Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7980 (Marek Demiański et al.)

Semi analytical description of formation of galaxies and clusters of galaxies    [PDF]

Marek Demiański, Andrey Doroshkevich
We apply the well known semi analytical model of formation of DM halos to discuss the process of formation and evolution of the relaxed objects dominated by the DM component (such as the first and dSph galaxies and clusters of galaxies). On the one hand this approach allows us to obtain a simple description of evolution of the first galaxies. On the other hand it reveals links between the observed characteristics of the relaxed DM halos and the initial power spectrum of density perturbations. Results of our analysis of the observed properties of 41 DM dominated dSph galaxies and data of $\sim 300$ clusters of galaxies are consistent with the $\Lambda$CDM like power spectrum of initial perturbations down to the scale of $\sim 10kpc$.
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