Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8114 (Solomon Endlich et al.)

The squeezed limit of the solid inflation three-point function    [PDF]

Solomon Endlich, Bart Horn, Alberto Nicolis, Junpu Wang
The recently proposed model of 'solid inflation' features a peculiar three-point function for scalar perturbations with an anisotropic, purely quadrupolar, squeezed limit. We confirm this result as well as the overall amplitude of the three point-function via an extremely simple computation, where we focus on the squeezed limit from the start and follow the standard logic adopted in deriving the consistency relations. Our system violates the consistency relations, but in the squeezed limit the three-point function can still be traded for a background-dependent two-point function, which is immediate to compute. Additionally, we use these simple methods to derive some new results - namely, certain squeezed limits of the three-point correlators involving vector and tensor perturbations as well.
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