Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.3985 (Liang Dai et al.)

The anisotropic imprint of long-wavelength tensor perturbations on cosmic structure    [PDF]

Liang Dai, Donghui Jeong, Marc Kamionkowski

1306.3990 (Alis J. Deason et al.)

Stellar mass-gap as a probe of halo assembly history and concentration: youth hidden among old fossils    [PDF]

Alis J. Deason, Charlie Conroy, Andrew R. Wetzel, Jeremy L. Tinker

1306.3993 (Erwin T. Lau et al.)

Weighing Galaxy Clusters with Gas. I. On the Methods of Computing Hydrostatic Mass Bias    [PDF]

Erwin T. Lau, Daisuke Nagai, Kaylea Nelson

1306.3999 (Tom Banks et al.)

Holographic Fluctuations from Unitary de Sitter Invariant Field Theory    [PDF]

Tom Banks, Willy Fischler, T. J. Torres, Carroll L. Wainwright

1306.4013 (Steven Phelps et al.)

The mass of the Milky Way and M31 using the method of least action    [PDF]

Steven Phelps, Adi Nusser, Vincent Desjacques

1306.4031 (Russell J. Jurek et al.)

The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: Star-formation in UV-luminous galaxies from their luminosity functions    [PDF]

Russell J. Jurek, Michael J. Drinkwater, Kevin Pimbblet, Karl Glazebrook, Chris Blake, Sarah Brough, Matthew Colless, Carlos Contreras, Warrick Couch, Scott Croom, Darren Croton, Tamara M. Davis, Karl Forster, David Gilbank, Mike Gladders, Ben Jelliffe, I-hui Li, Barry Madore, D. Christopher Martin, Gregory B. Poole, Michael Pracy, Rob Sharp, Emily Wisnioski, David Woods, Ted K. Wyder, H. K. C. Yee

1306.4050 (Daniel M. Scolnic et al.)

Color Dispersion and Milky Way Reddening Among Type Ia Supernovae    [PDF]

Daniel M. Scolnic, Adam G. Riess, Ryan J. Foley, Armin Rest, Steven A. Rodney, Dillon J. Brout, David O. Jones

1306.4077 (Shruti Tripathi et al.)

Spectral variability of IRAS 18325-5926 and constraints on the geometry of the scattering medium    [PDF]

Shruti Tripathi, R. Misra, G. C. Dewangan, J. Cheeran, S. Abraham, N. S. Philip

1306.4091 (Cheng Cheng et al.)

The Dark Side of the Universe after Planck    [PDF]

Cheng Cheng, Qing-Guo Huang

1306.4126 (S. P. Miao et al.)

Alternate Definitions of Loop Corrections to the Primordial Power Spectra    [PDF]

S. P. Miao, Sohyun Park

1306.4135 (W. Zhao et al.)

First results on low-mass WIMP from the CDEX-1 experiment at the China Jinping underground Laboratory    [PDF]

W. Zhao, Q. Yue, K. J. Kang, J. P. Cheng, Y. J. Li, S. T. Lin, Y. Bai, Y. Bi, J. P. Chang, N. Chen, N. Chen, Q. H. Chen, Y. H. Chen, Y. C. Chuang, Z. Deng, C. Du, Q. Du, H. Gong, X. Q. Hao, H. J. He, Q. J. He, X. H. Hu, H. X. Huang, T. R. Huang, H. Jiang, H. B. Li, J. M. Li, J. Li, J. Li, X. Li, X. Y. Li, Y. L. Li, H. Y. Liao, F. K. Lin, S. K. Liu, L. C. Lv, H. Ma, S. J. Mao, J. Q. Qin, J. Ren, J. Ren, X. C. Ruan, M. B. Shen, L. Singh, M. K. Singh, A. K. Soma, J. Su, C. J. Tang, C. H. Tseng, J. M. Wang, L. Wang, Q. Wang, H. T. Wong, S. Y. Wu, W. Wu, Y. C. Wu, Y. C. Wu, Z. Z. Xianyu, H. Y. Xing, Y. Xu, X. J. Xu, T. Xue, L. T. Yang, S. W. Yang, N. Yi, C. X. Yu, H. Yu, X. Z. Yu, X. H. Zeng, Z. Zeng, L. Zhang, Y. H. Zhang, M. G. Zhao, S. N. Zhong, Z. Y. Zhou, J. J. Zhu, W. B. Zhu, X. Z. Zhu, Z. H. Zhu

1306.4153 (Signe Riemer-Sørensen et al.)

Combining Planck with Large Scale Structure gives strong neutrino mass constraint    [PDF]

Signe Riemer-Sørensen, David Parkinson, Tamara M. Davis

1306.4157 (Chi-Ting Chiang et al.)

Galaxy redshift surveys with sparse sampling    [PDF]

Chi-Ting Chiang, Philipp Wullstein, Donghui Jeong, Eiichiro Komatsu, Guillermo A. Blanc, Robin Ciardullo, Niv Drory, Maximilian Fabricius, Steven Finkelstein, Karl Gebhardt, Caryl Gronwall, Alex Hagen, Gary J. Hill, Shardha Jogee, Martin Landriau, Erin Mentuch Cooper, Donald P. Schneider, Sarah Tuttle

1306.4159 (Rachael C McQuillin et al.)

Black hole wind speeds and the M-sigma relation    [PDF]

Rachael C McQuillin, Dean E McLaughlin

1306.4160 (Nicola Bartolo et al.)

Anisotropy in solid inflation    [PDF]

Nicola Bartolo, Sabino Matarrese, Marco Peloso, Angelo Ricciardone

1306.4168 (Philippe Brax et al.)

Cosmological Tests of the Disformal Coupling to Radiation    [PDF]

Philippe Brax, Clare Burrage, Anne-Christine Davis, Giulia Gubitosi

1306.4171 (N. Fornengo et al.)

Dark matter searches with cosmic antideuterons: status and perspectives    [PDF]

N. Fornengo, L. Maccione, A. Vittino

1306.4173 (Q. Riffard et al.)

Dark Matter directional detection with MIMAC    [PDF]

Q. Riffard, J. Billard, G. Bosson, O. Bourrion, O. Guillaudin, J. Lamblin, F. Mayet, J. -F. Muraz, J. -P. Richer, D. Santos, L. Lebreton, D. Maire, J. Busto, J. Brunner, D. Fouchez

1306.4177 (Ashok K. Singal et al.)

Incongruity of the unified scheme with a 3CRR-like equatorial strong-source sample    [PDF]

Ashok K. Singal, Raj Laxmi Singh

1306.4183 (Howard Baer et al.)

Snowmass whitepaper: Exploring natural SUSY via direct and indirect detection of higgsino-like WIMPs    [PDF]

Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, Dan Mickelson, Xerxes Tata

1306.4278 (James Schombert et al.)

Stellar Populations and the Star Formation Histories of LSB Galaxies: II. HII Regions    [PDF]

James Schombert, Stacy McGaugh, Tamela Maciel