Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5873 (Elias Kiritsis)

Asymptotic freedom, asymptotic flatness and cosmology    [PDF]

Elias Kiritsis
Holographic RG flows in some cases are known to be related to cosmological solutions. In this paper another example of such correspondence is provided. Holographic RG flows giving rise to asymptotically-free $\beta$-functions have been analyzed in connection with holographic models of QCD. They are shown upon Wick rotation to provide a large class of inflationary models with logarithmically soft inflaton potentials. The scalar spectral index is universal and depends only on the number of e-foldings. The ratio of tensor to scalar power depends on the single extra real parameter that defines this class of models. The Starobinsky inflationary model as well as the recently proposed models of T-inflation are members of this class. The holographic setup gives a completely new (and contrasting) view to the stability and other problems of such inflationary models.
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