Friday, April 27, 2012

1106.5840 (Anindya Dey et al.)

Non-Gaussianities in the Cosmological Perturbation Spectrum due to Primordial Anisotropy    [PDF]

Anindya Dey, Sonia Paban

1109.6664 (René D. Rohrmann et al.)

Conditional pair distributions in many-body systems: Exact results for Poisson ensembles    [PDF]

René D. Rohrmann, Ernesto Zurbriggen

1204.5177 (Yoske Sumitomo et al.)

A Stringy Mechanism for A Small Cosmological Constant    [PDF]

Yoske Sumitomo, S. -H. Henry Tye

1204.5749 (Dominik Leier et al.)

Diagnostics of Baryonic Cooling in Lensing Galaxies    [PDF]

Dominik Leier, Ignacio Ferreras, Prasenjit Saha

1204.5753 (Sebastiano Cantalupo et al.)

Detection of dark galaxies and circum-galactic filaments fluorescently illuminated by a quasar at z=2.4    [PDF]

Sebastiano Cantalupo, Simon J. Lilly, Martin G. Haehnelt

1204.5759 (J. Hlavacek-Larrondo et al.)

On the hunt for ultramassive black holes in brightest cluster galaxies    [PDF]

J. Hlavacek-Larrondo, A. C. Fabian, A. C. Edge, M. T. Hogan

1204.5761 (Alicia Bueno Belloso et al.)

Using galaxy pairs as cosmological tracers    [PDF]

Alicia Bueno Belloso, Guido W. Pettinari, Nikolai Meures, Will J. Percival

1204.5770 (Kwan Chuen Chan et al.)

Halo Sampling, Local Bias and Loop Corrections    [PDF]

Kwan Chuen Chan, Roman Scoccimarro

1204.5786 (Donald G. York et al.)

Galaxies with Background QSOs, I: A Search for Strong Galactic H-alpha Lines    [PDF]

Donald G. York, Lorrie A. Straka, Michael Bishof, Seth Kuttruff, David Bowen, Varsha P. Kulkarni, Mark Subbarao, Gordon Richards, Daniel Vanden Berk, Patrick B. Hall, Timothy Heckman, Pushpa Khare, Jean Quashnock, Lara Ghering, Sean Johnson

1204.5797 (Luis P. Chimento)

Exactly solved models of interacting dark matter and dark energy    [PDF]

Luis P. Chimento

1204.5800 (Mark B. Peacock et al.)

Limits on [OIII] 5007 emission from NGC4472's globular clusters: constraints on planetary nebulae and ultraluminous black hole X-ray binaries in globular clusters    [PDF]

Mark B. Peacock, Stephen E. Zepf, Thomas J. Maccarone

1204.5861 (Steen Hannestad et al.)

Thermalisation of light sterile neutrinos in the early universe    [PDF]

Steen Hannestad, Irene Tamborra, Thomas Tram

1204.5880 (Gianmassimo Tasinato et al.)

New symmetries in Fierz-Pauli massive gravity    [PDF]

Gianmassimo Tasinato, Kazuya Koyama, Gustavo Niz

1204.5881 (C. Cicone et al.)

The physics and the structure of the quasar-driven outflow in Mrk 231    [PDF]

C. Cicone, C. Feruglio, R. Maiolino, F. Fiore, E. Piconcelli, N. Menci, H. Aussel, E. Sturm

1204.5888 (Nate Bastian)

Stars throw their weight in old galaxies    [PDF]

Nate Bastian

1204.5892 (W. Zimdahl)

Models of Interacting Dark Energy    [PDF]

W. Zimdahl

1204.5927 (Graeme E. Addison et al.)

Modelling the correlation between the thermal Sunyaev Zel'dovich effect and the cosmic infrared background    [PDF]

Graeme E. Addison, Joanna Dunkley, David N. Spergel

1204.6005 (J. A. ZuHone et al.)

Cold Fronts and Gas Sloshing in Galaxy Clusters with Anisotropic Thermal Conduction    [PDF]

J. A. ZuHone, M. Markevitch, M. Ruszkowski, D. Lee