Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.2906 (Alberto Vallinotto et al.)

Redshift Space Distortion Reconstruction    [PDF]

Alberto Vallinotto, Eric V. Linder
Redshift space distortions of the matter density power spectrum carry information on the growth rate of cosmic structure but require accurate modeling of nonlinear and velocity effects on the density field. We test and advance the reconstruction function of Kwan, Lewis, Linder (2012) in several ways. First, we compare to the distribution function perturbative approach of Seljak & McDonald (2012), deriving the mapping between them and showing how the KLL form can extend the validity of the latter. Second, using cosmological simulations rather than perturbation theory we calibrate the free functions within the KLL reconstruction form and fit their behavior in redshift and wavenumber. An efficient, new analysis pipeline rapidly calculates from simulation outputs the redshift space power spectrum. The end result is a robust analytic reconstruction function mapping the linear, real space matter power spectrum to the nonlinear, anisotropic redshift space power spectrum to an accuracy of ~2-5% in the range k=0.1-0.5 h/Mpc for z=0-2. As a by-product we derive RealEasy, an analytic mapping to the nonlinear, real space matter power spectrum (i.e. an analog to Halofit) to ~1% accuracy over the same range.
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