Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2254 (A. Elyiv et al.)

Search for gravitational lens candidates in the XMM-LSS/CFHTLS common field    [PDF]

A. Elyiv, O. Melnyk, F. Finet, A. Pospieszalska-Surdej, L. Chiappetti, M. Pierre, T. Sadibekova, J. Surdej
Our aim was to identify gravitational lens candidates among some 5500 optical counterparts of the X-ray point-like sources in the medium-deep ~11 sq. deg. XMM-LSS survey. We have visually inspected the optical counterparts of each QSOs/AGN using CFHTLS T006 images. We have selected compact pairs and groups of sources which could be multiply imaged QSO/AGN. We have measured the colors and characterized the morphological types of the selected sources using the multiple PSF fitting technique. We found three good gravitational lens candidates: J021511.4-034306, J022234.3-031616 and J022607.0-040301 which consist of pairs of point-like sources having similar colors. On the basis of a color-color diagram and X-ray properties we could verify that all these sources are good QSO/AGN candidates rather than stars. Additional secondary gravitational lens candidates are also reported.
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