Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0792 (Trisha Ashley et al.)

The HI Chronicles of LITTLE THINGS BCDs: Evidence for External Perturbations in the Morphology and Kinematics of Haro 29 and Haro 36    [PDF]

Trisha Ashley, Caroline E. Simpson, Bruce G. Elmegreen
We analyze high angular and velocity resolution HI-line data of two LITTLE THINGS (1) blue compact dwarfs (BCDs): Haro 29 and Haro 36. Both of these BCDs are disturbed morphologically and kinematically. Haro 29's HI data reveal a kinematic major axis that is offset from the optical major axis, and a disturbed outer HI component, indicating that Haro 29 may have had a past interaction. Position-velocity diagrams of Haro 36 indicate that it has two kinematically separate components at its center and a likely tidal tail in front of the galaxy. We find that Haro 36 most likely had an interaction in the past, is currently interacting with an unknown companion, or is a merger remnant. (1) "Local Irregulars That Trace Luminosity Extremes The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey"
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