Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6968 (Leonardo Modesto et al.)

Non-local massive gravity    [PDF]

Leonardo Modesto, Shinji Tsujikawa
We present a general covariant action for massive gravity merging together a class of "non-polynomial" and super-renormalizable or finite theories of gravity with the non-local theory of gravity recently proposed by Jaccard, Maggiore and Mitsou (arXiv:1305.3034 [hep-th]). Our diffeomorphism invariant action gives rise to the equations of motion appearing in non-local massive massive gravity plus quadratic curvature terms. Not only the massive graviton propagator reduces smoothly to the massless one without a vDVZ discontinuity, but also our finite theory of gravity is unitary at tree level around the Minkowski background. We also show that, as long as the graviton mass $m$ is much smaller the today's Hubble parameter $H_0$, a late-time cosmic acceleration can be realized without a dark energy component due to the growth of a scalar degree of freedom. In the presence of the cosmological constant $\Lambda$, the dominance of the non-local mass term leads to a kind of "degravitation" for $\Lambda$ at the late cosmological epoch.
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