Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6270 (Hyerim Noh et al.)

Cosmological post-Newtonian equations from nonlinear perturbation theory    [PDF]

Hyerim Noh, Jai-chan Hwang
We derive the basic equations of the cosmological first-order post-Newtonian approximation from the recently formulated fully nonlinear and exact cosmological perturbation theory in Einstein's gravity. Apparently the latter, being exact, should include the former, and here we use this fact as a new derivation of the former. The complete sets of equations in both approaches are presented without fixing the temporal gauge conditions so that we can use the gauge choice as an advantage. Comparisons between the two approaches are made. Both are potentially important in handling relativistic aspects of nonlinear processes occurring in cosmological structure formation. We consider an ideal fluid and include the cosmological constant.
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