Monday, January 9, 2012

1101.5307 (Przemys\law Jacewicz et al.)

Formation of Gyrs old black holes in the center of galaxies within the Lemaître--Tolman model    [PDF]

Przemys\law Jacewicz, Andrzej Krasiński

1105.2038 (R. J. Bouwens et al.)

Lower-Luminosity Galaxies could reionize the Universe: Very Steep Faint-End Slopes to the UV Luminosity Functions at z>=5-8 from the HUDF09 WFC3/IR Observations    [PDF]

R. J. Bouwens, G. D. Illingworth, P. A. Oesch, M. Trenti, I. Labbe, M. Franx, M. Stiavelli, C. M. Carollo, P. van Dokkum, D. Magee

1107.1716 (Daniel Grin et al.)

Do baryons trace dark matter in the early universe?    [PDF]

Daniel Grin, Olivier Doré, Marc Kamionkowski

1107.4433 (Nikolai Meures et al.)

Redshift and distances in a ΛCDM cosmology with non-linear inhomogeneities    [PDF]

Nikolai Meures, Marco Bruni

1107.5047 (Daniel Grin et al.)

Compensated Isocurvature Perturbations and the Cosmic Microwave Background    [PDF]

Daniel Grin, Olivier Doré, Marc Kamionkowski

1109.0007 (Charlie Conroy et al.)

Counting Low-Mass Stars in Integrated Light    [PDF]

Charlie Conroy, Pieter van Dokkum

1109.4686 (Brett Bochner)

Cosmic Acceleration from Causal Backreaction in a Smoothly Inhomogeneous Universe    [PDF]

Brett Bochner

1109.5155 (Brett Bochner)

Cosmic Acceleration and a New Concordance from Causal Backreaction    [PDF]

Brett Bochner

1110.1366 (Haipeng An et al.)

Sneutrino Dark Matter in Gauged Inverse Seesaw Models for Neutrinos    [PDF]

Haipeng An, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Yi Cai, R. N. Mohapatra

1201.1286 (C. -A. Faucher-Giguere)

Quasar Absorption Lines from Radiative Shocks: Implications for Multiphase Outflows and Feedback    [PDF]

C. -A. Faucher-Giguere

1201.1287 (Lisa May Walker et al.)

Examining the Role of Environment in a Comprehensive Sample of Compact Groups    [PDF]

Lisa May Walker, Kelsey E. Johnson, Sarah C. Gallagher, Jane C. Charlton, John E. Hibbard

1201.1290 (Maryam Shirazi et al.)

Strongly star forming galaxies in the local universe with nebular He II 4686 emission    [PDF]

Maryam Shirazi, Jarle Brinchmann

1201.1291 (Jesper Rasmussen et al.)

Hot and Cold Galactic Gas in the NGC 2563 Galaxy Group    [PDF]

Jesper Rasmussen, Xue-Ning Bai, John S. Mulchaey, J. H. van Gorkom, Tesla E. Jeltema, Ann I. Zabludoff, Eric Wilcots, Paul Martini, Duane Lee, Timothy P. Roberts

1201.1294 (T. D. Rawle et al.)

The Relation Between Cool Cluster Cores and Herschel-Detected Star Formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies    [PDF]

T. D. Rawle, A. C. Edge, E. Egami, M. Rex, G. P. Smith, B. Altieri, A. Fiedler, C. P. Haines, M. J. Pereira, P. G. Pérez-González, J. Portouw, I. Valtchanov, G. Walth, P. P. van der Werf, M. Zemcov

1201.1296 (Quan Guo et al.)

Satellite Galaxy Number Density Profiles in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey    [PDF]

Quan Guo, Shaun Cole, Vincent Eke, Carlos Frenk

1201.1298 (Andrew P. Lundgren et al.)

Depressing de Sitter in the Frozen Future    [PDF]

Andrew P. Lundgren, Mihai Bondarescu, Ruxandra Bondarescu

1201.1300 (Joseph A. Munoz et al.)

Faint AGN in z>~6 Lyman-break Galaxies Powered by Cold Accretion and Rapid Angular Momentum Transport    [PDF]

Joseph A. Munoz, Steven R. Furlanetto

1201.1303 (Dan Hooper)

The Empirical Case For 10 GeV Dark Matter    [PDF]

Dan Hooper

1201.1304 (Irina Dvorkin et al.)

SZ power spectrum and cluster numbers from an extended merger-tree model    [PDF]

Irina Dvorkin, Yoel Rephaeli, Meir Shimon

1201.1305 (A. Maurer et al.)

Dark matter powered stars: Constraints from the extragalactic background light    [PDF]

A. Maurer, M. Raue, T. Kneiske, D. Elsässer, P. H. Hauschildt, D. Horns

1201.1347 (Raymond G. Carlberg)

Counting Dark Sub-halos with Star Stream Gaps    [PDF]

Raymond G. Carlberg

1201.1382 (Seunghwan Lim et al.)

The Excursion Set Mass Function of Superclusters    [PDF]

Seunghwan Lim, Jounghun Lee

1201.1444 (Julien Carron et al.)

On the inadequacy of N-point correlation functions to describe nonlinear cosmological fields: explicit examples and connection to simulations    [PDF]

Julien Carron, Mark C. Neyrinck