Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6619 (Seokcheon Lee)

Measuring the matter energy density and Hubble parameter from Large Scale Structure    [PDF]

Seokcheon Lee
We investigate the method to measure both the present value of the matter energy density contrast and the Hubble parameter directly from the measurement of the linear growth rate which is obtained from the large scale structure of the Universe. From this method, one can obtain the value of the nuisance cosmological parameter $\Omo$ (the present value of the matter energy density contrast) within 3% error if the growth rate measurement can be reached $z > 3.5$. One can also investigate the evolution of the Hubble parameter without any prior on the value of $H_0$ (the current value of the Hubble parameter). Especially, estimating the Hubble parameter are insensitive to the errors on the measurement of the normalized growth rate $f \sigma_8$. However, this method requires the high $z$ ($z > 3.5$) measurement of the growth rate in order to get the less than 5% errors on the measurements of $H(z)$ at $z \leq 1.2$ with the redshift bin $\Delta z = 0.2$. Thus, this will be suitable for the next generation large scale structure galaxy surveys like WFMOS and LSST.
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