Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6342 (Mathias Garny et al.)

Internal bremsstrahlung signatures in light of direct dark matter searches    [PDF]

Mathias Garny, Alejandro Ibarra, Miguel Pato, Stefan Vogl

1306.6628 (HongSheng Zhao et al.)

Local Group timing in Milgromian dynamics. A past Milky Way-Andromeda encounter at z>0.8    [PDF]

HongSheng Zhao, Benoit Famaey, Fabian Lüghausen, Pavel Kroupa

1306.6632 (Daisuke Kawata et al.)

Bubble-Induced Star Formation in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies    [PDF]

Daisuke Kawata, Brad K. Gibson, David J. Barnes, Robert J. J. Grand, Awat Rahimi

1306.6635 (A. Ferrara et al.)

Can supermassive black hole seeds form in galaxy mergers?    [PDF]

A. Ferrara, F. Haardt, R. Salvaterra

1306.6636 (Sanjib Sharma et al.)

An empirical formula for the distribution function of a thin exponential disc    [PDF]

Sanjib Sharma, Joss Bland-Hawthorn

1306.6637 (Martina Falco et al.)

Dynamical signatures of infall around galaxy clusters: a generalized Jeans equation    [PDF]

Martina Falco, Gary A. Mamon, Radoslaw Wojtak, Steen H. Hansen, Stefan Gottlöber

1306.6642 (Eduardo Bañados et al.)

The galaxy environment of a QSO at z ~ 5.7    [PDF]

Eduardo Bañados, Bram Venemans, Fabian Walter, Jaron Kurk, Roderik Overzier, Masami Ouchi

1306.6644 (R. S. Goncalves et al.)

Forecasting constraints on the cosmic duality relation with galaxy clusters    [PDF]

R. S. Goncalves, J. S. Alcaniz, J. C. Carvalho, R. F. L. Holanda

1306.6646 (Alvise Raccanelli et al.)

Large-scale 3D galaxy correlation function    [PDF]

Alvise Raccanelli, Daniele Bertacca, Olivier Dore, Roy Maartens

1306.6652 (Dominik R. G. Schleicher et al.)

A new interpretation of the far-infrared - radio correlation and the expected breakdown at high redshift    [PDF]

Dominik R. G. Schleicher, Rainer Beck

1306.6660 (Naonori S. Sugiyama et al.)

How does non-linear dynamics affect the baryon acoustic oscillation?    [PDF]

Naonori S. Sugiyama, David N. Spergel

1306.6663 (Yi Zhang et al.)

Testing the effects from dark radiation    [PDF]

Yi Zhang, Yungui Gong

1306.6676 (S. F. Newman et al.)

Nebular Excitation in z~2 Star-forming Galaxies from the SINS and LUCI Surveys: The Influence of Shocks and AGN    [PDF]

S. F. Newman, P. Buschkamp, R. Genzel, N. M. Forster Schreiber, J. Kurk, A. Sternberg, O. Gnat, D. Rosario, C. Mancini, S. J. Lilly, A. Renzini, A. Burkert, C. M. Carollo, G. Cresci, R. Davies, F. Eisenhauer, S. Genel, K. Shapiro Griffin, E. K. S. Hicks, D. Lutz, T. Naab, Y. Peng, L. J. Tacconi, S. Wuyts, G. Zamorani, D. Vergani, B. J. Weiner

1306.6692 (Thibaut Louis et al.)

Lensing Simulation and Power Spectrum Estimation for High Resolution CMB Polarization Maps    [PDF]

Thibaut Louis, Sigurd Næss, Sudeep Das, Joanna Dunkley, Blake Sherwin

1306.6721 (Steven Murray et al.)

HMFcalc: An Online Tool for Calculating Dark Matter Halo Mass Functions    [PDF]

Steven Murray, Chris Power, Aaron Robotham

1306.6766 (Licia Verde et al.)

Planck and the local Universe: quantifying the tension    [PDF]

Licia Verde, Pavlos Protopapas, Raul Jimenez

1306.6791 (Giovanni C. Baiesi Pillastrini)

A Fast and Simple Algorithm for Detecting Large Scale Structures    [PDF]

Giovanni C. Baiesi Pillastrini

1306.6870 (Christopher Duncan et al.)

On the complementarity of galaxy clustering with cosmic shear and flux magnification    [PDF]

Christopher Duncan, Benjamin Joachimi, Alan Heavens, Catherine Heymans, Hendrik Hildebrandt

1306.6872 (Guido D'Amico et al.)

Large-scale anomalies from primordial dissipation    [PDF]

Guido D'Amico, Roberto Gobbetti, Matthew Kleban, Marjorie Schillo

1306.6888 (M. Trenti et al.)

Gamma Ray Burst and star formation rates: The physical origin for the redshift evolution of their ratio    [PDF]

M. Trenti, R. Perna, S. Tacchella

1306.6911 (Daniel G. Figueroa et al.)

Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves from Fermions -- Theory and Applications    [PDF]

Daniel G. Figueroa, Tuukka Meriniemi

1306.6915 (Juan Betancort Rijo et al.)

Something new about recombination    [PDF]

Juan Betancort Rijo, Francisco Jiménez Forteza

1306.6927 (William Duhe et al.)

Emergent Cyclic Inflation, a Numerical Investigation    [PDF]

William Duhe, Tirthabir Biswas

1306.6931 (Kyle Allison)

Higgs xi-inflation for the 125-126 GeV Higgs: a two-loop analysis    [PDF]

Kyle Allison

1306.6932 (Ali Akbar Abolhasani et al.)

Asymmetric Sky from the Long Mode Modulations    [PDF]

Ali Akbar Abolhasani, Shant Baghram, Hassan Firouzjahi, Mohammad Hossein Namjoo

1306.6935 (Andre Ribeiro et al.)

NoSOCS in SDSS III - The interplay between galaxy evolution and the dynamical state of galaxy clusters    [PDF]

Andre Ribeiro, Paulo Lopes, Sandro Rembold