Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6748 (Claudio Llinares et al.)

ISIS: a new N-body cosmological code with scalar fields based on RAMSES    [PDF]

Claudio Llinares, David F. Mota, Hans A. Winther
Several extensions of the standard cosmological model include scalar fields as new degrees of freedom in the underlying gravitational theory. A particular class of these scalar field theories include screening mechanisms intended to hide the scalar field below observational limits in the solar system, but not on galactic scales, where data still gives freedom to find possible signatures of their presence. In order to make predictions to compare with observations coming from galactic and clusters scales (i.e. in the non-linear regime of cosmological evolution), cosmological N-body simulations are needed, for which codes that can solve for the scalar field must be developed. We present a new implementation of scalar-tensor theories of gravity which include screening mechanisms. The code is based in the already existing code RAMSES, to which we have added a non-linear multigrid solver that can treat a large class of scalar tensor theories of modified gravity. We present details of the implementation and the tests that we made to it. As application of the new code, we have studied the influence that two particular modified gravity theories, the symmetron and $f(R)$ gravity, have on the shape of cluster sized dark matter halos and found consistent results with previous estimations made with a static analysis.
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