Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5994 (Ki-Young Choi et al.)

Quasar polarization with two axionlike particles    [PDF]

Ki-Young Choi, Subhayan Mandal, Chang Sub Shin
Recently, it was shown, that the absence of circular polarization of visible light from quasars, severely constrains the interpretation of axion like particles (ALPs) as a solution for the generation of the linear polarization. Furthermore, the new observation of the linear polarization in the radio wavelength from quasars, similar to the earlier observation performed in the optical band, makes the ALPs scenario inconsistent with at least one of the two observations. In this study we extend this scenario, to two axion like particles, one scalar and another pseudoscalar. We find, that the effects from scalar and pseudoscalar cancel out each other, thereby suppressing the circular polarization, while preserving consistent linear polarization, as observed in both visible and radio waves bands.
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