Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0006 (Jean-Rene Gauthier)

Ultra-strong MgII Absorbers as a Signature of Cool Intragroup Gas    [PDF]

Jean-Rene Gauthier

1304.0009 (Adrienne L. Erickcek et al.)

Catastrophic Consequences of Kicking the Chameleon    [PDF]

Adrienne L. Erickcek, Neil Barnaby, Clare Burrage, Zhiqi Huang

1304.0010 (Amber Bauermeister et al.)

The EGNoG Survey: Molecular Gas in Intermediate-Redshift Star-Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

Amber Bauermeister, Leo Blitz, Alberto D. Bolatto, Martin Bureau, Adam Leroy, Eve Ostriker, Peter J. Teuben, Tony Wong, Melvyn C. H. Wright

1304.0191 (L. S. Pilyugin et al.)

The metallicity - redshift relations for emission-line SDSS galaxies: examination of the dependence on the star formation rate    [PDF]

L. S. Pilyugin, M. A. Lara-Lopez, E. K. Grebel, C. Kehrig, I. A. Zinchenko, A. R. Lopez-Sanchez, J. M. Vilchez, L. Mattsson

1304.0268 (Elaine M. Sadler et al.)

The youngest and most active radio galaxies in the local universe: AT20G sources in the 6dF Galaxy Survey    [PDF]

Elaine M. Sadler, Ronald D. Ekers, Elizabeth Mahony, Tom Mauch, Tara Murphy

1304.0309 (Alireza Hojjati et al.)

Robust Strong Lensing Time Delay Estimation    [PDF]

Alireza Hojjati, Alex G. Kim, Eric V. Linder

1304.0315 (E. Gjerløw et al.)

CMB likelihood approximation for banded probability distributions    [PDF]

E. Gjerløw, K. Mikkelsen, H. K. Eriksen, K. M. Górski, G. Huey, J. B. Jewell, S. K. Næss, G. Rocha, D. S. Seljebotn, I. K. Wehus

1304.0443 (Richard D. A. Newton et al.)

A study of AGN and supernova feedback in simulations of isolated and merging disc galaxies    [PDF]

Richard D. A. Newton, Scott T. Kay

1304.0346 (Riccardo Giovanelli)

On the Scaling Relations of Disk Galaxies    [PDF]

Riccardo Giovanelli

1304.0363 (David I. Kaiser et al.)

Multifield Inflation after Planck: The Case for Nonminimal Couplings    [PDF]

David I. Kaiser, Evangelos I. Sfakianakis

1304.0396 (M. Villar-Martin et al.)

SDSS J0025-10 at z=0.30: a (U)LIRG to optical QSO transition candidate    [PDF]

M. Villar-Martin, B. Emonts, M. Rodriguez, M. Perez Torres, G. Drouart

1304.0397 (Marek Nikolajuk et al.)

Tidal disruption of a super-Jupiter by a massive black hole    [PDF]

Marek Nikolajuk, Roland Walter

1304.0400 (P. E. J. Nulsen et al.)

AGN feedback in clusters: shock and sound heating    [PDF]

P. E. J. Nulsen, B. R. McNamara

1304.0404 (Gianrocco Lazzari et al.)

Symmetry breaking in de Sitter: a stochastic effective theory approach    [PDF]

Gianrocco Lazzari, Tomislav Prokopec

1304.0413 (T. A. Perera et al.)

An Efficient and Optimal Filter for Identifying Point Sources in Millimeter/Sub-Millimeter Wavelength Sky Maps    [PDF]

T. A. Perera, G. W. Wilson, K. S. Scott, J. E. Austermann, J. R. Schaar, A. Mancera

1304.0425 (H. S. Dúmet-Montoya et al.)

Analytic Solutions for Navarro--Frenk--White Lens Models for Low Characteristic Convergences    [PDF]

H. S. Dúmet-Montoya, G. B. Caminha, M. Makler

1304.0433 (Patrick Lee Nash)

Extra-Dimensional Bi-Inflation    [PDF]

Patrick Lee Nash

1304.0447 (Garrett Somers et al.)

Discovery of a Large Population of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in the Bulge-less Galaxies NGC 337 and ESO 501-23    [PDF]

Garrett Somers, Smita Mathur, Paul Martini, Linda Watson, Catherine J. Grier, Laura Ferrarese

1304.0446 (M. P. Viero et al.)

HerMES: The Contribution to the Cosmic Infrared Background from Galaxies Selected by Mass and Redshift    [PDF]

M. P. Viero, L. Moncelsi, R. F. Quadri, V. Arumugam, R. J. Assef, M. Bethermin, J. Bock, C. Bridge, A. Conley, A. Cooray, D. Farrah, S. Heinis, S. Ikarashi, R. J. Ivison, K. Kohno, G. Marsden, S. J. Oliver, I. G. Roseboom, B. Schulz, D. Scott, P. Serra, M. Vaccari, J. D. Vieira, L. Wang, J. Wardlow, R. J. Williams, G. W. Wilson, M. S. Yun, M. Zemcov

1304.0452 (F. Massaro et al.)

A Chandra Snapshot Survey for 3C Radio Galaxies with redshifts between 0.3 and 0.5    [PDF]

F. Massaro, D. E. Harris, G. Tremblay, E. Liuzzo, A. Bonafede, A. Paggi

1304.0451 (Guangtun Zhu et al.)

Calcium H & K Induced by Galaxy Halos    [PDF]

Guangtun Zhu, Brice Ménard

1304.0453 (Cinthya N. Herrera et al.)

Millimeter dust emission compared with other mass estimates in N11 molecular clouds in the LMC    [PDF]

Cinthya N. Herrera, Monica Rubio, Alberto D. Bolatto, Francois Boulanger, Frank P. Israel, Fredrik T. Rantakyro

1304.0455 (Adi Zitrin et al.)

A highly elongated prominent lens at z=0.87: first strong lensing analysis of El Gordo    [PDF]

Adi Zitrin, Felipe Menanteau, John P. Hughes, Dan Coe, L. Felipe Barrientos, Leopoldo Infante, Rachel Mandelbaum

1304.0456 (H. E. Luparello et al.)

Effects of superstructure environment on galaxy groups    [PDF]

H. E. Luparello, M. Lares, C. Y. Yaryura, D. Paz, N. Padilla, D. G. Lambas

1304.0461 (Diana Battefeld et al.)

A Smooth Landscape: Ending Saddle Point Inflation Requires Features to be Shallow    [PDF]

Diana Battefeld, Thorsten Battefeld

1304.0477 (Mark B. Peacock et al.)

Signatures of multiple stellar populations in unresolved extragalactic globular/ young massive star clusters    [PDF]

Mark B. Peacock, Stephen E. Zepf, Thomas Finzell

1304.0484 (Antonio De Felice et al.)

On the cosmology of massive gravity    [PDF]

Antonio De Felice, A. Emir Gumrukcuoglu, Chunshan Lin, Shinji Mukohyama

1304.0495 (L. M. Bozzetto et al.)

Multifrequency study of SNR J0533-7202, a new supernova remnant in the LMC    [PDF]

L. M. Bozzetto, M. D. Filipović, E. J. Crawford, M. Sasaki, P. Maggi, F. Haberl, D. Urošević, J. L. Payne, A. Y. De Horta, M. Stupar, R. Gruendl, J. Dickel

1304.0517 (A. E. Egorov et al.)

Constraints on dark matter annihilation by radio observations of M31    [PDF]

A. E. Egorov, E. Pierpaoli

1304.0560 (Stefano Viaggiu et al.)

How large is the contribution of cosmic web to $Ω_Λ$ ? A preliminary study on a novel inhomogenous model    [PDF]

Stefano Viaggiu, Marco Montuori

1304.0577 (James Rich)

Dimensionless constants and cosmological measurements    [PDF]

James Rich

1304.0585 (Alexander Knebe et al.)

Structure Finding in Cosmological Simulations: The State of Affairs    [PDF]

Alexander Knebe, Frazer R. Pearce, Hanni Lux, Yago Ascasibar, Peter Behroozi, Javier Casado, Christine Corbett Moran, Juerg Diemand, Klaus Dolag, Rosa Dominguez-Tenreiro, Pascal Elahi, Bridget Falck, Stefan Gottloeber, Jiaxin Han, Anatoly Klypin, Zarija Lukic, Michal Maciejewski, Cameron K. McBride, Manuel E. Merchan, Stuart I. Muldrew, Mark Neyrinck, Julian Onions, Susana Planelles, Doug Potter, Vicent Quilis, Yann Rasera, Paul M. Ricker, Fabrice Roy, Andres N. Ruiz, Mario A. Sgro, Volker Springel, Joachim Stadel, P. M. Sutter, Dylan Tweed, Marcel Zemp

1304.0587 (Ryo Tsutsui et al.)

Universal scaling law in long gamma-ray bursts    [PDF]

Ryo Tsutsui, Toshikazu Shigeyama

1304.0594 (Andrew P. Lundgren et al.)

Merging Gravitation with Thermodynamics to Understand Cosmology    [PDF]

Andrew P. Lundgren, Ruxandra Bondarescu, Mihai Bondarescu

1304.0597 (Stefano Cavuoti et al.)

Astrophysical data mining with GPU. A case study: genetic classification of globular clusters    [PDF]

Stefano Cavuoti, Mauro Garofalo, Massimo Brescia, Maurizio Paolillo, Antonio Pescape', Giuseppe Longo, Giorgio Ventre

1304.0599 (Yi Wang)

Position Space CMB Anomalies from Multi-Stream Inflation    [PDF]

Yi Wang

1304.0623 (Takashi Hiramatsu et al.)

Instability of colliding metastable strings    [PDF]

Takashi Hiramatsu, Minoru Eto, Kohei Kamada, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Yutaka Ookouchi

1304.0641 (Georgiy S. Golitsyn)

Elementary analysis of galaxy clusters: similarity criteria, Tully-Fischer, and approximate invariants    [PDF]

Georgiy S. Golitsyn

1304.0668 (R. Genzel et al.)

PHIBSS: molecular gas, extinction, star formation and kinematics in the z=1.5 star forming galaxy EGS13011166    [PDF]

R. Genzel, L. J. Tacconi, J. Kurk, S. Wuyts, F. Combes, J. Freundlich, A. Bolatto, M. C. Cooper, R. Neri, R. Nordon, F. Bournaud, A. Burkert, J. Comerford, P. Cox, M. Davis, N. M. Förster Schreiber, S. García-Burillo, J. Gracia-Carpio, D. Lutz, T. Naab, S. Newman, A. Saintonge, K. Shapiro Griffin, A. Shapley, A. Sternberg, B. Weiner

1304.0686 (Cristóbal Sifón et al.)

Strong Lensing Mass of a Galaxy Cluster Discovered by the Planck Satellite    [PDF]

Cristóbal Sifón, Felipe Menanteau, John P. Hughes, Mauricio Carrasco, L. Felipe Barrientos

1304.0700 (Denis Wouters et al.)

Constraints on axion-like particles from gamma-ray astronomy with H.E.S.S    [PDF]

Denis Wouters, Pierre Brun, for the HESS collaboration

1304.0720 (Veeresh Singh et al.)

Low-frequency radio observations of Seyfert galaxies: A test to the unification scheme    [PDF]

Veeresh Singh, Prajval Shastri, Ishwara-Chandra C. H., Ramana Athreya

1304.0723 (Guido D'Amico et al.)

On Cosmological Perturbations of Quasidilaton    [PDF]

Guido D'Amico, Gregory Gabadadze, Lam Hui, David Pirtskhalava