Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4079 (C. Tortora et al.)

Colour gradients of high-redshift Early-Type Galaxies from hydrodynamical monolithic models    [PDF]

C. Tortora, A. Pipino, A. D'Ercole, N. R. Napolitano, F. Matteucci
We analyze the evolution of colour gradients predicted by the hydrodynamical models of early type galaxies (ETGs) in Pipino et al. (2008), which reproduce fairly well the chemical abundance pattern and the metallicity gradients of local ETGs. We convert the star formation (SF) and metal content into colours by means of stellar population synthetic model and investigate the role of different physical ingredients, as the initial gas distribution and content, and eps_SF, i.e. the normalization of SF rate. From the comparison with high redshift data, a full agreement with optical rest-frame observations at z < 1 is found, for models with low eps_SF, whereas some discrepancies emerge at 1 < z < 2, despite our models reproduce quite well the data scatter at these redshifts. To reconcile the prediction of these high eps_SF systems with the shallower colour gradients observed at lower z we suggest intervention of 1-2 dry mergers. We suggest that future studies should explore the impact of wet galaxy mergings, interactions with environment, dust content and a variation of the Initial Mass Function from the galactic centers to the peripheries.
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