Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0005 (A. Stroe et al.)

Discovery of spectral curvature in the shock downstream region: CIZA J2242.8+5301    [PDF]

A. Stroe, R. J. van Weeren, H. T. Intema, H. J. A. Röttgering, M. Brüggen, M. Hoeft

1305.0008 (Mariele Motta et al.)

Probing Dark Energy through Scale Dependence    [PDF]

Mariele Motta, Ignacy Sawicki, Ippocratis D. Saltas, Luca Amendola, Martin Kunz

1305.0010 (Cornelius Rampf et al.)

Initial conditions for CDM particles and General Relativity    [PDF]

Cornelius Rampf, Gerasimos Rigopoulos

1305.0009 (B. Audren et al.)

Cosmological constraints on Lorentz violating dark energy    [PDF]

B. Audren, D. Blas, J. Lesgourgues, S. Sibiryakov

1305.0028 (Schuyler D. Van Dyk)

Late-Time Dust Emission from the Type IIn Supernova 1995N    [PDF]

Schuyler D. Van Dyk

1305.0029 (L. V. Zadorozhna et al.)

Magnetic Field of Cosmic Strings in the Early Universe    [PDF]

L. V. Zadorozhna, B. I. Hnatyk, Yu. A. Sitenko

1305.0042 (S. Torres-Flores et al.)

Studying the kinematics of the giant star-forming region 30 Doradus. I. The data    [PDF]

S. Torres-Flores, R. Barbá, J. Maíz Apellániz, M. Rubio, G. Bosch, V. Hénault-Brunet, C. J. Evans

1305.0050 (R. E. A. Canning et al.)

A multi-wavelength view of cooling vs. AGN heating in the X-ray luminous cool-core of Abell 3581    [PDF]

R. E. A. Canning, M. Sun, J. S. Sanders, T. E. Clarke, A. C. Fabian, S. Giacintucci, D. V. Lal, N. Werner, S. W. Allen, M. Donahue, R. M. Johnstone, P. E. J. Nulsen, C. L. Sarazin

1305.0055 (Yi-Chao Li et al.)

Constraints on the Brans-Dicke gravity theory with the Planck data    [PDF]

Yi-Chao Li, Feng-Quan Wu, Xuelei Chen

1305.0073 (Jorge Mastache et al.)

Dark Matter Phase Transition Constrained at O(0.1) eV with LSB Rotation Curves    [PDF]

Jorge Mastache, Axel de la Macorra, Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota

1305.0076 (Yoshiaki Hagiwara et al.)

Submillimeter H2O Maser in Circinus Galaxy - A New Probe for the Circumnuclear Region of Active Galactic Nuclei    [PDF]

Yoshiaki Hagiwara, Makoto Miyoshi, Akihiro Doi, Shinji Horiuchi

1305.0088 (Deokkeun An et al.)

The Galactic Center: Not an Active Galactic Nucleus    [PDF]

Deokkeun An, Solange V. Ramírez, Kris Sellgren

1305.0116 (Atsushi J. Nishizawa et al.)

Reconstruction of Missing Data in the Sky using Iterative Harmonic Expansion    [PDF]

Atsushi J. Nishizawa, Kaiki Taro Inoue

1305.0146 (Luis A. Anchordoqui et al.)

Tracing the Interplay between Non-Thermal Dark Matter and Right-Handed Dirac Neutrinos with LHC Data    [PDF]

Luis A. Anchordoqui, Haim Goldberg, Brian Vlcek

1305.0147 (Naoyuki Haba et al.)

Constraints on neutrino mass ordering and degeneracy from Planck and neutrino-less double beta decay    [PDF]

Naoyuki Haba, Ryo Takahashi

1305.0181 (Hiroyuki Tashiro et al.)

Cosmological magnetic field correlators from blazar induced cascade    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Tashiro, Tanmay Vachaspati

1305.0210 (Alberto Rorai et al.)

A New Method to Directly Measure the Jeans Scale of the Intergalactic Medium Using Close Quasar Pairs    [PDF]

Alberto Rorai, Joseph F. Hennawi, Martin White

1305.0229 (Gerasimos Rigopoulos)

Fluctuation-dissipation and equilibrium for scalar fields in de Sitter    [PDF]

Gerasimos Rigopoulos

1305.0232 (C. C. Popescu et al.)

Radiation fields in star-forming galaxies: the disk, thin disk and bulge    [PDF]

C. C. Popescu, R. J. Tuffs

1305.0234 (C. Hailey et al.)

Dedicated Indirect Searches for Dark Matter Using Antideuterons    [PDF]

C. Hailey, T. Aramaki, P. von Doetinchem, R. A. Ong

1305.0252 (Miguel A. Sanchez-Conde et al.)

The hunt for axionlike particles with the Cherenkov Telescope Array    [PDF]

Miguel A. Sanchez-Conde, Stefan Funk, Frank Krennrich, Amanda Weinstein

1305.0456 (A. Del Popolo)

Non-Baryonic Dark Matter in Cosmology    [PDF]

A. Del Popolo

1305.0259 (Yu. L. Bolotin et al.)

A Thousand Problems in Cosmology. Chapter 4: Black holes    [PDF]

Yu. L. Bolotin, I. V. Tanatarov, O. B. Zaslavskii

1305.0263 (J. R. Mullaney et al.)

Narrow-line region gas kinematics of 24,264 optically-selected AGN: the radio connection    [PDF]

J. R. Mullaney, D. M. Alexander, S. Fine, A. D. Goulding, C. M. Harrison, R. C. Hickox

1305.0262 (B. Milvang-Jensen et al.)

On-sky characterisation of the VISTA NB118 narrow-band filters at 1.19 micron    [PDF]

B. Milvang-Jensen, W. Freudling, J. Zabl, J. P. U. Fynbo, P. Moller, K. K. Nilsson, H. Joy McCracken, J. Hjorth, O. Le Fevre, L. Tasca, J. S. Dunlop, D. Sobral

1305.0267 (Marco Drewes et al.)

The Kinematics of Cosmic Reheating    [PDF]

Marco Drewes, Jin U Kang

1305.0268 (Fernando Buitrago et al.)

SINFONI/VLT 3D spectroscopy of massive galaxies: Strong rotational support at z~1.4    [PDF]

Fernando Buitrago, Christopher J. Conselice, Benoit Epinat, Alejandro G. Bedregal, Ruth Grutzbauch

1305.0270 (Katherine L. Rhode et al.)

ALFALFA Discovery of the Nearby Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxy Leo~P. II. Optical Imaging Observations    [PDF]

Katherine L. Rhode, John J. Salzer, Nathalie C. Haurberg, Angela Van Sistine, Michael D. Young, Martha P. Haynes, Riccardo Giovanelli, John M. Cannon, Evan D. Skillman, Kristen B. W. McQuinn, Elizabeth A. K. Adams

1305.0272 (Riccardo Giovanelli et al.)

ALFALFA Discovery of the Nearby Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxy Leo P. I. HI Observations    [PDF]

Riccardo Giovanelli, Martha P. Haynes, Elizabeth A. K. Adams, John M. Cannon, Katherine L. Rhode, John J. Salzer, Evan D. Skillman, Elijah Z. Bernstein-Cooper, Kristen B. W. McQuinn

1305.0276 (Thiem Hoang et al.)

Constraint on the Polarization of Electric Dipole Emission from Spinning Dust    [PDF]

Thiem Hoang, A. Lazarian, P. G. Martin

1305.0277 (Evan D. Skillman et al.)

ALFALFA Discovery of the Nearby Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxy Leo~P. III. An Extremely Metal Deficient Galaxy    [PDF]

Evan D. Skillman, John J. Salzer, Danielle A. Berg, Richard W. Pogge, Nathalie C. Haurberg, John M. Cannon, Erik Aver, Keith A. Olive, Riccardo Giovanelli, Martha P. Haynes, Elizabeth A. K. Adams, Kristen B. W. McQuinn, Katherine L. Rhode

1305.0279 (Kazuya Koyama et al.)

Effective theory for Vainshtein mechanism from Horndeski action    [PDF]

Kazuya Koyama, Gustavo Niz, Gianmassimo Tasinato

1305.0281 (Mark J. Avara et al.)

Role of magnetic field strength and numerical resolution in simulations of the heat-flux driven buoyancy instability    [PDF]

Mark J. Avara, Christopher Reynolds, Tamara Bogdanović

1305.0286 (P. Mocz et al.)

Cosmological growth and feedback from supermassive black holes    [PDF]

P. Mocz, Katherine M. Blundell, A. C. Fabian

1305.0304 (D. Emmanoulopoulos et al.)

Generating artificial light curves: Revisited and updated    [PDF]

D. Emmanoulopoulos, I. M. McHardy, I. E. Papadakis

1305.0313 (Yi Mao et al.)

Primordial Non-Gaussianity Estimation using 21 cm Tomography from the Epoch of Reionization    [PDF]

Yi Mao, Anson D'Aloisio, Jun Zhang, Paul R. Shapiro

1305.0326 (Neil J. Cornish et al.)

Pulsar Timing Array Analysis for Black Hole Backgrounds    [PDF]

Neil J. Cornish, A. Sesana

1305.0337 (Y. Q. He et al.)

Photometric properties and luminosity function of nearby massive early-type galaxies    [PDF]

Y. Q. He, X. Y. Xia, C. N. Hao, Y. P. Jing, S. Mao, Cheng Li

1305.0350 (Lan Wang et al.)

Detection of galaxy assembly bias    [PDF]

Lan Wang, Simone M. Weinmann, Gabriella De Lucia, Xiaohu Yang

1305.0364 (Song Wang et al.)

Structural parameters for globular clusters in M31    [PDF]

Song Wang, Jun Ma

1305.0424 (C. S. Burton et al.)

{\em Herschel}-ATLAS/GAMA: The Environmental Density of Far-Infrared Bright Galaxies at $z \leq 0.5$    [PDF]

C. S. Burton, Matt J. Jarvis, D. J. B. Smith, D. G. Bonfield, M. J. Hardcastle, J. A. Stevens, N. Bourne, M. Baes, S. Brough, A. Cava, A. Cooray, A. Dariush, G. De Zotti, L. Dunne, S. Eales, R. Hopwood, E. Ibar, R. J. Ivison, J. Liske, J. Loveday, S. J. Maddox, M. Negrello, M. W. L. Smith, E. Valiante

1305.0427 (Yijia Zheng)

The Propagation of Photons in the Dilute Ionized Gas    [PDF]

Yijia Zheng

1305.0464 (Michael J. Longo)

Testing Cosmic Homogeneity Using Galaxy Clusters    [PDF]

Michael J. Longo

1305.0474 (G. Otalora)

Scaling attractors in interacting teleparallel dark energy    [PDF]

G. Otalora

1305.0497 (Christian Angrick)

Ellipticity and prolaticity of the initial gravitational-shear field at the position of density maxima    [PDF]

Christian Angrick

1305.0498 (Peter L. Biermann et al.)

Can dark energy be gravitational waves?    [PDF]

Peter L. Biermann, Benjamin C. Harms

1305.0525 (John McDonald)

Isocurvature and Curvaton Perturbations with Red Power Spectrum and Large Hemispherical Asymmetry    [PDF]

John McDonald