Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2678 (Ravi Joshi et al.)

Dependence of Residual Rotation Measure (RRM) on Intervening MgII Absorbers at Cosmic Distances    [PDF]

Ravi Joshi, Hum Chand
We investigate the dependence of residual rotation measure (RRM) on intervening absorption systems at cosmic distances by using a large sample of 539 SDSS quasars in conjunction with the available rotation measure catalog at around 21cm wavelength. We found an excess extragalactic contribution in standard deviation of observed RRM of about 8.11+/-4.83 Rad/m^2 in our sample with intervening MgII absorber as compare to the sample without MgII absorber. Our results suggest that intervening absorbers could contribute to the enhancement of RRM at around 21cm wavelength, as was found earlier for RM measurements at around 6cm wavelength.
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