Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6518 (O. Le Fevre et al.)

The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey: the redshift distribution N(z) of magnitude-limited samples down to iAB=24.75 and KsAB=22    [PDF]

O. Le Fevre, P. Cassata, O. Cucciati, S. de la Torre, B. Garilli, O. Ilbert, V. Le Brun, D. Maccagni, L. Tresse, G. Zamorani, S. Bardelli, M. Bolzonella, T. Contini, A. Iovino, C. Lopez-Sanjuan, H. J. McCracken, A. Pollo, L. Pozzetti, M. Scodeggio, L. Tasca, D. Vergani, A. Zanichelli, E. Zucca
We measure and analyse the redshift distribution N(z) of magnitude-selected samples using spectroscopic redshift measurement from the magnitude-selected VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (VVDS) with 172. Down to iAB<24.75 the sample has a mean redshift z=1.15 and 17.1% of the galaxies are beyond z=2. The projected sky density is 2.07+/-0.12 gal/arcmin2 at 1.42 than in colour-colour selected samples, and we use the magnitude-selected VVDS to emphasize the large uncertainties associated to other surveys using colour or colour-colour selected samples. Our results further demonstrate that semi-analytical models on dark matter simulations have yet to find the right balance of physical processes and time-scales to properly reproduce a fundamental galaxy population property like the observed N(z).
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