Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2660 (Jun-Qi Guo)

Construction of f(R) Gravity Models    [PDF]

Jun-Qi Guo
In this paper, we study how to construct f(R) gravity models. Cosmological observations and local gravity tests imply that a viable f(R) model should be very close to the LCDM model. We create procedures to construct viable LCDM-like f(R) models, and present multiple models of three types. The connections between some of these models are discussed. We also study the cosmological evolution of the LCDM-like f(R) gravity. Exact numerical integration can generate accurate cosmological evolution, but the numerical simulation in the early-universe stage is slow due to the oscillations of the field phi(= f') near the minimum of the effective potential. To avoid this problem, we take the minimum of the effective potential as an approximate solution for phi, and obtain the cosmological evolution. This approximate method describes the cosmological evolution well except in the late universe. Therefore, we use the approximate method in the early-universe evolution, and use the exact method in the late-universe one.
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