Thursday, June 27, 2013

1303.1727 (R. Foot)

A dark matter scaling relation from mirror dark matter    [PDF]

R. Foot

1305.2114 (Giorgio Galanti et al.)

Comment on "Irregularity in gamma ray source spectra as a signature of axion-like particles"    [PDF]

Giorgio Galanti, Marco Roncadelli

1306.5725 (Chris Gordon et al.)

Dark Matter and Pulsar Model Constraints from Galactic Center Fermi-LAT Gamma Ray Observations    [PDF]

Chris Gordon, Oscar MacĂ­as

1306.5932 (Zhengxiang Li et al.)

Probing modified gravity theories with Sandage-Loeb test    [PDF]

Zhengxiang Li, Kai Liao, Puxun Wu, Hongwei Yu, Zong-Hong Zhu

1306.6076 (Andrew Schechtman-Rook et al.)

Near-Infrared Detection of a Super-Thin Disk in NGC 891    [PDF]

Andrew Schechtman-Rook, Matthew A. Bershady

1306.6088 (Peter W. Graham et al.)

New Observables for Direct Detection of Axion Dark Matter    [PDF]

Peter W. Graham, Surjeet Rajendran

1306.6089 (Dmitry Budker et al.)

Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment (CASPEr)    [PDF]

Dmitry Budker, Peter W. Graham, Micah Ledbetter, Surjeet Rajendran, Alex Sushkov

1306.6096 (Mauro Sereno et al.)

The mass-concentration relation in massive galaxy clusters at redshift ~1    [PDF]

Mauro Sereno, Giovanni Covone

1306.6110 (Michael G. Richer et al.)

The Discrepant Kinematics of ORLs and CELs in NGC 7009 as a Function of Ionization Structure    [PDF]

Michael G. Richer, Leonid Georgiev, Anabel Arrieta, Silvia Torres-Peimbert

1306.6113 (Amol Upadhye et al.)

Monopole radiation in modified gravity    [PDF]

Amol Upadhye, Jason H. Steffen

1306.6117 (H. Andrews et al.)

Galaxy Clusters in the Line of Sight to Background Quasars - III Multi-Object Spectroscopy    [PDF]

H. Andrews, L. F. Barrientos, S. Lopez, P. Lira, N. Padilla, D. G. Gilbank, I. Lacerna, M. J. Maureira, E. Ellingson, M. D. Gladders, H. K. C. Yee

1306.6148 (T. A. Oosterloo et al.)

Is GBT 1355+5439 a dark galaxy?    [PDF]

T. A. Oosterloo, G. H. Heald, W. J. G. de Blok

1306.6151 (Patrick Valageas)

Source-lens clustering bias of weak-lensing estimators    [PDF]

Patrick Valageas

1306.6172 (Leonid Marochnik et al.)

Macroscopic effect of quantum gravity: graviton, ghost and instanton condensation on horizon scale of the Universe    [PDF]

Leonid Marochnik, Daniel Usikov, Grigory Vereshkov

1306.6186 (Jonathan White et al.)

Non-linear curvature perturbation in multi-field inflation models with non-minimal coupling    [PDF]

Jonathan White, Masato Minamitsuji, Misao Sasaki

1306.6208 (C. M. Fromm et al.)

Catching the Radio Flare in CTA 102 III. Core-Shift and Spectral Analysis    [PDF]

C. M. Fromm, E. Ros, M. Perucho, T. Savolainen, P. Mimica, M. Kadler, A. P. Lobanov, J. A. Zensus

1306.6227 (Alexandros P. Kouretsis et al.)

Gravito-electromagnetic resonances in Minkowski space    [PDF]

Alexandros P. Kouretsis, Christos G. Tsagas

1306.6276 (G. Fiorentino et al.)

Cepheid theoretical models and observations in HST/WFC3 filters: the effect on the Hubble constant Ho    [PDF]

G. Fiorentino, I. Musella, M. Marconi

1306.6282 (M. Shirazi et al.)

The physical nature of the 8 o'clock arc based on near-IR IFU spectroscopy with SINFONI    [PDF]

M. Shirazi, S. Vegetti, N. Nesvadba, S. Allam, J. Brinchmann, D. Tucker