Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5763 (Abiy G. Tekola et al.)

What size halos do local LIRGs live in?    [PDF]

Abiy G. Tekola, Andreas A. Berlind, Petri Vaisanen
This work investigates the preferred environment of local Luminous IR Galaxies (LIRGs) in terms of the host halos that they inhabit, and in comparison to a control galaxy sample. The LIRGs are drawn from the IRAS Point Source Catalogue redshift survey (PSCz), while the control sample is drawn from the 2MASS redshift survey (2MRS). A friends-of-friends algorithm was run on the 2MRS sample to identify galaxies living in the same dark matter halos and the PSCz galaxies were then associated with these identified halos. We show that the relative probability of finding local LIRGs with respect to 2MASS galaxies is largest in approximately group size halos (Mhalo~10^13M_sun), and declines both in the cluster regime and in smaller halos. This confirms, using a different technique than in previous work, that local LIRGs are indeed more abundant in group environments than elsewhere. We also find a trend between the LIR values of LIRGs and their location within their host dark matter halos, such that the average location of LIRGs with high IR luminosity is closer to the halo centre than for low IR luminosity galaxies. Moreover, this trend does not seem to depend on halo mass.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.5763

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