Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2633 (Yi-Jia Zheng)

Non-Doppler Redshift and Redshifts of QSOs    [PDF]

Yi-Jia Zheng
Quasars have reigned as the most luminous and distant objects in the Universe. These concepts were based on the hypothesis that the redshifts of quasars are obeying the Hubble low. This hypothesis has little serious competition today, but has met some difficulties when using it to determine the distances of quasars. However, the majority of the redshifts of quasars can be explained by the soft photon process proposed by Zheng (2013), then quasars are not located at the distances as that calculated from observed redshifts according to the Hubble low. Therefore distances of quasars can be reduced to a reasonable range, and the difficulties have met by quasars disappeared.
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