Friday, April 20, 2012

1204.3906 (Amol Upadhye et al.)

Quantum Stability of Chameleon Field Theories    [PDF]

Amol Upadhye, Wayne Hu, Justin Khoury

1204.4184 (Simone M. Weinmann et al.)

A fundamental problem in the theory of low mass galaxy evolution?    [PDF]

Simone M. Weinmann, Anna Pasquali, Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, Kristian Finlator, J. Trevor Mendel, Robert A. Crain, Andrea V. Maccio

1204.4185 (Chris Nixon)

Stable counteralignment of a circumbinary disc    [PDF]

Chris Nixon

1204.4186 (Laurent Canetti et al.)

Matter and Antimatter in the Universe    [PDF]

Laurent Canetti, Marco Drewes, Mikhail Shaposhnikov

1204.4194 (Tao Wang et al.)

CANDELS: Correlations of SEDs and Morphologies with Star-formation Status for Massive Galaxies at z ~ 2    [PDF]

Tao Wang, Jia-Sheng Huang, S. M. Faber, Guanwen Fang, Stijn Wuyts, G. G. Fazio, Haojing Yan, Avishai Dekel, Yicheng Guo, Henry C. Ferguson, Norman Grogin, Jennifer M. Lotz, Benjamin Weiner, Elizabeth J. McGrath, Dale Kocevski, Nimish P. Hathi, Ray A. Lucas, A. M. Koekemoer, Xu Kong, Qiu-Sheng Gu

1204.4207 (Valentin Assassi et al.)

On Soft Limits of Inflationary Correlation Functions    [PDF]

Valentin Assassi, Daniel Baumann, Daniel Green

1204.4210 (Patrick Treuthardt et al.)

On the Link Between Central Black Holes, Bar Dynamics, and Dark Matter Halos in Spiral Galaxies    [PDF]

Patrick Treuthardt, Marc S. Seigar, Amber D. Sierra, Ismaeel Al-Baidhany, Heikki Salo, Daniel Kennefick, Julia Kennefick, Claud H. S. Lacy

1204.4236 (Bernardo Cervantes-Sodi et al.)

The spin of late-type galaxies at redshifts $z\le 1.2$    [PDF]

Bernardo Cervantes-Sodi, X. Hernandez, Ho Seong Hwang, Changbom Park, Damien Le Borgne

1204.4241 (Jonathan Ganc et al.)

Scale-dependent bias of galaxies and mu-type distortion of the cosmic microwave background spectrum from single-field inflation with a modified initial state    [PDF]

Jonathan Ganc, Eiichiro Komatsu

1204.4265 (Andrea Merloni et al.)

Evolution of active galactic nuclei    [PDF]

Andrea Merloni, Sebastian Heinz

1204.4293 (Adrienne Leonard et al.)

Fast Calculation of the Weak Lensing Aperture Mass Statistic    [PDF]

Adrienne Leonard, Sandrine Pires, Jean-Luc Starck

1204.4314 (Stephen A. Appleby et al.)

Galileons on Trial    [PDF]

Stephen A. Appleby, Eric V. Linder

1204.4359 (P. Severgnini et al.)

A new technique to efficiently select Compton-thick AGN    [PDF]

P. Severgnini, A. Caccianiga, R. Della Ceca

1204.4360 (K. H. Tsui et al.)

Plasma Pressure Driven Magnetic Self-Focusing of Aspherical Supernovae and Highly Collimated Gamma-Ray Bursts    [PDF]

K. H. Tsui, C. E. Navia

1204.4391 (Keith A. Olive et al.)

Where are the Walls?    [PDF]

Keith A. Olive, Marco Peloso, Adam J. Peterson

1204.4396 (I. Alikhanov)

Particle decays in the presence of a neutrino background    [PDF]

I. Alikhanov

1204.4409 (Ivan Agullo et al.)

Large non-Gaussian Halo Bias from Single Field Inflation    [PDF]

Ivan Agullo, Sarah Shandera

1204.4417 (Ruth Grutzbauch et al.)

Suppression of Star Formation in the central 200 kpc of a z = 1.4 Galaxy Cluster    [PDF]

Ruth Grutzbauch, Amanda. E. Bauer, Inger Jørgensen, Jesus Varela

1204.4421 (J. Drew Hogg et al.)

The Swift BAT Survey Detects Two Optical Broad Line, X-ray Heavily Obscured Active Galaxies: NVSS 193013+341047 and IRAS 05218-1212    [PDF]

J. Drew Hogg, Lisa M. Winter, Richard Mushotzky, Christopher Reynolds, Margaret Trippe

1204.4437 (A. V. Moiseev)

Inner Polar Rings and Disks: Observed Properties    [PDF]

A. V. Moiseev

1204.4439 (A. Del Popolo)

On the Density profile slope of Clusters of Galaxies    [PDF]

A. Del Popolo

1204.4446 (Maria A. Peña-Guerrero et al.)

Recalibration of Pagel's method for HII regions considering the thermal structure, the ionization structure, and the depletion of O into dust grains    [PDF]

Maria A. Peña-Guerrero, Antonio Peimbert, Manuel Peimbert