Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6251 (S. Basilakos et al.)

From inflation to dark energy through a dynamical Lambda: an attempt at alleviating fundamental cosmic puzzles    [PDF]

S. Basilakos, J. A. S. Lima, J. Solà
After decades of successful hot big-bang paradigm, Cosmology still lacks a framework in which the early inflationary phase of the universe smoothly matches the radiation epoch and evolves to the present `quasi' de Sitter spacetime. No less intriguing is that the current value of the effective vacuum energy density is vastly smaller than the value that triggered inflation. In this Essay we propose a new class of cosmologies capable of overcoming, or highly alleviating, some of these acute cosmic puzzles. Powered by a decaying vacuum energy density, the spacetime emerges from a pure nonsingular de Sitter vacuum stage, "gracefully" exits from inflation to a radiation phase followed by dark matter and vacuum regimes, and, finally, evolves to a late time de Sitter phase.
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