Monday, May 20, 2013

1305.3952 (Laura S. Chajet et al.)

MHD Disc Winds and Linewidth Distributions    [PDF]

Laura S. Chajet, Patrick B. Hall

1305.3999 (C. Leipski et al.)

Complete infrared spectral energy distributions of mm detected quasars at z>5    [PDF]

C. Leipski, K. Meisenheimer, F. Walter, M. -A. Besel, H. Dannerbauer, X. Fan, M. Haas, U. Klaas, O. Krause, H. -W. Rix

1305.4017 (Shiv K. Sethi et al.)

Probable detection of HI at $z\simeq 1.3$ from DEEP2 galaxies using the GMRT    [PDF]

Shiv K. Sethi, K. S. Dwarakanath, Chandrashekar Murugesan

1305.4033 (Anne Mette Frejsel et al.)

Consistency tests for Planck and WMAP in the low multipole domain    [PDF]

Anne Mette Frejsel, Martin Hansen, Hao Liu

1305.4128 (Stephen Angus et al.)

Loop corrections to Delta N_eff in large volume models    [PDF]

Stephen Angus, Joseph P. Conlon, Ulrich Haisch, Andrew J. Powell

1305.4134 (Ashok K. Singal)

Is there a violation of the Copernican principle in radio sky?    [PDF]

Ashok K. Singal