Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4451 (Ruifeng Dong et al.)

Symmetron Inflation    [PDF]

Ruifeng Dong, William H. Kinney, Dejan Stojkovic
We define a new inflationary scenario in which inflation starts naturally after the Big Bang when the energy density drops below some critical value. As a model, we use recently proposed symmetron field whose effective potential depends on the energy density of the environment. At high densities, right after the Big Bang, the potential for the symmetron is trivial, and the field sits in equilibrium at the bottom of the potential. When the density drops below some critical value, the potential changes its shape into a symmetry breaking potential, and the field starts rolling down. This scenario does not require any special initial conditions for inflation to start. We also construct a concrete model with two fields, i.e. with symmetron as an inflaton and an additional scalar field which describes the matter content in the early universe. For the simplest coupling, the amplitude and shape of the power spectrum are the same as in the single field slow-roll inflation.
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