Monday, October 29, 2012

1205.4700 (Alexey Boyarsky et al.)

Spectral and spatial variations of the diffuse gamma-ray background in the vicinity of the Galactic plane and possible nature of the feature at 130 GeV    [PDF]

Alexey Boyarsky, Denys Malyshev, Oleg Ruchayskiy

1210.6983 (Pau Amaro-Seoane et al.)

Fake plunges are very eccentric real EMRIs in disguise ... they dominate the rates and are blissfully ignorant of angular momentum barriers    [PDF]

Pau Amaro-Seoane, Carlos Sopuerta, Patrick Brem

1210.6988 (Ji-hoon Kim et al.)

Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. II: Spatially-resolved Star Formation Relation    [PDF]

Ji-hoon Kim, Mark R. Krumholz, John H. Wise, Matthew J. Turk, Nathan J. Goldbaum, Tom Abel

1210.6990 (Nick Z. Scoville)

Evolution of star formation and gas    [PDF]

Nick Z. Scoville

1210.6997 (E. W. Bonning et al.)

Accretion Disk Temperatures of QSOs: Constraints from the Emission Lines    [PDF]

E. W. Bonning, G. A. Shields, A. C. Stevens, S. Salviander

1210.7007 (Juan C. Bueno Sánchez et al.)

On the fate of coupled flat directions during inflation    [PDF]

Juan C. Bueno Sánchez, Kari Enqvist

1210.7067 (Israel Hermelo et al.)

The dust SED of dwarf galaxies I. The case of NGC 4214    [PDF]

Israel Hermelo, Ute Lisenfeld, Monica Relaño, Richard J. Tuffs, Cristina C. Popescu, Brent Groves

1210.7071 (Kai Lars Polsterer et al.)

Finding New High-Redshift Quasars by Asking the Neighbours    [PDF]

Kai Lars Polsterer, Peter-Christian Zinn, Fabian Gieseke

1210.7079 (D. A. Rafferty et al.)

A Deep Chandra Observation of the AGN Outburst and Merger in Hickson Compact Group 62    [PDF]

D. A. Rafferty, L. Bîrzan, P. E. J. Nulsen, B. R. McNamara, W. N. Brandt, M. W. Wise, H. J. A. Röttgering

1210.7080 (Ken'ichi Saikawa et al.)

Evolution and thermalization of dark matter axions in the condensed regime    [PDF]

Ken'ichi Saikawa, Masahide Yamaguchi

1210.7100 (L. Bîrzan et al.)

The duty cycle of radio-mode feedback in complete samples of clusters    [PDF]

L. Bîrzan, D. A. Rafferty, P. E. J. Nulsen, B. R. McNamara, H. J. A. Röttgering, M. W. Wise, R. Mittal

1210.7118 (Seishi Enomoto et al.)

Non-Gaussianity in the unified curvaton mechanism : The generalized curvaton mechanism that comprehends modulation at the transition    [PDF]

Seishi Enomoto, Kazunori Kohri, Tomohiro Matsuda

1210.7150 (Wolfgang Gieren et al.)

Cepheid distances from the Baade-Wesselink method    [PDF]

Wolfgang Gieren, Jesper Storm, Nicolas Nardetto, Alexandre Gallenne, Grzegorz Pietrzyński, Pascal Fouqué, Thomas G. Barnes, Daniel Majaess

1210.7166 (Matteo Martinelli et al.)

Probing dark energy with the Sandage-Loeb test    [PDF]

Matteo Martinelli, Stefania Pandolfi, C. J. A. P. Martins, P. E. Vielzeuf

1210.7170 (Dhiraj Kumar Hazra)

Changes in the halo formation rates due to features in the primordial spectrum    [PDF]

Dhiraj Kumar Hazra

1210.7177 (F. Nicastro et al.)

Chandra View of the Warm-Hot IGM toward 1ES 1553+113: Absorption Line Detections and Identifications (Paper I)    [PDF]

F. Nicastro, M. Elvis, Y. Krongold, S. Mathur, A. Gupta, C. Danforth, X. Barcons, S. Borgani, E. Branchini, R. Cen, R. Davé, J. Kaastra, F. Paerels, L. Piro, J. M. Shull, Y. Takei, L. Zappacosta

1210.7183 (Benjamin Audren et al.)

Conservative Constraints on Early Cosmology: an illustration of the Monte Python cosmological parameter inference code    [PDF]

Benjamin Audren, Julien Lesgourgues, Karim Benabed, Simon Prunet

1210.7185 (M. Tremmel T. Fragos et al.)

Modeling the Redshift Evolution of the Normal Galaxy X-ray Luminosity Function    [PDF]

M. Tremmel T. Fragos, B. D. Lehmer, P. Tzanavaris, K. Belczynski, V. Kalogera, A. R. Basu-Zych, W. M. Farr, A. Hornschemeier, L. Jenkins, A. Ptak, A. Zezas

1210.7186 (William Schoenell et al.)

Recovering physical properties from narrow-band photometry    [PDF]

William Schoenell, Roberto Cid Fernandes, Narciso Benítez, Natalia Vale Asari

1210.7231 (K. T. Story et al.)

A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Damping Tail from the 2500-square-degree SPT-SZ survey    [PDF]

K. T. Story, C. L. Reichardt, Z. Hou, R. Keisler, K. A. Aird, B. A. Benson, L. E. Bleem, J. E. Carlstrom, C. L. Chang, H-M. Cho, T. M. Crawford, A. T. Crites, T. de Haan, M. A. Dobbs, J. Dudley, B. Follin, E. M. George, N. W. Halverson, G. P. Holder, W. L. Holzapfel, S. Hoover, J. D. Hrubes, M. Joy, L. Knox, A. T. Lee, E. M. Leitch, M. Lueker, D. Luong-Van, J. J. McMahon, J. Mehl, S. S. Meyer, M. Millea, J. J. Mohr, T. E. Montroy, S. Padin, T. Plagge, C. Pryke, J. E. Ruhl, J. T. Sayre, K. K. Schaffer, L. Shaw, E. Shirokoff, H. G. Spieler, Z. Staniszewski, A. A. Stark, A. van Engelen, K. Vanderlinde, J. D. Vieira, R. Williamson, O. Zahn