Friday, July 19, 2013

1301.1693 (T. Appelquist et al.)

Lattice calculation of composite dark matter form factors    [PDF]

T. Appelquist, R. C. Brower, M. I. Buchoff, M. Cheng, S. D. Cohen, G. T. Fleming, J. Kiskis, M. F. Lin, E. T. Neil, J. C. Osborn, C. Rebbi, D. Schaich, C. Schroeder, S. N. Syritsyn, G. Voronov, P. Vranas, J. Wasem
Composite dark matter candidates, which can arise from new strongly-coupled sectors, are well-motivated and phenomenologically interesting, particularly in the context of asymmetric generation of the relic density. In this work, we employ lattice calculations to study the electromagnetic form factors of electroweak-neutral dark-matter baryons for a three-color, QCD-like theory with Nf = 2 and 6 degenerate fermions in the fundamental representation. We calculate the (connected) charge radius and anomalous magnetic moment, both of which can play a significant role for direct detection of composite dark matter. We find minimal Nf dependence in these quantities. We generate mass-dependent cross-sections for dark matter-nucleon interactions and use them in conjunction with experimental results from XENON100, excluding dark matter candidates of this type with masses below 10 TeV.
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