Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4181 (Alessandra Grassi et al.)

A test of the Suyama-Yamaguchi inequality from weak lensing    [PDF]

Alessandra Grassi, Lavinia Heisenberg, Chris T. Byrnes, Bjoern Malte Schaefer
We investigate the weak lensing signature of primordial non-Gaussianities of the local type by constraining the magnitude of the weak convergence bi- and trispectra expected for the EUCLID weak lensing survey. Starting from expressions for the weak convergence spectra, bispectra and trispectra, whose relative magnitudes we investigate as a function of scale, we compute their respective signal to noise ratios by relating the polyspectra's amplitude to their Gaussian covariance using a Monte-Carlo technique for carrying out the configuration space integrations. In computing the Fisher-matrix on the non-Gaussianity parameters f_nl, g_nl and tau_nl with a very similar technique, we can derive Bayesian evidences for a violation of the Suyama-Yamaguchi relation tau_nl>=(6 f_nl/5)^2 as a function of the true f_nl and tau_nl-values and show that the relation can be probed down to levels of f_nl~10^2 and tau_nl~10^5. In a related study, we derive analytical expressions for the probability density that the SY-relation is exactly fulfilled, as required by models in which any one field generates the perturbations. We conclude with an outlook on the levels of non-Gaussianity that can be probed with tomographic lensing surveys.
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