Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0723 (Mustapha Ishak et al.)

A stringent restriction from the growth of large-scale structure on apparent acceleration in inhomogeneous cosmological models    [PDF]

Mustapha Ishak, Austin Peel, M. A. Troxel
Probes of cosmic expansion constitute the main basis for arguments to support or refute a possible apparent acceleration due to uneven dynamics in the universe as described by inhomogeneous cosmological models. We present in this Letter a separate argument based on results from the study of the growth rate of large-scale structure in the universe as modeled by the Szekeres inhomogeneous cosmological models. We use the models in all generality with no assumptions of spherical or axial symmetries. We find that Szekeres inhomogeneous models that fit well the observed expansion history fail to explain the observed late-time suppression of the growth of structure unless a cosmological constant is added to the dynamics.
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