.)

The SWELLS survey - V. A Salpeter stellar initial mass function in the bulges of massive spiral galaxies    [PDF]

A. A. Dutton, T. Treu, B. J. Brewer, P. J. Marshall, M. W. Auger, M. Barnabe, D. C. Koo, A. S. Bolton, L. V. E. Koopmans

1206.4311 (Russell J. Smith et al.)

The stellar initial mass function in red-sequence galaxies: 1-micron spectroscopy of Coma Cluster galaxies with Subaru/FMOS    [PDF]

Russell J. Smith, John R. Lucey, David Carter

1206.4315 (Aaron C. Vincent et al.)

Light bosons and photospheric solutions to the solar abundance problem    [PDF]

Aaron C. Vincent, Pat Scott, Regner Trampedach

1206.4314 (Prateek Sharma et al.)

On the Structure of Hot Gas in Halos: Implications for the Lx-Tx Relation & Missing Baryons    [PDF]

Prateek Sharma, Michael McCourt, Ian J. Parrish, Eliot Quataert

1206.4317 (Baojiu Li et al.)

The nonlinear matter and velocity power spectra in f(R) gravity    [PDF]

Baojiu Li, Wojciech A. Hellwing, Kazuya Koyama, Gong-Bo Zhao, Elise Jennings, Carlton M. Baugh

1206.4322 (V. A. Bruce et al.)

The Morphologies of Massive Galaxies at 1    [PDF]

V. A. Bruce, J. S. Dunlop, M. Cirasuolo, R. J. McLure, T. A. Targett, E. F. Bell, D. J. Croton, A. Dekel, S. M. Faber, H. C. Ferguson, N. A. Grogin, D. D. Kocevski, A. M. Koekemoer, D. C. Koo, K. Lai, J. M. Lotz, E. J. McGrath, J. A. Newman, A. van der Wel

1206.4374 (S. D. P. Vitenti et al.)

Quantum Cosmological Perturbations of Generic Fluids in Quantum Universes    [PDF]

S. D. P. Vitenti, F. T. Falciano, N. Pinto-Neto

1206.4382 (Alan T. Lefor et al.)

A Systematic Review of Strong Gravitational Lens Modeling Software    [PDF]

Alan T. Lefor, Toshifumi Futamase, Mohammad Akhlaghi

1206.4396 (Akio K. Inoue)

A possible signature of primordial stellar populations in $z=3$ Lyman $α$ emitters    [PDF]

Akio K. Inoue

1206.4425 (Kinjalk Lochan et al.)

Constraining CSL strength parameter $λ$ from standard cosmology and spectral distortions of CMBR    [PDF]

Kinjalk Lochan, Suratna Das, Angelo Bassi

1206.4437 (Michael L Brown)

Prospects for weak lensing studies with new radio telescopes    [PDF]

Michael L Brown

1206.4454 (L. Pacciani et al.)

The characterization of the distant blazar GB6 J1239+0443 from flaring and low activity periods    [PDF]

L. Pacciani, I. Donnarumma, K. D. Denney, R. J. Assef, Y. Ikejiri, M. Yamanaka, M. Uemura, A. Domingo, P. Giommi, A. Tarchi, F. Verrecchia, F. Longo, S. Rainó, M. Giusti, S. Vercellone, A. W. Chen, E. Striani, V. Vittorini, M. Tavani, A. Bulgarelli, A. Giuliani, G. Pucella, A. Argan, G. Barbiellini, P. Caraveo, P. W. Cattaneo, S. Colafrancesco, E. Costa, G. De Paris, E. Del Monte, G. Di Cocco, Y. Evangelista, A. Ferrari, M. Feroci, M. Fiorini, F. Fuschino, M. Galli, F. Gianotti, C. Labanti, I. Lapshov, F. Lazzarotto, P. Lipari, M. Marisaldi, S. Mereghetti, E. Morelli, E. Moretti, A. Morselli, A. Pellizzoni, F. Perotti, G. Piano, P. Picozza, M. Pilia, M. Prest, M. Rapisarda, A. Rappoldi, A. Rubini, S. Sabatini, P. Soffitta, M. Trifoglio, A. Trois, E. Vallazza, D. Zanello, C. Pittori, P. Santolamazza, F. Lucarelli, L. Salotti, G. Valentini

1206.4479 (Enrico Pajer et al.)

A Hydrodynamical Approach to CMB mu-distortions    [PDF]

Enrico Pajer, Matias Zaldarriaga

1206.4486 (Haim Edri et al.)

Broad Band Photometric Reverberation Mapping of NGC 4395    [PDF]

Haim Edri, Stephen E. Rafter, Doron Chelouche, Shai Kaspi, Ehud Behar

1206.4536 (R. Vio et al.)

Two modified ILC methods to detect point sources in Cosmic Microwave Background maps    [PDF]

R. Vio, P. Andreani, E. P. R. G. Ramos, A. da Silva

1206.4550 (T. R. Greve et al.)

Submillimeter Observations of Millimeter Bright Galaxies Discovered by the South Pole Telescope    [PDF]

T. R. Greve, J. D. Vieira, A. Weiss, J. E. Aguirre, K. A. Aird, M. L. N. Ashby, B. A. Benson, L. E. Bleem, C. M. Bradford, M. Brodwin, J. E. Carlstrom, C. L. Chang, S. C. Chapman, T. M. Crawford, C. de Breuck, T. de Haan, M. A. Dobbs, T. Downes, C. D. Fassnacht, G. Fazio, E. M. George, M. Gladders, A. H. Gonzalez, N. W. Halverson, Y. Hezaveh, F. W. High, G. P. Holder, W. L. Holzapfel, S. Hoover, J. D. Hrubes, M. Johnson, R. Keisler, L. Knox, A. T. Lee, E. M. Leitch, M. Lueker, D. Luong-Van, M. Malkan, D. P. Marrone, V. McIntyre, J. J. McMahon, J. Mehl, K. M. Menten, S. S. Meyer, T. Montroy, E. J. Murphy, T. Natoli, S. Padin, T. Plagge, C. Pryke, C. L. Reichardt, A. Rest, M. Rosenman, J. Ruel, J. E. Ruhl, K. K. Schaffer, K. Sharon, L. Shaw, E. Shirokoff, B. Stalder, S. A. Stanford, Z. Staniszewski, A. A. Stark, K. Story, K. Vanderlinde, W. Walsh, N. Welikala, R. Williamson

1206.4571 (S. P. Willner et al.)

A Fully-Identified Sample of AEGIS20 Microjansky Radio Sources    [PDF]

S. P. Willner, M. L. N. Ashby, P. Barmby, S. C. Chapman, A. Coil, M. Cooper, J. -S. Huang, R. Ivison, D. C. Koo

1206.4585 (William G. Mathews et al.)

Radiating Bondi and Cooling Site Flows    [PDF]

William G. Mathews, Fulai Guo

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

0902.4002 (Daisuke Kawata et al.)

The Implementation of a Modern SPH Scheme within GCD+    [PDF]

Daisuke Kawata, Takashi Okamoto, Brad K. Gibson, David J. Barnes, Renyue Cen

1206.4046 (R. J. Ivison et al.)

Gas-rich mergers and feedback are ubiqitous amongst starbursting radio galaxies, as revealed by JVLA, IRAM PdBI and Herschel    [PDF]

R. J. Ivison, Ian Smail, A. Amblard, V. Arumugam, C. De Breuck, B. H. C. Emonts, I. Feain, T. R. Greve, M. Haas, E. Ibar, M. J. Jarvis, A. Kovaks, M. D. Lehnert, N. P. H. Nesvadba, H. J. A. Rottgering, N. Seymour, D. Wylezalek

1206.4045 (Philip Rosenfield et al.)

The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury I: Bright UV Stars in the Bulge of M31    [PDF]

Philip Rosenfield, L. Clifton Johnson, Léo Girardi, Julianne J. Dalcanton, Alessandro Bressan, Dustin Lang, Benjamin F. Williams, Puragra Guhathakurta, Kirsten M. Howley, Tod R. Lauer, Eric F. Bell, Luciana Bianchi, Nelson Caldwell, Andrew Dolphin, Claire E. Dorman, Karoline M. Gilbert, Jason Kalirai, Søren S. Larsen, Knut A. G. Olsen, Hans-Walter Rix, Anil C. Seth, Evan D. Skillman, Daniel R. Weisz

1206.4043 (P. Kampczyk et al.)

Environmental effects in the interaction and merging of galaxies in zCOSMOS survey    [PDF]

P. Kampczyk, S. J. Lilly, the zCOSMOS Collaboration

1206.4047 (W. Rujopakarn et al.)

LBT and Spitzer Spectroscopy of Star-Forming Galaxies at 1 < z < 3: Extinction and Star Formation Rate Indicators    [PDF]

W. Rujopakarn, G. H. Rieke, C. J. Papovich, B. J. Weiner, J. R. Rigby, M. Rex, F. Bian, O. P. Kuhn, D. Thompson

1206.4049 (Alexander I. Merson et al.)

Lightcone mock catalogues from semi-analytic models of galaxy formation - I. Construction and application to the BzK colour selection    [PDF]

Alexander I. Merson, Carlton M. Baugh, John C. Helly, Violeta Gonzalez-Perez, Shaun Cole, Richard Bielby, Peder Norberg, Carlos S. Frenk, Andrew J. Benson, Richard G. Bower, Cedric G. Lacey, Claudia del P. Lagos

1206.4050 (E. Berger et al.)

Ultra-Luminous Supernovae as a New Probe of the Interstellar Medium in Distant Galaxies    [PDF]

E. Berger, R. Chornock, R. Lunnan, R. Foley, I. Czekala, A. Rest, C. Leibler, A. M. Soderberg, K. Roth, G. Narayan, M. E. Huber, D. Milisavljevic, N. E. Sanders, M. Drout, R. Margutti, R. P. Kirshner, G. H. Marion, P. J. Challis, A. G. Riess, S. J. Smartt, W. S. Burgett, J. N. Heasley, N. Kaiser, R. -P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, M. McCrum, P. A. Price, K. Smith, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat

1206.4052 (J. E. Geach et al.)

The clustering of H-alpha emitters at z=2.23 from HiZELS    [PDF]

J. E. Geach, D. Sobral, R. C. Hickox, D. A. Wake, Ian Smail, P. N. Best, C. M. Baugh, J. P. Stott

1206.4055 (Antonio Mariano et al.)

Is there correlation between Fine Structure and Dark Energy Cosmic Dipoles?    [PDF]

Antonio Mariano, Leandros Perivolaropoulos

1206.4060 (J. -C. Mauduit et al.)

The Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS): survey definition and goals    [PDF]

J. -C. Mauduit, M. Lacy, D. Farrah, J. A. Surace, M. Jarvis, S. Oliver, C. Maraston, M. Vaccari, L. Marchetti, G. Zeimann, E. A. Gonzalez-Solares, J. Pforr, A. O. Petric, B. Henriques, P. A. Thomas, J. Afonso, A. Rettura, G. Wilson, J. T. Falder, J. E. Geach, M. Huynh, R. P. Norris, N. Seymour, G. T. Richards, S. A. Stanford, D. M. Alexander, R. H. Becker, P. N. Best, L. Bizzocchi, D. Bonfield, N. Castro, A. Cava, S. Chapman, N. Christopher, D. L. Clements, G. Covone, N. Dubois, J. S. Dunlop, E. Dyke, A. Edge, H. C. Ferguson, S. Foucaud, A. Franceschini, R. R. Gal, J. K. Grant, M. Grossi, E. Hatziminaoglou, S. Hickey, J. A. Hodge, J. -S. Huang, R. J. Ivison, M. Kim, O. LeFevre, M. Lehnert, C. J. Lonsdale, L. M. Lubin, R. J. McLure, H. Messias, A. Martinez-Sansigre, A. M. J. Mortier, D. M. Nielsen, M. Ouchi, G. Parish, I. Perez-Fournon, M. Pierre, S. Rawlings, A. Readhead, S. E. Ridgway, D. Rigopoulou, A. K. Romer, I. G. Rosebloom, H. J. A. Rottgering, M. Rowan-Robinson, A. Sajina, C. J. Simpson, I. Smail, G. K. Squires, J. A. Stevens, R. Taylor, M. Trichas, T. Urrutia, E. van Kampen, A. Verma, C. K. Xu

1206.4063 (Kevin Schawinski et al.)

Heavily Obscured Quasar Host Galaxies at z~2 are Disks, Not Major Mergers    [PDF]

Kevin Schawinski, Brooke D. Simmons, Megan Urry, Ezequiel Treister, Eilat Glikman

1206.4070 (Teppei Okumura et al.)

Distribution function approach to redshift space distortions, Part III: halos and galaxies    [PDF]

Teppei Okumura, Uros Seljak, Vincent Desjacques

1206.4090 (N. V. Voshchinnikov)

Interstellar extinction and interstellar polarization: old and new models    [PDF]

N. V. Voshchinnikov

1206.4098 (David S. Meier et al.)

Spatially Resolved Chemistry in Nearby Galaxies II. The Nuclear Bar in Maffei 2    [PDF]

David S. Meier, Jean L. Turner

1206.4104 (Jane F. Kaczmarek et al.)

High Resolution H I Distributions and Multi-Wavelength Analyses of Magellanic Spirals NGC 4618 and NGC 4625    [PDF]

Jane F. Kaczmarek, Eric M. Wilcots

1206.4114 (S. Yeung et al.)

Cosmic Microwave Background constraints of decaying dark matter particle properties    [PDF]

S. Yeung, M. H. Chan, M. -C. Chu

1206.4115 (R. L. Porter et al.)

Improved He I Emissivities in the Case B Approximation    [PDF]

R. L. Porter, G. J. Ferland, P. J. Storey, M. J. Detisch

1206.4127 (Marios Karouzos et al.)

AGN jets under the microscope: A divide?    [PDF]

Marios Karouzos, Silke Britzen, Arno Witzel, Anton J. Zensus, Andreas Eckart

1206.4151 (E. J. Howell et al.)

A redshift -- observation-time relation for gamma-ray bursts: evidence of a distinct sub-luminous population    [PDF]

E. J. Howell, D. M. Coward

1206.4187 (M. Lemoine)

Synchrotron signature of a relativistic blast wave with decaying microturbulence    [PDF]

M. Lemoine

1206.4188 (Christian T. Byrnes et al.)

Primordial black holes as a tool for constraining non-Gaussianity    [PDF]

Christian T. Byrnes, Edmund J. Copeland, Anne M. Green

1206.4196 (Robert H. Brandenberger)

The Matter Bounce Alternative to Inflationary Cosmology    [PDF]

Robert H. Brandenberger

1206.4263 (Matt J. Jarvis et al.)

The VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) Survey    [PDF]

Matt J. Jarvis, D. G. Bonfield, V. A. Bruce, J. E. Geach, K. McAlpine, R. J. McLure, E. Gonzalez-Solares, M. Irwin, J. Lewis, A. Kupcu Yoldas, S. Andreon, N. J. G. Cross, J. P. Emerson, G. Dalton, J. S. Dunlop, S. T. Hodgkin, O. Le Fevre, M. Karouzos, K. Meisenheimer, S. Oliver, S. Rawlings, C. Simpson, I. Smail, D. J. B. Smith, M. Sullivan, W. Sutherland, S. V. White, J. T. L. Zwart

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1109.6328 (Stuart I. Muldrew et al.)

Measures of Galaxy Environment - I. What is "Environment"?    [PDF]

Stuart I. Muldrew, Darren J. Croton, Ramin A. Skibba, Frazer R. Pearce, Hong Bae Ann, Ivan K. Baldry, Sarah Brough, Yun-Young Choi, Christopher J. Conselice, Nicolas B. Cowan, Anna Gallazzi, Meghan E. Gray, Ruth Grützbauch, I-Hui Li, Changbom Park, Sergey V. Pilipenko, Bret J. Podgorzec, Aaron S. G. Robotham, David J. Wilman, Xiaohu Yang, Youcai Zhang, Stefano Zibetti

1111.2862 (Julia M. Comerford et al.)

Kiloparsec-scale Spatial Offsets in Double-peaked Narrow-line Active Galactic Nuclei. I. Markers for Selection of Compelling Dual Active Galactic Nucleus Candidates    [PDF]

Julia M. Comerford, Brian F. Gerke, Daniel Stern, Michael C. Cooper, Benjamin J. Weiner, Jeffrey A. Newman, Kristin Madsen, R. Scott Barrows

1111.5360 (Pedro Labrana)

Emergent Universe by Tunneling    [PDF]

Pedro Labrana

1206.3304 (Nikita Blinov et al.)

Dark Matter Antibaryons from a Supersymmetric Hidden Sector    [PDF]

Nikita Blinov, David E. Morrissey, Kris Sigurdson, Sean Tulin

1206.3998 (Panayiotis C. Stavrinos et al.)

Cyclic and Ekpyrotic Universes in Modified Finsler Osculating Gravity on Tangent Lorentz Bundles    [PDF]

Panayiotis C. Stavrinos, Sergiu I. Vacaru

1206.3566 (Cheng Li et al.)

Kinematics of groups of galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7    [PDF]

Cheng Li, Y. P. Jing, Shude Mao, Jiaxin Han, Qiuying Peng, Xiaohu Yang, H. J. Mo, Frank van den Bosch

1206.3568 (Philippe Brax et al.)

Systematic Simulations of Modified Gravity: Symmetron and Dilaton Models    [PDF]

Philippe Brax, Anne-Christine Davis, Baojiu Li, Hans A. Winther, Gong-Bo Zhao

1206.3571 (Andrew R. Wetzel et al.)

Galaxy evolution in groups and clusters: satellite star formation histories and quenching timescales in a hierarchical Universe    [PDF]

Andrew R. Wetzel, Jeremy L. Tinker, Charlie Conroy, Frank C. van den Bosch

1206.3573 (M. Geha et al.)

A Stellar Mass Threshold for Quenching of Field Galaxies    [PDF]

M. Geha, M. Blanton, R. Yan, J. Tinker

1206.3579 (M. Chevance et al.)

On the Shapes and Structures of High-Redshift Compact Galaxies    [PDF]

M. Chevance, A. Weijmans, I. Damjanov, R. G. Abraham, L. Simard, S. van den Bergh, E. Caris, K. Glazebrook

1206.3611 (Xue-Bing Wu et al.)

Discovery of six high-redshift quasars with the Lijiang 2.4m telescope and MMT    [PDF]

Xue-Bing Wu, Wen-Wen Zuo, Qian Yang, Weimin Yi, Chenwei Yang, Wenjuan Liu, Peng Jiang, Xinwen Shu, Hongyan Zhou

1206.3616 (Thomas L Curtright et al.)

Geons of Galileons    [PDF]

Thomas L Curtright, David B Fairlie

1206.3617 (Guido D'Amico)

Cosmology and perturbations in massive gravity    [PDF]

Guido D'Amico

1206.3646 (Satoshi Hamano et al.)

Type-Ia Supernova Remnant Shell At $Z=3.5$ Seen In The Three Sightlines Toward The Gravitationally Lensed Qso B1422+231    [PDF]

Satoshi Hamano, Naoto Kobayashi, Sohei Kondo, Takuji Tsujimoto, Katsuya Okoshi, Toshikazu Shigeyama

1206.3690 (Didier Fraix-Burnet et al.)

A six-parameter space to describe galaxy diversification    [PDF]

Didier Fraix-Burnet, Tanuka Chattopadhyay, Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay, Emmanuel Davoust, Marc Thuillard

1206.3725 (A. D. Dolgov)

Cosmic antigravity    [PDF]

A. D. Dolgov

1206.3750 (Yupeng Yang et al.)

The significance of ultracompact minihalos as the astrophysical sources    [PDF]

Yupeng Yang, Guilin Yang, Xiaoyuan Huang, Xuelei Chen, Tan Lu, Hongshi Zong

1206.3779 (Zhao-Yu Li et al.)

The Vertical X-shaped Structure in the Milky Way: Evidence from a Simple Boxy Bulge Model    [PDF]

Zhao-Yu Li, Juntai Shen

1206.3788 (Donnino Anderhalden et al.)

The Galactic Halo in Mixed Dark Cosmologies    [PDF]

Donnino Anderhalden, Juerg Diemand, Gianfranco Bertone, Andrea V. Maccio, Aurel Schneider

1206.3797 (William C. Keel et al.)

The History and Environment of a Faded Quasar: Hubble Space Telescope observations of Hanny's Voorwerp and IC 2497    [PDF]

William C. Keel, Chris J. Lintott, Kevin Schawinski, Vardha N. Bennert, Daniel Thomas, Anna Manning, S. Drew Chojnowski, Hanny van Arkel, Stuart Lynn

1206.3803 (Enrico Barausse et al.)

On the mass radiated by coalescing black-hole binaries    [PDF]

Enrico Barausse, Viktoriya Morozova, Luciano Rezzolla

1206.3808 (Michelle Lanyon-Foster et al.)

The Structures of Distant Galaxies V: The Evolution of Galaxy Structure in Stellar Mass at z < 1    [PDF]

Michelle Lanyon-Foster, Christopher J. Conselice, Michael R. Merrifield

1206.3820 (Richard B. Larson)

Hayashi and the Thermal Physics of Star-Forming Clouds    [PDF]

Richard B. Larson

1206.3840 (D. Iono et al.)

Initial Results from the Nobeyama Molecular Gas Observations of Distant Bright Galaxies    [PDF]

D. Iono, B. Hatsukade, K. Kohno, R. Kawabe, S. Ikarashi, K. Ichikawa, T. Kodama, K. Motohara, T. Nakajima, K. Nakanishi, K. Ohta, K. Ota, T. Saito, K. Suzuki, K. Tadaki, Y. Tamura, J. Ueda, H. Umehata, K. Yabe, T. Yoshida, S. Yuma, N. Kuno, S. Takano, H. Iwashita, K. Handa, A. Higuchi, A. Hirota, S. Ishikawa, K. Kimura, J. Maekawa, H. Mikoshiba, C. Miyazawa, K. Miyazawa, K. Muraoka, H. Ogawa, S. Onodera, Y. Saito, T. Sakai, S. Takahashi, M. S. Yun

1206.3843 (Xiao-Bo Dong et al.)

A Uniformly Selected Sample of Low-mass Black Holes in Seyfert 1 Galaxies    [PDF]

Xiao-Bo Dong, Luis C. Ho, Weimin Yuan, Ting-Gui Wang, Xiaohui Fan, Hongyan Zhou, Ning Jiang

1206.3845 (Bililign T. Dullo et al.)

Sizing up Partially-Depleted Galaxy Cores    [PDF]

Bililign T. Dullo, Alister W. Graham

1206.3852 (Matteo Fasiello et al.)

Cosmological perturbations in Massive Gravity and the Higuchi bound    [PDF]

Matteo Fasiello, Andrew J. Tolley

1206.3888 (Kohei Hayashi et al.)

Probing non-spherical dark halos in the Galactic dwarf galaxies    [PDF]

Kohei Hayashi, Masashi Chiba

1206.3905 (Tsutomu T. Takeuchi et al.)

Reexamination of the Infrared Excess-Ultraviolet Slope Relation of Local Galaxies    [PDF]

Tsutomu T. Takeuchi, Fang-Ting Yuan, Akira Ikeyama, Katsuhiro L. Murata, Akio K. Inoue

1206.4014 (Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann et al.)

2D mapping of young stars in the inner 180 pc of NGC 1068: correlation with molecular gas ring and stellar kinematics    [PDF]

Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann, Rogemar A. Riffel, Rogerio Riffel, Marlon R. Diniz, Tiberio Borges Vale, Peter J. McGregor

1206.4028 (Hannes Jensen et al.)

On the Use of Ly-alpha Emitters as Probes of Reionization    [PDF]

Hannes Jensen, Peter Laursen, Garrelt Mellema, Ilian T. Iliev, Jesper Sommer-Larsen, Paul R. Shapiro

1206.4033 (Sayan Chakraborti et al.)

X-Ray emission from SN 2004dj: A Tale of Two Shocks    [PDF]

Sayan Chakraborti, Naveen Yadav, Alak Ray, Randall Smith, Poonam Chandra

1206.4034 (Alexander Westphal)

Tensor modes on the string theory landscape    [PDF]

Alexander Westphal

Monday, June 18, 2012

1202.5456 (Laura G. van den Aarssen et al.)

Thermal decoupling and the smallest subhalo mass in dark matter models with Sommerfeld-enhanced annihilation rates    [PDF]

Laura G. van den Aarssen, Torsten Bringmann, Yasar C. Goedecke

1206.3305 (Anson D'Aloisio et al.)

Halo statistics in non-Gaussian cosmologies: the collapsed fraction, conditional mass function, and halo bias from the path-integral excursion set method    [PDF]

Anson D'Aloisio, Jun Zhang, Donghui Jeong, Paul R. Shapiro

1206.3306 (Peter Adshead et al.)

Non-Gaussianity and Excursion Set Theory: Halo Bias    [PDF]

Peter Adshead, Eric J. Baxter, Scott Dodelson, Adam Lidz

1206.3308 (Kevin N. Hainline et al.)

Stellar Populations of UV-Selected Active Galactic Nuclei Host Galaxies at z ~ 2 - 3    [PDF]

Kevin N. Hainline, Alice E. Shapley, Jenny E. Greene, Charles C. Steidel, Naveen A. Reddy, Dawn K. Erb

1206.3343 (X. H. Sun et al.)

Polarisation properties of Milky-Way-like galaxies    [PDF]

X. H. Sun, W. Reich

1206.3389 (Ruta Kale et al.)

Spectral and polarization study of the double relics in Abell 3376 using the GMRT and the VLA    [PDF]

Ruta Kale, K. S. Dwarakanath, Joydeep Bagchi, Surajit Paul

1206.3412 (R. S. Pawase et al.)

A seven square degrees survey for galaxy-scale gravitational lenses with the HST imaging archive    [PDF]

R. S. Pawase, C. Faure, F. Courbin, R. Kokotanekova, G. Meylan

1206.3458 (Anna Pasquali et al.)

The Gas-Phase Metallicity of Central and Satellite Galaxies in the SDSS    [PDF]

Anna Pasquali, Anna Gallazzi, Frank C. van den Bosch

1206.3461 (C. Messenger et al.)

Avoiding selection bias : A unified treatment of thresholded data    [PDF]

C. Messenger, J. Veitch

1206.3496 (Marcus Berg et al.)

Growth Histories in Bimetric Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Marcus Berg, Igor Buchberger, Jonas Enander, Edvard Mortsell, Stefan Sjors

1206.3506 (Aseem Paranjape et al.)

Peaks theory and the excursion set approach    [PDF]

Aseem Paranjape, Ravi K. Sheth

1206.3531 (L. Resmi et al.)

Gamma Ray Burst Prompt Emission Variability in Synchrotron and Synchrotron Self-Compton Lightcurves    [PDF]

L. Resmi, B. Zhang

1206.3545 (Francesco Montanari et al.)

A new method for the Alcock-Paczynski test    [PDF]

Francesco Montanari, Ruth Durrer

Friday, June 15, 2012

1109.6323 (Ignacio Ferreras et al.)

The road to the red sequence: A detailed view of the formation of a massive galaxy at z~2    [PDF]

Ignacio Ferreras, Anna Pasquali, Sadegh Khochfar, Harald Kuntschner, Martin Kuemmel, Nor Pirzkal, Rogier Windhorst, Sangeeta Malhotra, James Rhoads, Robert W. O'Connell

1206.2924 (Cecilia Lunardini et al.)

Cosmic Strings as Emitters of Extremely High Energy Neutrinos    [PDF]

Cecilia Lunardini, Eray Sabancilar

1206.2923 (Yoshiyuki Inoue et al.)

Upper Limit on the Cosmological Gamma-ray Background    [PDF]

Yoshiyuki Inoue, Kunihito Ioka

1206.2925 (Brent Groves et al.)

The heating of dust by old stellar populations in the Bulge of M31    [PDF]

Brent Groves, Oliver Krause, Karin Sandstrom, Anika Schmiedeke, Adam Leroy, Hendrik Linz, Maria Kapala, Hans-Walter Rix, Eva Schinnerer, Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Fabian Walter, Elisabete da Cunha

1206.2926 (John Joseph M. Carrasco et al.)

The Effective Field Theory of Cosmological Large Scale Structures    [PDF]

John Joseph M. Carrasco, Mark P. Hertzberg, Leonardo Senatore

1206.2929 (Dan Hooper et al.)

Dark Forces and Light Dark Matter    [PDF]

Dan Hooper, Neal Weiner, Wei Xue

1206.2936 (Ronald Kantowski et al.)

Image Properties of Embedded Lenses    [PDF]

Ronald Kantowski, Bin Chen, Xinyu Dai

1206.2939 (Pascal M. Vaudrevange et al.)

Constraints on the Topology of the Universe: Extension to General Geometries    [PDF]

Pascal M. Vaudrevange, Glenn D. Starkman, Neil J. Cornish, David N. Spergel

1206.2950 (E. Giallongo et al.)

AGNs as main contributors to the UV ionizing emissivity at high redshifts: predictions from a Lambda-CDM model with linked AGN/galaxy evolution    [PDF]

E. Giallongo, N. Menci, F. Fiore, M. Castellano, A. Fontana, A. Grazian, L. Pentericci

1206.2989 (Erin Mentuch Cooper et al.)

Spatially resolved stellar, dust and gas properties of the post-interacting Whirlpool Galaxy system    [PDF]

Erin Mentuch Cooper, Christine D. Wilson, Kelly Foyle, George Bendo, Jin Koda, Marten Baes, Médéric Boquien, Alessandro Boselli, Laure Ciesla, Asantha Cooray, Steve Eales, Maud Galametz, Vianney Lebouteiller, Tara Parkin, Hélène Roussel, Marc Sauvage, Luigi Spinoglio, Matthew W. L. Smith

1206.3028 (Liton Majumdar et al.)

Hydro-chemical study of the evolution of interstellar pre-biotic molecules during the collapse of molecular clouds    [PDF]

Liton Majumdar, Ankan Das, Sandip K. Chakrabarti, Sonali Chakrabarti